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November 17, 2016
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August 3, 2000
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July 1, 1956
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f r r pngveg ~ Rplease 2000/08/24-:CIA-RDP70-00058R000100130085-3 What is Happening in Russia? lQirushchev's settling accounts with Stalinists as paid an4 done with, printed by the American State Department and thereafter accepted by Pravda--hears of events in Poznan where hungry workers openly reaistel, is informed of the attack by Titoist widows on Hungarian CcMpUnist leaders and even in the Danish communist organs sees the most faith- ful and Stalinistic workers give expressions of. doubt... asks dammed not a little shocked: What does this mean? Is this really a sudden thaw in the communist dominated world or is it merely a change in tactics, with Khzushchev behind the scenes directing Togliatti and the other doubters who are quarreling with the ICremlia'a present collie tire leadership. One can look at these events through cold war glasses or the new international political binoculars. In other words, one can maintain. the doubt which has been built upon many bitter experiences or one can piece together a mogRlpc from the many aaell fragments and build upon it a faith that changes for the good are actually occurring in the c monist world. In the meantime it is dangerous to maintain a polish which says that the democracies during the post war years will manage to survive cc iniaa and therefore refrain fray initiating any poli- tical moves which mean that last and West can co-exist. Even the U. S. Department of State, whose initiative has been crippled during the months of the presidential election and presidential sickness, is now beginning to realize this. One realizes that big things are about to happen in the Ccevaranist world. No one agrees on an interpretation of those events. Foster Dulles, who is blamed by his friends for not realizing that foreign policy is sometimes made by silence, has loudly proclaimed that the recent developments in Poland are proof of the correctness of the United States' "Strong Policy." George Korman, the former ambassador to lbscov and perhaps the next Secretary of State in a Democratic adainistratioo, n" said that the inner development of the Soviet world can only be stopped or injured by outside pressure. An interesting commentary was made by Joseph Harech, who 1s the Foreign Affairs Editor of the Christian Science Monitor. He believes that something is happening within the Soviet Union that was not anticipated by the old Cessuunist teaohiggo. As its gigantic industrial power rises, the Soviet Union finds itself- on the same level as England during the Napoleonic Were and the t>hited States at the beginning of World War I. (be thing is oertain, the development of the Soviet Union has reached the point mere the Wgft must decide how to judge and react to events in the Rest. At one tins, ones hope was plstced in the liberal policies of Nalenk ov. Rio do=- fall was the Berlin riots but the liberal trends he initiated sarrived and are being reinforced in the Russian people. i ruahcMv has now experienced his "June 17" in Poznan, because his quarrol with /tal.ia in behalf of "oppressed peoples" has been considered as an attack u all the intolerable... Approved For Release 2000/08/24: CIA-RDP70-00058R000100130085-3 Approved For Release 2000/08/24: CIA-RDP70-00058R000100130085-3 F o e conditions which exist in the CaWg adst V'rIA. Fe will happen to Khrushchev? More important, at gill happen 1n the Caesauniat world? This depends upon the totalitarian security y~st~a. e %iho tightens down the totalitarian security systeem'a safety walys s always in danger of having the whole kettle explode in his tees. ?ov he Free World must see to it that something happens in Cca^punist WWorlA. he Free World, for good reasons, did not believe that anything would appen during Malenkov's era and perhaps for the saaee reasons it MW elieve that nothing will happen during the Khruahchev/Sulganin era, ut it should not give up its belief in the fact that the van in the ta'emlin have given up powers which they. are no. longer able to oontrol... his was originally a tactical move, but vill probably become an his- orical epoch. One man Who is close to Foster Dulles, his own brother Allen Iles, as chief of the USA's combined intelligence services tnm e hidden facts. Score weeks ago in a lecture at Cincinnati t 4ver- ity he expressed this thought quite matter-of-factly end yet as well 1it can be expressed when he stated: The rai:ld industrial development in Russia also mean the mass production of work leaders and qualified technicians. This, is a new middle class which feels a personal interest in its jobs and desires to protect its privileges. The pressure free this new middle class can be felt at the top and can no longrr be ignored. It is my guess that the modern industry, technology and culture will gradually reform the Russian society and asks the existing dictatorship impossible. Ever since Adsat and $'re ate of the forbidden fruit of the Tree of Khovledge, aanki. has had to pay the price of tolerance and understanding in order to enjoy the fruits cf civilisation. This also applies to the Russians. Allen Dulles, by the power of his position, Is in possession of ms re premises upon which to judge Soviet Russian inner-developmept an anyone else. His conclusions are therefore of great interest. ey are expressed as a caution, but also testify of foresight. Approved For Release 2000/08/24: CIA-RDP70-00058R000100130085-3