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November 17, 2016
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August 3, 2000
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September 6, 1956
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BUTTE MONTANA S E F 6 1956 STANDARD FOIAb3b Approved For Release 2000/08/24: CIA-RDP70-00058R00010013005 Circ.: m. S. 25,079 Front Edit Other Page Page Page Date: 4P 1cF%V'tainpaign? presidential campaign. But several things have happened which may bring the subject up for debate. One of the mostsignificant develop- ments seems to be the warning of Al- len W. Dulles, director of the Central Intelligence Agency, that the' Com- munists, r by subversion and cajolery, seek to do everything that they can to see to it that free governments shall perish from the face of the earth and that they have already made con- siderable progress in this direction, chiefly in Italy, France and Indonesia. The questions naturally Will be asked: what ate the Communists doing n' the United States and , what is the nited'. States doing to' thwart the arxists? The Reds would like noth- ng better than to be left;, alone so hey could proceed with: their under- round activities unmolested. There has been recent activity on he security front, but it has hot been idely publicized. For one thing, President Eisenhower ppointed Mrs. Dorothy McCullough ,ee, former mayor of Portland, Ore., o be a member of the Subversive ctivities Control Board, replacing airy P. Cain, farmer Republican enator from Washington who was harply critical of the administration's mploye security program. Mr. Cain concluded his active serv- e as a member of the board by hand- g down a. recommendation that the ACB require the Washington Pension pion to register as' a Communist ont organization. Thy Washington enaion union has beeh under scru- ny for almost ten years and it is said at its 'influence toddy is almost nil. o the ruling may be said to have me too late. CPYRGHT The board presently has under con- sideration the case of the Communist se . e .ommums party was directed to register with the Attorney General in a decision handed down in the case to the courts and last April won a Supreme Court decision direct- ing the SACB to reappraise the testi- mony of three government witnesses who had been accused of perjury. Re- cently the board made public its de- cision to expunge from the record the challenged testimony, but denied the Communist party's motion' to re- open the hearings for the taking of additional evidence. The record is under review at pres- ent to determine if the board's initial finding is justified by the remaining evidence. There are''ll other Commuinst front cases before the Subversive Activities Control Board, one of the keystones in the Communist control act of 1954. On another front Attorney General Herbert Brownell Jr., is said to have under intensive study possible new presidential orders to bolster the se- eurity_pfogram following the Supreme Court's ruling that"the security pro- ram could not cover non-sensiti* government jobs. A number of bills were introduced in the rrcerat session of congress to reverse the decision, but none of them achieved passage. There is the c ge that under pres- ent conditio,s tl government is re- ri wired to hire C mmunists. This situ- ation does nqs sit well in the minds of nenple who know that the Commu- nists are bent on destroying free governments wherever they may be. A well known fundamental of free- dom as quoted by Rep. Francis E. Valter, chaitnan of the House calm- :ittee oh 'dun-American activities, .fight well to recalled by all Amerl- ins. It is that liberty cannot embrace isloyalty and still endure. Approved For Release 2000/08/24: CIA-RDP70-00058R000100130057-4