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December 9, 2016
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January 24, 2001
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October 23, 1963
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DALLAS/ TEXAS OCT 2 3 4963 NEWS ?Approved For Release 2001/03/02: CIA-RDP70- 228, 74 S. _250;585 CONQUEST Reds :Map Plan b o` Win Latins By ROBERT; MORRIS DEFECTORS from the Soviet side to our side in the world conflict should be an im- portant force. For many years, with the Naval Intelligence and with State and U.S. Senate committees, I had the responsibility of inducing wavering com- munists and people in the twilight of their com- munist careers to come over to the side of the United States. I know what a magnificent con- tribution defectors have T:,- (!ereNOr left communism because be`' could ,.o longer stand the intrigue involved; However, since his defection he had dome' to realize he had joined "the losing side" be- cause the leaders of the West, mostly In the United States and Britain, refused to be- lieve that Khrushchev is planning to con- quer the world. He told of a communist plan, blueprinted and sealed during Castro's 37-day visit this summer to the U.S.S.R., that called for the success of what is called in the Kremlin- the USRLA-the United Socialist Republics of Latin America. By 1968 this Soviet unit is to include Cuba, Venezuela, Colombia, Bra- zil, litish Guiana, Mexico, Chile and His- paniola. (This was Wore the overthrow of Juan Bosch.) CASTRO, according to the defector, Is to he the leading force. But let Constantine tell the rest: "According to my informant, Khrushchev has instructed Castro to lay the ground- work without haste. It is essential, he Is re- ported to have said, that the chances of re- election of the present Washington adminis-. tration, sympathetic to socialism, and deli- sated to a relaxation of tensions, should not he endangered. It is also important that the British Labor party, headed by Harold Wil made to our understand- MORRIS ing of the communist conspiracy. They made valiant witnesses, and the whole free world w better for their testimony. In rec ^ years, however; the people Running ot.r executive policy have not shown the high resolve`" necessary to induce de- fections. Many of us were shocked in 1958 when we learned that a Danish international civil servant, Povl Bang-Jensen. had been approached at the U.N. by a cluster of po- tential Soviet defectors who asked that he aid them to asylum in the United States. The approach had been made at the time of the crushing of the Hungarian uprising by Soviet tanks in 1956. These defectors told Bang-Jensen that the 38th floor of the U.N. (the top adminis- trative offices) was actually under Soviet control and that the Soviet Secret Police had penetrated our Foreign Intelligence. This information was dispatched to the then head of our CIA, who, instead of zealously moving to acquire the vital secrets available from this important source, let Bang-Jensen and the defectors cool their heels for seven anguished months, after wNch they were no longer available. I READ in the Congressional Record of Sept. 24 another startling defector story. It conies through an interview between the competent foreign editor of the Washington Star, Constantine Brown, and a former high official of the communist Czechoslavak gov- crrnment. The defector told Brown much :Tout communist future plans which we should know. son--described by Khrushchev as it man of great intelligence and insight toward world' trends-should replace the wobbly, uncer- tain and tired Conservatives. "Hence, there mu,t be no hasty or rash moves by Fidel and his associates through. Latin America. Castro must accept with ,,ood grace any indications for reconcilia- tion with the United States-even at the. price of some concessions regarding the confiscation of American properties. " f he pot will be kept simmering until the American elections. After November. the xork of creating a USRLA will be started in earnest." The testimony of this defector, properly checked. should be brought to the attention of the world, not hidden in the Congressional Record. Our official policy is working to bring shout a merger with this country and the nations of the world under the United Nations. Under this, we would he a minori- ty; but if the Latin-American bloc is to be put into thr Soviet side of the aisle, we will be almost a snhtarv voice in the consensus. Approved For Release 2001/03/02 : CIA-RDP70-00058R000200070053-4