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November 16, 2016
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May 8, 2000
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Approved For Release 200044)WT 1A-RDP Ail_ ..:;. . ON THE AIR "Unrewarding' S -- r es, but, JSfuI coat, was over Sunday night. Vi~ j Vrf - A Aomh t much that anyone eniilrl .... .,,....~.~.__ _~_'t'.4~e-11,9,:a-a,/.l-'~ Ynv&u acnoenorun, who wad doing his flrat 'much in. his er4d-of-the-pi ci Mmtt'rY: The word he used' for the interview was "unro C eve that there are people who express themselves so in- eptly that they prefer not to answer at all. Skinner struck me as one such. K iaeir Lhoughts easily may find it difficult to b I1 envyucfl '1'V snow, eygpn if un- derstanding must be alntosten- If he was really curlous about other people, as he said he was, why did his principal recreation In China consist of other American and drinking beer (f our or five bottles) which he could have done back home In Akron? When he w arn t h r o u g h discussing his life th ere, we knew just as little about Chinese Communism as emphasis. What' warn he~sayin rand to whom? answers, namely that he 1is plain-looking, seems slow on the uptake fantataticall , y un- Imaginative and, in short, a misfit, be It iri Akron th , e Army, or wherevm'..he-was, Red. made this at tip ?4 v program Olklitly that the neet'f kt inte,-V ews )ogist, but h- Pounder way before a; elY under abrun shifted 00/05/24 : PPESS COIr. .. ON TVA N1 R4t~.;. T o da y . s presjQefltiai press oerence win be teleevlred live at 4 o'clock on WTQP-p. Delayed tele-/ casts are set for 4:30 o'clock on WMAL-7 an WRC--4 and at o'clock on WT'IG-8, Radio stations brea~dd. castcasting the confereb@:,. Li ve include WRC, W and WWDC-FM. Rebt6 __ casts are set at 7 on' WTgP, at 8:30 on WOMB and' at 9:30 on WWDC ,A)t snd,, WMAL. to Ben' 1h 1Ce*tlater, to "ea Dp1ift, -,';P*, 1~ 01 , ? r