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November 17, 2016
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August 3, 2000
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Afip'rbed For Release 2'00/08/24' : CIA-RDP70M58R C.I.A. HEAD WARNS OF~SOVIET'S AIMS A. W. Dulles Says New Plan is to 'Conquer' 3 Nations C entary Gains liFa By C. P. TRUSSELL Special to The Nesq York Times. WASHINGTOIC, Sept. 1--So- viet peace smiles brought a warning today from Allen W. Dulles, director of the Central Intel,'igehce Agency. Mr. Dulles said free people should watch and combat a n w Kremlin strategy of "parlia- t.ary conquest." The principal targets, he stated, are Italy, Prance, and Indonesia. He cited situatidns indicating important Soviet gains in these fields. ,p At the same time, Mr. Dulles CPYRGHT eplored an apparent free-world publishes the full findings it will' ever again obtaining allies ndifference to a fact that the call in experts on communism among any non-Communist par- ussians could attain controls from Europe, the_.Far East and Africa. The panel is headed by ties. Today, however, the dan- ven with minority conquests in Representative Francis E. Wal- ger of parliamentary compro- arliamentary bodies. ter, Democrat of Pennsylvania. mises with the Communists, "Today 5- * * the danger of Follow Lenin Pattern even in Europe, is not to be arliamentary compromises with ignored." he Communists, even in Europe," The findings of the C. I. A. , A e __ __ T4r- e stated, "is not to be ignored." were made public this afternoon. Mr. Dulles spoke frankly in an Mr. Dulles had concentrated nalysis of Soviet cold-war tech- upon the dangers of the Soviet's iques that surprised many in "parliamentary" approach to ashington. The C. I. A. Is per- conquest. This approach, he said aps a most o - Pattern ai own by zation in the Government. Even Lenin in the Nineteen Twenties. ongressional investigating c'om- Communist' penetrations into ittees have not yet pried into free parliaments to date, he held, is secrets where American se- were far more serious than sta- CLIFILY IS IJIVUI "U. However, Mr. Dulles respond- ed to a request from the House Un-'4merican Activities Commit- tee to analyze current Com- munist tactics. Such a request had been made to more than 100 other prominent Government of- ficials, military, leaders, educa- tors, journalists, labor officials, business executives and political scientists. Before the committee LISLICS WUUICL imply. In no country, Mr. Dulles brought out, have Communists attained a majority in an parlia- mentary body. This fact, he contended, has created a com- plaisance that is highly, dan- gerous. "A few years ago," he report- ed. "I would have thought that Communist parties in. Europe would have great difficulty inlare now 143 Communist men- ;hers. ? To these must be added j ven'Erfve? Nenni fellow-trav- Icling left-wing Socialists, or a sistently q2A total __of ! 218 who vote kn&aet yvith a Commu- nists. Together, in ij last elec Lions in 1953, their total popular vote was. 9,500,000, orl'135.6 per is-rrt of the total. ' "'lne French Chamber of I)ep'ities presents another situ- rtio,l which the Kremlin may be tLudyiing. 't'here are today i~ou is 150 Communist membe, s Chamber out of a present of about 600. 1n [ndonesia, the Communist received 6,000,000 votes, o - ).' per cent of the total elector the elections of Septenx- ber 1955, and they have a rcpre,sentation of thirty-nini Members, or fifteen per cent c the total of the ,donesian As ;rrnbly." lite these o :cial ininorit,. M '0JLal; ii sas;l t li' I1 `BPa !uv 140t~ Mr. Dulles then reported on the target spots he cited. "In Asia," he stated, "this threat is even greater because is generally less well un er- stood. A recent Indonesian Gov- ernment permitted Communist influence to reach far into the Ministry of Defense. More than n rope a Communist par- ties have managed in many countries to acquire a danger. ous degree of 'respectability' and of acceptance as just an- other political party." In the "target countries," Mr. Dulles stated, the Soviet pene- trations had become "serious." "In the Italian Parliament of Approved For Release 2000/08/24: CIA-RDP70-00058R000100130068-2