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November 17, 2016
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August 3, 2000
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September 2, 1956
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SHERMAN (Tex.) S E F. 1956 DEMO%%Toved For Release 2000/08/24: CIA-RDP70-00058R000100130069-1 Circ.: e. 13,055 S. 13,163 Front Edit Page Page Other Page Soviets Donning Sheep's Clothing, #JALhief Says, len W, Dulles, chief of the Cen- trai Intelligence Agency, said to-j' da?v communism is putting on a respectable front to penetrate the governments of countries it can no longer overawe with force. in a study prepared for the louse Committee on Un-American Activities, Dulles said Commu- ynists now must "see their greatest uiwortunities" in countries such asi It---fly,. France and Indonesia. 't'hese are among the countries. 1 he wrote,, where Communists ' fin vr' the strongest penetrations into the i-iarli.amentary machinery, ri1 free governments." Coasting Speeches The CIA director quoted from -haL he said were boasting pees hes of Russian and satellite iraaclers to show that Communistic ! were prepared to take over a ?:ountry when they achieved, not i majority, but a substantial min-1, ririLy in its legislature. In every! ,r.+_;e "with the qualified excep-~ tilno-, of Czechoslovakia and Guat- he said, they were helped; rii the takeover by the presence! K1r immediate threat of armed. force. Dulles said that, thanks to the free world alliances the United States has helped build, "there are few places in the world where a free country is so at the mercy of Soviet or Communist Chinese orce as the satellites stood in 945-47." Power In Parliament He said that in Italy there are 43 Communist th d 15 left-wing, Socialist members in a pt?rlia- went of 590, in France about 150 ommunist members in a cham- er of about 600 and in Indonesia 9 Communist parliament mem- ers representing 16 per cent of he total. Dulles said it is a"sign of dan- ger" whenever Communists "ob Lain an effective minority position I n any parliamentary body" and ! hat if in addition "they have im- iortant places in the government nd in particular control the min- stries of defense and interior.; iien the a.n Pr i ~_ ?tinted W464 11des se 2 "M 4-. rive for a Communist take...