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November 17, 2016
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August 3, 2000
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September 2, 1956
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ASH NGf0N S E P 2 is TIMES Wjjdved For Release 2000/08/24: CIA-RDP70-00058R00010 CIA Head Warns of Reds' New Infiltration Tactics CPYRGHT tiges of that system." In the Italian Parliament of In several countries these 590 members, he said,, there penetrations are s e r i o u a>" are 143 Communist members Dulles said. and 75 enni felIO -traveling over our parliamentary govern- ments and to use the freedom which our system of govern- ment gives to destroy all ves- n i s t s are "In Asia this threat is even sorting to a "p a r 1 i a = greater because it is generally: less well understood," he said. mentary" con The buildup of the North At- {quest , of -free lantic Treaty Organization in nations. Europe, the Southeast Asia Dulles, in a Treaty Organization in'the Far s t a t e in e n t East, the" Baghdad Pact in the made public by Middle East and individual the House U. S, commitments throughout (Committee oulles the orid has created a Un - Adierican lie ' against Soviet force, Activities, cited rtaly, France Dins 'reported. and Indonesia aa the prime The ?Spviets, therefore, are' targets of the Kremlin's new resortin# to other tactics, he j strategy for world control. ' said. Ile said "the Communists' "In tits struggle," Dulles ,propose to infiltrate our free said, "tfe Communists must legislative systems, to takesee their greatest opportuni-: By Paul Southwick United PYesa -Lne Allen W. Dulles, director of o ay, ow v , the Central I n t e 11 i g e n c e Eger of parliamentary eomproAgency, said yesterday that So-imises with the, Communists, viet leaders have alerted the even in Europe, is not to be world that the C o m m u ignored," he said. prominent Americans on tech- niques of. Soviet, aggression. cal," Dulles said, "it may yeti be possible to rouse them to their dangers." "A few years ago," he said, ;"I would have thought that Communist parties in Europe' woud have great difficulty in ever again obtaining allies among non-Communist par- ties." . ties where they now have the strongest penetrations into the parliamentary, machinery Socialists, or a total onsisteutly_ vote and Deputies` presents another sit- rich the Kremlin may ustIon , June 2. be studng," he said, "There Dulles, 'in -,an analysis of are today' about 150 Commu- moise than 500,000 words 'deliv- At members in the Chaniber Bred by Soviet leaders at the out of a present total of about I- I Twentieth Party Congress in 6Qp,> Moscow, last February, said `In Indonesia, the Coo~iWou- "they have told ' us.,`,tlt,. no un- nist Party received""6" miilion certain words what they pro- votes, or 17 per' Chit' of 'the pose to do." He cited specifical- total electorate An the elee- ly an address by Communist tions of Septembe,, 1955, and Party Secretary~Nikita Khrush- they have a representation of chev. 39 members or 15 per' cent of "While . people world-widelthe total of the Indonesian As-, Dulles' statement' was written Approved For Release 2000/08/24: CIA-RDP70-00058R000100130070-9