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November 17, 2016
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August 3, 2000
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July 6, 1956
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BOSTON POST JUL '6 y Approved For Release 2000/08/24: CIA-RDP70-000100 CPYRGHWho.Misled the People? Men Geaeral ?than _F.. Twining, air force chief of staff. returned ,from Moscow on July 4 he - indicated that his vjevvs of Soviet air power had not changed-- in sum-thit tba-Soviet Union has more military air. craft than the United States and is catching up fast on quality. ,. It-is Ilitportant to remem- ber that he made that state- ment not only but zany times befort lie Ent to the Soviet Union. He repeated it when he returned and before he reported to President Eisen- hower and his 'superiors, in- cluding Defense Secretary Wil- Secretary Wilwp has been given the mot . r !the means of speeding tip production of the B-52 intercontinental bomb- era, of which the United States has only ONE opera- tional wing. 'The net of our intercontinental bombers are B-36's, designed 10 years ago. If 16 years Is av- erage for.. btu . aut=obile it is ancient for a military aircraft. P .. , it Wilson now defies the expressed will of and stirs the additional $900 million ap- proptidt~d or,B-5 i Into the'.air force over-all budget without pri, Ming the extra-TI-52's demanded by J on- gr 1 .'or it v4we4imates by his military chiefs of m1U ulre is srp at fault, either Wilson or h* y( t9` chief, ve grossly deceived the American K e? t z a The facts should be lather plain by this time. } W&M underestimated ? thel situation despite accurate teI nee., repot on RLfan progress which were Now GdsSeral T~+in# . is bad Moscow. President the 'to hint 111953. 'That's the key year. It was 4'0m Geavzbj ME -ad (r?. apparent `SA'om tine record that Admiral Rad- was htut3~d to 1x~rta'd to We, c kai'man of the Joint chiefs of staff, tried to save on what he saw. But he had already reaffirmed the views '"d*or/ hed1h s it stirAt probing of Senators Syming- that he`liield before he Went to Moscow T e Soviet ,n r,; J pleading that the matter couldn't air force is htuneiicai '&x W. and getting better, all open ,.Mason. What is so secret? Is It the time, than ~n U. Sr''all' force: fcntls S llso is blundering? General Twining and his opposite numbers in the other s vtc aW` s m bt nl tes have testified under The facts n Inn be nailed down. Allen Vl . Dulles, math, ,y Wilson and his subordinate secre- rvd of Central l lnteitigence- Agency, should not have . a take the rap fcu' ladlty intelligence. He provided all t&iIA ed under oafh? One set of witnesses he facts that Wilson needed as far back as 1933. The fiaO 'tPatri the other. One or the other set of telligence reports of the buildup of . Russian air witnesses `hasn't been truthful. On the bails of what trength were` ignored by the Defense Secretary. ' One .both sets of witnesses knoyv the truth to be, one group ust assume that the President also Ignored the intelli- or thq,other has deliberately deceived and exposed the once reports in order to persuade the people that "more American pe;ple to danger. And it is becoming more efense" 'coula be provided "for less money." and nlore,apparer}t that It isn't the professional airmen. Approved For.Release 2000/08/24: CIA-RDP70-00058R000100130089-9