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November 17, 2016
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August 3, 2000
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Approved For Release 2000/08/24: CIA-RDP70-00058R000100130120-3 the Central Intelligence Agency; W.aJ. Gen. Prancls W. Tarrsl. representing the Joint Chiefs of Staff; Jarold A. Kieffer of the President's Advisory Committee on Government Organization; C. Dillon Glendenning of the Treas- ury; Robert E. Mattison of the White House disarmament staff: Ralph W. E. Reid, assistant di- rector of the Bureau of the ? Budget, and Karl Harr of the Department of Defense. Based an Paper Work The famous men who sit or. the N. S. C. base their discus- sions, like the Cabinet, on care- fully prepared papeA, and they When he is available he works' are not restrained in their critic- hard at the N. S. C. papers. And isms. But the men in big goy- even now he is beginning to send his observations to the st, ff ernment *ho prepare the papers from the hospital. But he is imt! for Cabinet members, who have able, and has not been able a thousand other things to do during his two illnesses, to go each week, are in the key spot,. through the long hard task of regardles of how much they may arguing out the N. B. C. prob- deny their authority. lems and hammering them into T'tese instruments of depart- the policy he wants. mental cooperajion-the N. S. C.. "The powers pod duties" of the N. & C. planning board, and 1the Presidency, mentioned in Ar- the Operations Coordinating Ucle II, Section 1, Paragraph A Board, which sees that the of the Constitution, do not refer N. S. C. policies are carried out only to those simple acts of sign- by all concerned-provide the ing papers that have to be President with solid staff sere- signed so that the public busi- tees, but they cannot substitute ness can go on. for the President. They refer not only to the As Sidney W. Souers, the first President but to the whole of, executive secretary of thZween the Presidency; to the direction IN. S. C.. wrote about interde f these staffs, to the hard de- partmental committees of th isive business of choosing be. past: dangerous courses. "(They] suffered for lack of aj This Is why then is apple. W definite mission * ? ? and most, of all, from authoritative dtrec tion.' This is true to a certain extent- today in the N.S. C. The council and its planning board can rec- ommend, but the Constitutional responsibility of the President is still the duty to decide. hensiotf in aahtngwn about We illness of President >Clsenbower. There are institutions behind him that carry on better. than his political opponents would have the public believe, but these institutions do not work so well, without him as his political sup- porters pretend. Approved For Release 2000/08/24: CIA-RDP70-00058R000100130120-3