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December 9, 2016
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February 1, 2001
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: 11~_ ;,'fink CPYRGHT Approved For Release 2001/03/02 : CIA-RDP70- ` e Washington Herr-+ -Gap-Round Adlai First to Ask End of Testing By Drew Pearson MOST PEOPLE have for gotten, but It was Adlai Ste- venson, during the election campaign of Ion, who first demanded that the world stop nuclear tenting because it was contaminating the air with ,lsoiscn. , Today, everyone except the Kremlin is in favor of the ending of nuclear testing. But five years ago, when Steven- son was running an uphill race against Mr. Eisenhower, tai, Nixon poured cold water on the Idea and accused Ste- venson. of "catastrophic non- sense. Mr. Eisenhower se- cused Stevenson of making a "theatrical .gesture." He im- plied that Stevenson didn't :Sow what he was talking about. llowever. Stevenson stuck to his guns. He delivered a full-dress speech Sept. 29, 1856, demanding that unclear testing be stopped--if lea would agree. Various Demaa- 4 ratio leaders begged Steven- son to lay off. told him to drop the subject-4t was le. lug votes, killing his Chances of election. Adlai. however. persisted. 'Later, It developed that etamce was a eo e nits - flaps ; John Footer Duties in.a Cabs- for f net meeting on Sept 4 had ire seems back . ' " r t proposexl exactly the same Qdltln but Brash treallt _=etdgn. NA i .r >t. suspension of nuclear testing that he will run 4?% TV& womb >i IV as news and that President ar tea in of (lallforWo... 1e days refer. ?Quadroe md-Eisenbow er had concurred. But after Nixon toad tr1 Ia b~ was dealt' bowed e Stevenson made his speech, more Worried er Brad' -,, :60 at *r. the , 'the Eisenhower Ad.mtplstrs- than Goa Bald, ~i~ gaol 8- 1- t no xn oe the reek over the mid-Pacific, and on chance to Caw We eyvly Comm United States. Oct, Ct. S& the iinitrA A.r_ some of the biggest bombe ucu~ c r~azv, oaa patted : for ever tested were exploded !mow and do- come time, to rive ~n a ! as itht t Rus- tinn reversed itself and, train- C x,,. g esatne. all its guns on Stevenson, yix6Q`,r new PLA is na behind 01 t ` be the United $tatas atosnlo bocd i`he Eisenhower Admint*- wrltts~A by himsolf f3J1 be tra.tion continued testing W11- ,.., a+ -,., -.U- !1m7 and small, angoras. Women and Rank Ater yst>~ , elm f for fled from any ,American aid stirl t C% ^ri a under'the Aili:aaoe for Prop. TUF LADY from Meinr wren en the rose. . .'Vila spons,reti legislation nor Ural:1o0 n `e~~4a to C"Yriotrt. 196L sou srna1c can tests were stopped. Three into ttl Commelt %Aawm i Japan la, ,a "c~ er days later, the Soviet firers its meat, t S propps,~r de far daxnocriey elf. Latin last test-until last week. 40 r: stilt'' coliehl!` life America. 8e 'etarr'.Ruek re- .1 was two years and a lywas Lh4 ll vigsrIa elagan as a 9l-fledged month after Stevenson', pro- ftni" HO 1 Cud' posal. t~orn,m a Guiana ba dlsquall- Next day, all further Amer. ii i 11 pat lK life w m g e hat fed ht' i A voice a rounds t then a force da proving MERC 1,uther fill- reported to Prig equal to set d titre nedr _ that the 'el is gin,. 44n:ie top rank of colonel times, the Lt~eW Meartorial. had occasion recently to fa eddlttee, Hodges wants waten proudly as her admirals- them to realize that eora- Lrailvs assistant. Bill Lewis, a "m Is the bloodstream of was a:" de a brigadier general. International u domtanding. ranked his boss, Sen. Ty'adopteil the' idea and garet Chase Smith tit). ] e has now mad t?~at all foreign Air *'oroo--she is only a now ministers Ed,egoloomic mio- t nt colonel-- ys he ban- g g , Include the Co'no- died the situation in the SAM memo D`patt went in their manner as Gen, Doolittle rid- ltinet`artes. lag in, a Jeep with a WAV Seoeet Ho gee feels ate that >U f foselpf economic 1?he car stopped The lady mlnirtrelei - have ' no idea of treses. , ex film to dbviaus dls- the tee they could make of re the COMM" Department rs tc gee ni me," she I`m a said, " woman. you wread Information re- re- What hat, , but to their countries ' in can do What, .- answered the the United States and to ap, at t' receive Information on General' ' beauay always pre- American business. cedast ramie." , Nl Go-Round Diplomatic Ch f? FOBM1"'t Vice Prom- VICE PRESIDENT JOHN, Wlsington the other day. the pc'pose of getting into The red lines have vanished German politics, but his visit from his face, which is now nonetheless has strengthened more pink than tan ... News- the chances that Mayor Willy wora&o were burned up when Brandt of West Berlin may Nixon hold a luncheon in the becom. tit! . Dpw ; Ch*nc OIlor Ids Club bar where no of West Gsmitny. Brandt is womb ore admitted ... now given a fighting chance `meson told friends that be to ,unseat. Chawoallor Ade- wars going up to New Tort "to naaar. saw p ' opie" about the Calf Director Allen Duly of loruta governorship. The In. Oentrai j illgenoe this th I t b l k STATINTL Approved For Release 2001/03/02 CO V"