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November 11, 2016
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May 24, 1999
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.. T1 6 1 i-' V. \,rvc.rC: . tee? [ Y n .antrtr. ,lrv; pp~tlFCi~L1Rell~~111IPBiO0O5 1prted I 't7dt `' ecretary~ C`Iti `u', A. Bowles 'was re- i n'l;? today to be slated fo)? it top itrnb adprlal )Hier, in the first ' n1 jor ~ i 1:, It among Kennedy Ad- ninis: i attoZt offiolajs. it oleo welt understood drat ..1: ?n ~I': Dulles, : director ? of ie Centralnteflig n e'Agen- cy, eventually l?laccd. but no tiAmelate con. ..deration is being given to ti;ss move. - i ONGREM State Department officials ? ,ifi they knew nothing of ional Se&lrlty Affairs, prob- ably would replace Mr. Bowles In the No. 2 Site De- partment post.. It was Seamed thkt, Mr. Bowles was being' urged to constdea'?thq job of roving am- baasst gra;a post now held by Averlll 'Harriman, or as art,"ajternative, ambassador to Chile. Mr. Harriman, 70, 1s sal dto want- to concentrate on Sovigt affairs Sources said the trim of the change would be to improve ? policy planning In the State apartment. There have been "tear signs that W. Bowles, ^ho gave up a seat In Con- reported I3owle shift. Ih.werer. reliable congres? onal sources said the A6 niini.5tration was Moving to d su o decision "ir Bowles had no appoint- {, tit ehecluled with Presi? nt. KE-needy today. White 1+ .use Press Secretary Pierre Salinger, questioned a b q u t the Bowles report, said In llvannic Port, last night, "I fon't know anything about . t." 'l he congressional sources `airs McGeorge Bundy, 8 ial presidential assistant for Nj*j gress to advise lair: Kvnneay paign, .has been `kept M1Qutt of, outside obeerverlt'~ut1`ap~xitr? ently has rroved',it ifrating? .BACKGROUND Mr, Bowles, a for ner, goo ernor of Connecticut, s rve4 ap Ambassador to India acr'' President Truman and wis' among those considered by Mr. Kennedy for Secretary Of State. before Dean Rusk was selected. But unllkes,,l known " 11 undersecretaries in the st, his appearances on Capitol congressional ha c k groiund, {ti Mr. Bowles appalpe>rhas .ssibnment would by "1irlornatically." 4 difficultiep: For thin aclmtistration "w h boy" for State De ,jsald this might be at the of the sidetracking ..peclenced In the departm Ambassadors have b e e.q instructed: by the underseca'e tary to take more of a people. .to.-people-approach-the type .of contact which made Mr. Bowles popular in India-and to see that overseas missions are. better coordinated. Mr. Bowles was said to from ambassadors',on p Ow gional ambassadorial cob ences scheduled. Approved For Release 1999/09/16 : CIA-RDP70-0006