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November 17, 2016
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August 3, 2000
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September 2, 1956
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BALTIMORE SUNDAY P . ~ ? F; AMERI roved For Release 2000/08/24: CIA-RDP70-00058R00010013 Circ.: S. 321,469 Front Edit Other "'age Page Page Date: ed Infiltration _. x, es New-1 urn h-remlin Policy o T q irmLary Conquest' Outlin , CIA Cif try SAM ' 'O(xG CPYRGHT Special to Th s$unday American V:' .Sept. .' .. hief warned today that It .'aAce and Indonesia iri he main targets of new ni utl t infiltration tactw devised by the,&xemlin. Allen W. DuFlesti, director of that the C'onrn,unhts ], the super-secretVcetltral Intel- ,infiltral.e tour free ]e licence Agency, %deycribed the systems, to take over it new Red strategy as being ainenftary governments ...mi that of "parliamentary con- to , e they, freedom. which ,u quest" in which the Reds try 3 of go\ernment gives to d a1 vesincs of thaj.. I Ifjltrate and take over nn leqislative systems of free IAe" said -that a few years ti-,o. world natio-ns. , he believed t"tx'e" Commune His views were made public t nuld have difficulty _gain,ne 1iy I he Horase Un-American At- allies among non-Commr}nist in tivities Committee which is con- free world legislatures. meting a study of new Soviet Dulles then warned: "74)- 1 war techniques. day, however, the danger of parliamentary aompromisrs DULLES, a statement sub- with : the. Communists, even ~n milted to the cortimittee, said Europe, is not to be ignored. the now Kremlin policy was In Asi, this threat is evM n 1111 _ greater' because it is gen a,pelled.,.out. Jay C.,cmrnunzst boss eraliy'less well understood Vikita. S. Khrushehec in a I lie continued: "The Comt:,i 1; wech before the 20th party nests sets their;.greatest opp- a", II ongressin Mo3cgw this ~'ebru-''-hrlt es? hel a they. now have sire . r . strongest. penetration 'in'to O n e The CIA director quoted parliamentary machinery of tre. d{hrushchev**?retnarks and said: governments. In several Conn.. ian..lated into a little lessOrier. these penetralions re lar ituwant I a n V u a g e, t Ii I ertous.,, Approved For Release 2000/08/24: CIA-RDP70-00058R000100130064-6