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November 17, 2016
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August 3, 2000
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July 15, 1956
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UL 15 1956 FORT WAYNE (Ind.) J JOURNAIpj91:For Release 2000/08/24: CIA-RDP70-00058R000100H383b7 Circ.: m.J 62,256 S 91,802 Front , mth*- Page P e Page CPYRGHT nn+q? Diplomacy On The Wing When Dr. Henry NJ- ris on, emeritus of Brown University, spoke out fri clear and sharp words against the habit of Secretary of State John Foster Dulles of rushing around-.the w Tlc trying to cony duct diplomacy in person and leaving the State Department to fe for itself, it was no ordinary attack. *~' Dr. Wriston las been a valued adviser to Secretary Dulles. He has done as much as anyone to help Dulles reorganize the U. S. foreign service, . he has a long and distinguished career behind him in education and public af- fairs. The article antitled "The Secretary' of - State;; Abroad" appeared in the well- known American quarterly review "For- eign Affairs" of which Allen. W. Dulles, head of the Central Iia ei ce Agency anti brother.to Se_eretary Dulles,, isg mem- ber of the--editorial advisory board Dr. Wristontakes cognizance of the fact that American Secretaries of State have been traveling more in recent years since the United States became ,the greatest of the world powers and since the. use of the fast airplane. But he thinks the very frequent absence of the Secretary of State from his office is a serious handicap to the formulation and conduct.of foreign policy. With that position, we Kaye long agreed. Mr. Dulles is so frequently on the wing that he does' not have time to do much basic and balanced_ planning of foreign policy. He is usually thinking in terms of some specific visit he is going to make and no- body seems to have given thorough atten- tion to general, world-wide policy. Perhaps this is why Mr. Dulles so often changes his position in his public state- ments on policy. When Dulles is gone, there is. nobody of top rank to brief the President on for- m gn policy and nobody hi the State De- partment to make top decisions. 7Ts the ly has-appeared ridiculous by its inability to make a necessary decision or by doing quick reversals from one position to an- other. ' Dr. Wriston, in his drticle in "Foreign Affairs'"', says: `.`After his status as adviser to the Pre- sident, ' the second principal function of the Secretary is to keep under continuous over-all review every phase of our world- wide responsibilities and opportunities. In the present state of world affairs this a- lone is a. back-breaking task. Over concen- tration upon one area seriously impairs the balance ... So swift is'the movement of events that even brief absences can ser- iously dislocate policy formation." The,Autlior'of the article declares at one point `That ao far as competent diplomacy is concerned, "The airplane has become more ian -a convenience; it is a tempta- tion." w,. To 1, this, Secretary Dulles replies; that "dy we all have to travel," andq. that Khrushchev and Bulganin have trav- eled More than he has in the past six months. He says it is old-fashioned to sit': at thome and that he can accomplish so much more with a personal talk There are, a lot of people who do not believe Secretary Dulles is' accomplishing very much in any way. Whether the very pointed remarks of Dr. Wristop will tend to cause Mr. Dulles to be more sparing with the use of his "magic carpet" we cannot tell. Certainly the former has been closer than most peo- ple to the situation which he discusses. He may p able to see with more pel'specti'e than the flying Secretary. Most Americans will agree with Dr. Wriston when he says: "The vital requisit- es for the effective discharge of the dutiT of Secretary of State are perspectite an wisdom. Those qualities find their mot effective employment when there is 4 least a modicum of leisure for quiet re' flection." i Approved For Release 2000/08/24: CIA-RDP70-00058R000100130081-7