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November 17, 2016
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August 3, 2000
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September 2, 1956
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VJ 2195F ' Approved For Release 2000/08/24: CIA-RDP70-00058RQ 1 9%t300 IKE NAILS UIS( LABOR..ASFOE OF SLAVE LANDS C IY L+ER TROIIAN Washington, Sept. 1-Presi-I ent Eisenhower today made, strong hid for labor support i the 1956 campaign by hall. i i g American labor .as " the reatest enemy of enslaved I1 bor in any corner of thel rth." Mr. Eisenhower got the j imp, in paying tribute to merican -labor, on Adlal . tevenson, Democratic Presi- c gntial candidate, in an infor- al speech against the back- round of the rose garden on lie White House lawn. He 1 raised labor for efforts to i prove the conditions of orking men and for its con- t ibution to the cause of peace. Stevenson will make a major I hor day address Monday in adillac square in detroit. He as accused the President of I "deaf ear to labor" .ruing a Meant'' Also Speaks The President spoke after Postmaster General Sum- George Meany, president of, nice field unveiled a large copy the AFL-CIO, expressed ap-Iof the stamp which was taken preciation for the labor stamp. from a mural in the new AFL- enjoy the " highest real Secretary Hagerty said he ex wages " in history. pacts Mr. Eisenbower.w111 con- .Mr. Eisenhower cautioned tact Stevenson next week to make " to pro. do other things to show that vide the foreign affairs intel- their duties as American citi- zcr.', " to make certain free- i doin grows -stronger as the years go on." Tl'1Is was the closest he came to an open political statement. -Labor like all o t h e r Americans wants peace," he said " It needs peace. It re- quires peace. it must be ready to ,%ork for peace.. . . Amer- ica is fortunate in its labor force, which I like.to believe is all of us.". I+hor Secretary Mitchell presided at the brief cere- mony. l'nvells Copy of Stamp nd is expected to pitch hisf-,uany naiu lliai rvci~iuWLg It .l? -ill ucaualuaiLcia III nW"atl5- the final analysis " comes from ton. ton. Across the top of the lea for labor E euhowe s at - work-from labor" and notedlstamp are the words "Labor t eking Mr. Eisenhower s rec- rd toward labor, that one of the things that dis- D,iy-" The center is a working ,._ toward labor. tinguishes the American union, man, woman and child. Below While the President's few mutes of informal remarks ance of the labor stamp is reading, " Labor is life." The id not constitute a Cadillae symbolic of the nation's re- stamp is blue. ' quare address to- labor is spect for the " hearts, minds ny sense of camplslgninlg-?the and hands " of labor in devel- id make an appgai for48bo oping all the wealth of Amcr- upport in ceremony mark- tea." lie said American labor ng the issuance of. a special is " free " and represents a The tam t ' b d s p. ay pos age or ,a form of life based on human eremonics were attended by marks, the President stepped dignity with the right to work over to meet his sspecial abinet members and labo p guest at a job, to worship, and to, _-Joann McGuire Dougherty, ciders. think for the benefit of the 12' of Camden N. J. She is the inc White House later re entire nation. I i Baled that Mr. Eisenhower' lie added that freedom and igreat granddaughter of Peter' lans to offer Stevenson"eon- i pf Labor idential intelligence briefings its " priceless privilet,es " day NIc(,u1rC$he, had founder invited him to' foreign affairs during the were not gained without ef- the Camden ceremonies Mon- n foreign Similar briefings fort and cannot be retained day in McGtfire's honor. without effort." Thank you very much [for' .ere 'given Mr. Eisenhower' E'rce+;+;i,t will he ours if! ry former President Truman we ii.,c it," lie saint the invitation], I hope you n the 1952 campaign. ' hit '-; this will substitute," the Mr. Eisenhower -squinted' Ili hevt Real 11 a rti ! I're~ ~dcnt said, grasping the nto the hot morning sun as lIe a,kr 1. why irar t'.rl hand re said Anierica's economy labor is (t(,(: itiru iw' Ix lt, ~l " Planned " Briefings rod productivity, based ogfree iworld aid then g,:vc !hi an A I'd if the had ever been abor, " are the terror of any swer as the fact tliat th~rc !,. ne 1~"lute House before, . ,I,o would be our enemies." are t t~ nu,:liioit persons eni " 10- oh it's real big." It spot ' from Approved Fol"Riblie~e~2000109/24"?,CIA-I~DP7Q+=b00518R~00FI00s130065-5 Afore than 130 government officials, letter carriers; labor leaders, and reporters at- tended. At the conclusion of his re-