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November 17, 2016
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August 3, 2000
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September 2, 1956
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ra.ALTIMORE SUN `' gym f) 1956 FOIAb3b tire.: mAp%pyvO For Release 2000/08/24: CIA-RDP70-00058R00010013 e. 206,898,/ S. 313,072' Page e' Page Date: 19 RED TARGETS CI _Chief Views Italy, FranQ, Indonesia In =1''?'arliament' Plan;; f' CPYRC TNU.,z SHAW Washington, Sept. l- In an analysis of Soviet strategy made public today, Allen W. Dulles. direct of. thew Central Intel li Bence Agency, said- that Italy, prance and Indonesia appear to be the principal targets of the Kremitn',i uew strategy' of "parliamentary` i onquest. Dulles said these area., present "rush Opportunities" where the: "r?!^arty announced program of !hc new Soviet. regime tttigiit i:n put inIo operation i-tgu,e U,aFn fs views were p r. Ili(, three counli yes v, ie~re hi e l,e (AA c r,ruiatnc'd in a statement pre- he I;eds appear to be inakin? the .... the Liouse l ln_Arnerican gte ;est headway, Dulles gave iActivities Comma tee, Li the Italian Pat?ltamertl (11 nau preparing an exhaustive study of Imein) e s. there are now 1,43 C'om_ _.-. piled the dllnr,y se w ,. - ?_. ?..~_. .- I 'o experts on various 1 it ets off' who consistently vote ant+ act Coanniunists Together in ith th i e w Soviet strategy. lithe 1953 elections they willed will Be Published Later 11c 5110,000 popular votes- more l he ae . published it his statement to the corn- jDeputies, there is a present total d 150 of them mitt.ee, Dulles said that. a few of 600 members, an .. ., _.. _,_. H?e CninmuniStS. I hat Communist parties.; n Europe tin 6.000A00 votes, 17 pe cent today, howl, the danger it ccnl of the total-in *.e In A ssem n,rliamentary cQVWQMiSVs w li otiestan l Recent pronouncemeti is 'the Lommunists, even in lau?o{le . 1 i:, not to be ignored. In Asia itt Russian leaders have given thj !hreuat 1L4?-en greater because ~t ire; to Iiieir strategy. Du11e`, `oidrl I'hev propose to infiltra"e on i4?nistsi 'helve alertte gerously'4ot iplaeenl 4and ev-ve 1 not " ha~tTt' .a'ny; acknowledged i tries, even where they have id, k, parlignentary representation n have such representation bul wejc, lowing the war. Otheic ,ohutors "The Kr:Amlin'i Hers have A 'd up tog the leader, oi' the Eire and friends, to help to uncn t and to frustrate` this Commun sf threaten to wreck the freern td- tutions of many countries id i!, Lent'Ially less well understood." free legislative systems, t tak said he Cornmunisls 'see I (,I. our parliamentaiy fovert Il e heir greatest opportunities cnts, and to use the r cdoi ehcre they now have the stxong-1 jhich our system of govtimen jte lir) nnachinery Ot tree L;ov t .' Free voeld Ili,, a' `c-i--i t1., try wvet'al cnuniru tt,taio1 ti are sc,tuu: even endanger out own. Other contl?ib tors to to House study Include Governor ill officials, military leaders, ech ,a-'? tors. ournalists, labor- lead rs, business executives and pbliti al ceie,?listF Approved or Release 100130063-7