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November 17, 2016
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August 3, 2000
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July 14, 1956
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i:L'i1LINGTON (Vt.) FREE Front JEdlt Other Paea Page Pats Date: CPYRGHI~rat rnrz Those who oppose visits of high -American officials to Russia pnd her satellites, and vice versa, make good cause of the "bread and free- dom" riots at Poznan. The disturbance in Poland, says "Human Events," caught American intelligence unawares, as well as newsmen. The prevailing idea at the time of the riots was that resistance movements in the Communist countries were so' weak and insignificant, the publication states. The riots brought as awakening, "human Events" continues. It is sow thought by some observers that the underground behind the from Curtain is stronger tad afore determined than even the melt optimistic thought. Further, it Is noted that the Poznan up- heaval was brought about by both middle class- inen and workers and that its participants in- cluded younger persons who have spent their :adult lives under Communist Indoctrination. Visits of American leaders to Russia would infer U.S. sanction and recognition of com- munist regime as the unassailable tnuttr of the subjugated nations, it Is reasoned. Thtk,'fra- ternization works against the mptivating hope of the underground-that of eventually regaining freedom with the moral and material support ' of free men everywhere. "Human Events" reports that talk around' the State Department has it that Allen Dulles and his Central Intelligence Agency had ar? ranged a visit to satellite countries for Vice President Nixon to be made at the end of his present world tour. After the Poznan riots, it is said. Secretary of State John Foster Dulleb found out about the plans and cancelled them. The difficulty of accurately assessing the power and determination of the underground movements is obvious. But the Poznan] riots do give cause for doubting the wisdom of playing "footsy" with the Russians under the banquet table Approved For Release 2000/08/24: CIA-RDP70-00058R000100130082-6