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November 11, 2016
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May 24, 1999
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October 8, 1961
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OCT 8 1961 Approved For Release 1999/09/16 : CIA-RDP7 STATINTL Fidel 1,: Flying HigIL Cuban Communist dictator. Fidel Castro's MIG-17 jet fighter planes are flexing their muscles closer to Flor- ida shores these days, appar. ently to show that the beard. ed bandit can thumb his nose at the United States from the air without getting into any serious trouble. United States defence of- ficials have been. keeping a close eye on the maneuvers of Castro's jets over the Flor- ida Straits and are speculat- ing on reasons for the in- creasing show of boldness. The MIGs, believed to be flown by Cuban air force of- ficers trained recently in. Czechoslovakia, have been detected flying toward the United States at altitudes of more than 33.MO feet. They turn back to Cuba after reaching a distance approx- imately 30 miles from the Florida coast. The United States Navy and Air Force are making no effort to Intercept the MIGs, since the planes are not violating any U.S. air space. They are being carefully tracked, however, and should. any of them stray within the three-mile ldnit of the United States they will be forced down. Castro rrlportedly now has about a ?Iozett . operational By HAL HE:N`I)RIX MIGs, with at least that many more in stages of as- senrblY in Cuba. Flight crews and ground personnel have been schooled in Czecho.,lo- vakia, and 'Czech technical assistance is given now in Cuba. Mean,chile, as Castro's So- vietbailt war machine. cony tinites to grow in she and training, the great debate continues in Washington about whether President. Kennedy should invoke the Trading With the Enemy Act against the Caribbean Com- munist satellite. . Should the act be applied, all trade with Cuba would be barred. U.S. sales to Cuba. now limited to medical sup- plies and foodstuffs, amount to about 20 million dollars a year. Cuban exports to this country, mainly tobacco and and fruits, amount to about 1 W million a year, There are strong voices in Washington for and against the presidential action. Those against it appear to be stick- ing steadfastly to the un- realistic idea that the us. inter-American policies must he based on a popularity poll formula. Allen Duties. who is retir- ing as head of the Central ln? telligence Agency, reported. ly is among the latest to join the New Frontier officials who oppose a tougher policy on Cuba. For Dulles, whose. agents played a major role in the-ill-fated Cuban inva- sion last April, his present Posture is indeed a strange back-flip. Dulles now has advised President. Kennedy that the United States should not cut, off all trade with Castro. He contends that a complete em- bargo would hurt the United States more. with public opin. ion in Latin America than the good that would come of it. * -* This view is in direct op- position to that held by the Defense. Department, which is keeping an eye on the aforementioned MIG fighters over the Caribbean. Pefense i officials state flatly that the United States would be the big gainer by imposition of t a total embargo against t?:!Iirq. \Approved For Release 1999/09/16 : CIA-RDP70-00058R000200110120-4