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November 17, 2016
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August 3, 2000
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July 12, 1956
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tirokr A*kcVv6d For-Release 2000/08/24: CIA-RDP70-00058R000100130084-4 Box r For -tt BEST COPY A VAILABLE Approved For Release 2000/08/24: CIA-RDP70-00058R000100130084-4 "WA SHINGTON FO IAb3b - A,My roved For Release 20001 g41:IC19SIDP70-00058ROO ? CPYRGHT A Few Clucks and D~~g~Ts. C ry4ag DONNELLY RIGHT next door to the site of the proposed Central Intelli- gence Agency building at Lang- ley, Va., is a handsome white house with blue shutters, occu- pied by two maiden ladies who keep a large, white dog, and Move in an atmosphere of cal. culafed obscurity that should be an inspiration to all cloak and dagger personnel. When I arrived at . the hlue- shuttered house, accompanied by l photographer, I was prepared o do a studs of fragile old age, breathing %al;antly behind the teacups, but touched with pain at the thought of the vast en- cr'oachlrg hand of change. Eicher that, or a study In wild, unrea- soning, quavering defiance. I knocked at the door, an: :+n elderly. maid-?n lady pros-nr d herself and r.cknowledged that she was one of the owners of the premises, and that it o,~ s her understanding that th. ('[A would sooner of later set ur inop, practically In "4'r back wart. NO COMMCNICATION "I haven't to at]d from an' of those CIA pe(grle," she ,Raid m ild- ly, "and I type not to. What, precisely, Is ii!our object in com- Ing here"' j I said, "C/!+. you know, we were wondering -'hether ft would make a bi,t, difference to the people who here, having the CIA so closri a,-.t .. . The elderly lady said, "Natural- ly It will it tl:e a difference, to have people canning In hers da' . fr , I've heard that's hove r:a' h.?re will be. I don't knovr 'Jr 4 it-vs, of course, be- Cause' L m.''t :made any pert i- crt r e~f e' ?~ .'1.'d them.' I asl'tt; eye v)uld mind In- dlcatirq jus! whets he Installa- tion ve lttl d e-'1 p or,tn tier proper- ty. aril its Li ,it -I in - en :rev-1 pant ft's U. pas u-. " t .t lc'rC'e4 'e' t:r ? -' 'togral'`t lotr& tt r r 'tin Jog fo ' , ? 1 h w'. Su'tt ? r' ^ ti.y' went bin al 7?iI off. "t ' ' *;Et the I?r,ty. 1.tt that e k ry +--1 =?tl?- 7",t.rt's a t;t ' e ' Tap ?,. Approve a put up Its building on ~. ' I live In a two-room apartment myself, but I made an. effort to enter Into the spirit of a threat. Heed property owner. "Do you. suppose they'll do anything over there that will be-bothersome7" I inquired. 111v guide said. "No doubt. The Federal Government does most.. anything it wants to,.after all. ?. It amends our constitution to its own designs, without consulting us, rives it nnt? By the way, I .,4surne you understand that you ai-e not to Infrirrge on my privacy In any way, in your publication? You are not to use my nartie, or the name of the lady who lives wish me. We have lived here a Ing lifetime without the dubious hen.'fits of puhliciib, and we in- terd to continue undisturbed. lhn..are our s, tiled convict- The photographer : dd, after. a- moment. "We want ro respect your wishes, of course! ut would y:nr mind if ue got tr lure of you down by the~~;s) , t'looking. across the pasture. I said hopefully, "We wouldn't have to show your f&[4 ?" I he old lady said, "Yrh'u might photograph those cows. C , sure I'IIEY would not object/ Presently we made jour vs' -'v ` my idea of-of 4 ;t, t what :tranges--if any-ha?-hut the CIA The old lady slid, M It ;tens will depe:vi on the t think the Democrats woe' I i I leave It to You .. , '%Innth? and pry fr! }} r I said. fTe photof'ra titer and I 'ot 'nto our car. ' ilhr t a,-:v u e::t ' 'o the snuse. 'p w c.? ,tor t s It had r: etc ; Ma. ,r?t?:Ilr!h r'ugh, fcflo(d..: #It- -"~r!it A5 we 01 1`11 lt;t;'s ? t' /i' tie' 0130084-4