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November 11, 2016
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September 1, 1998
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October 12, 1953
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0-01.53 Sanitized - Approved For Release : CIA-RDP70- 0211R0001 210058 /- MEMORANDUM FOR: Chairman, Projects Review Committee THRU: Acting Deputy Director (Administration) SUBJECT: Proposed Construction of CIA Records Center 1, PROBLEM.--Proposed construction of a CIA Records Center at 25X1A6d 2. ASSUMPTIONS.-- a. The CIA. Records Center is authorized to receive and store all records of the Agency whenthey are considered to be inactive. b. An Agency Records Center is needed which mill provide better protection for the Agency's records and possibility of expansion on government-owned property. (Appendix A) c. That the Agency-owned 25X1A6d be retained indefinitely. d. The use of GSA operated Federal Records Centers involves a security risk because of the possibility of compromising sources and methods of C/A intelligence in- formation. 3. FACTS BEARING ON THE PROBLEM.-- a. The Agency is complying with Public Law 754 which requires, in Section 506(b)? "the Head of each Federal Agency shall establish and maintain an active and con- tinuing program for the economical and efficient manage- ment of the records of the Agency t b. The National Security Act of 1047, Public LAW 253, provides that the Director of Central Intelligence ',shall be responsible for protecting intelligence sources and methods from unauthorized disclosure. (Section 102(d)(3). c. The interim Record Center, located J41111111111 25X1A6d is a government-owned building on leased land. The owner of the property has expressed a desire that the property be returned to his control by 30 June 1.954. 25X1A6d ' ????????=00 Sanitized - Approved For Release : CIA-RDP70-00211R000100210058-3 Sanitized - Approved For Release :-.tifik-RDP70-00211R000100210058-3 - Chairman, Projects Review Committee d. The Agency now owns 16,733 pieces of filing equip- ment valued at $2,347,332. Issuances of filing equipment Lor previous years are as follows: 1950, 2,219 pieces; 1951, 3,331 pieces; and 1952, 4,238 pieces. In this period, the average increase in issuances over each previous year is 38.8%. e. The cost of microfilming 60 Cu. ft. of records is $703.27. The same volume of records can be stored in a Records Center for 43 years for this amount of money. Since only about 5% of all records are usually considered permanent, it is expensive and impracticable to microfilm records as a general practice. f. Estimates of the Agency's present record holdings, annual records accretions and smagemble records are as Pi 14131. e f ollows _ (1) Present Record Holdings - 92,000 Cu. ft. (Appendix B) (2) Annual Records Accretions - 20,000 cu. ft. (Appendix C) Retireable Records - After the initial in, ventory of all Agency records has been com- pleted, 27,600 cu. ft. (30% of 92,000 au. ft.) can be released to a records center. This is equivalent to 3,450 4-drawer filing cabinets valued at $810,000. Each year after the initial inventory, 8,000 cu, ft. of records can be released to a records center. This is equivalent to 1,000 4-drawer filing cabinets valued at $2350000. g"-01 h. The Center will be filled in 5 to 10. time expansion of the facilities will be necessary. one) (.?.1, (2 ch; (Appendix F). 4. DISCUSSION.--The use of existing facilities, in lieu of new construction, has been considered. Available buildings were examined and it was determined that the cinder block warehouse in as the most appropriate. However, 25X1A6a lEmgroit Sanitized - Approved For ReleasaideaMIWYPIPM0211R000100210058-3 ? Sanitized - Approved For Re 25X1A6d ..3- rmaitenIA-RDP70-00211R000100210058-3 Chairman, Projects Review Committee the General Services Administration's estimate to convert this building for Records Center use was $95,8000 or 23% of the cost of new construction. Furthermore, the space would be inadequate within 4 or 5 years without the pos- sibility of expansion. The General Services Administration, which has responsi- bility for the Government-wide Records Management Program, now operates 10 Records Centers throughout the country which housed 1,293,000 cu. ft. of records on 30 June 1953. The-GSA's annual report for the fiscal year 1952 shows a savings of $3,923,000 in space and filing equipment for that year. Similar results have been experienced in industry. 5. CONCLUSION.-The cost of new construction is justified. It is less than the amount spent in 1952 for 4-drawer com- bination lock cabinets, and this amount can actually be saved through reduction in the procurement of this one item in the first year after a schedule for the systematic retirement of the Agency's records can be effected. Further- more, if the 1952 rate of expansion continues through 1955 and no records are transferred to the Records Center, an additional $1,406,000 will have been expended for 4-drawer safe cabinet, as compared to the $405,000 cost of construction. Therefore, the CIA is justified in spending the money necessary to construct a Records Center. Also construction should be at the MMMMMMMMIlm because the security at this location is the best available in the 25X1A6d Agency and because the Agency owns the property. 6. RECOMMENDATIONS.--That the Project Review Committee recom- mend to the Director, the allocation of $405,000 to 'npnr th construction of a Records Center at APPENDICES: Appendix A Appendix B Appendix C Appendix D Appendix E Sanitized - Approved Appendix F Chief, General Services Office 25X1A6d 25X1A9a - Description of Records Center Requirements - Total Agency Active and Inactive Record Holdings - Annual Active and Inactive Records Accretions - Cost Estimate for CIA Records Center - Comparitive Cumulative Cost of Office and Records F6P11401battrfiel/gRtrbt44t Ifil0 1 0 0 Siatie(5' - Records Center Capaci y Requirements " Sanitized - Approved For Rele Chairman, Projects Review Committee 70-00211R000100210058-3 Approved for submission to Project Review Committee: Acting Deputy Director (Administration) Ccr Sanitized - Approved For Release : CIA-RDP70-00211R000100210058-3 Sanitized - Approved For Releafmkki#P70-00211R000100210058-3 C061 "Sittrimeimi 25X1A9a ors OW of Logistics Chief, General Services Office Proposed Building for CIA Records Center 10 July 1953 14 in accordance with yotui request which has been approved by the Acting Doputor Director (Adminixtration) it is requested theta a. An appropriate site be selected at Station "A* of buil . the for the following proposed b. A one.story building, without basement, of reinforced concrete slab or concrete block construction. The building 'fill initially comprise approximately 25,000 square feet of floor area (125* x 2001 inside dimmaxionS), expandible on both ends to epproximately 70,000 square feet for the entire Structures 25X1 A6d The building is to be completely fireproof with one in entrance and emergency escape doors as required by accepted fire eafety standards. All doors are to be adequatAy pro- tected against forced entry. no plan eill include one, 15* x 20* and two, 20* x 30* Wiese; too toilet rooms accomodating approximately 15 male end 15 tenale employees respectively; three dark root areas for which equipment is now available; a small guard roam and a room for custodial auppliem equIpped with a service sink. Tbe walls of the aforementioned room shell be of masonry construction4 all other partitioning will be of exparwled metal or wire mesh. Owing to the security factors involved, the exterior walls should not be fenestrated. However, it is suggested that glass bleak be used in the office areae only to provide natural light. Asphalt tile flooring will be provided in the offices, toilets and main aisles only. All other areas to have exposed cancrete floors treated to resist dusting. No intorior painting 'ill be required except in the offices mmi the toilets. /n addition to hot and cold water and drainage for the toilets and custodial closet it is required that hot and gold water and acid4proof drninage be installed for reproduction sqvipmerits including offset, microfilms photostat, mimeograph and other processes. Cold water and drainage be provided for electric eater coolers. Sanitized - Approved For keigg:1(1i-U-Lbl44-00211R000100210058-3 moommomomimmmi Sanitized - Approved For Release ? CIA-RDP70-00211R000100210058-3 TelltERIRITIAL Chiet of Logistics .2. 10 July 1953 An air conditioning system with humidity control is to be installed in the building. Fluorescent lighting will be used throughout. Provide a trufficient nuMber of convenience and motor outlets and make arrangements for installation of telephone' jacks at appropriate locations in the records storage areas. The plans will also include an alarm system for alerting the security officer 411111 in 25X1A6d the sweat of an attempted forced entry. (The building is to be USed as a CIA Records Center and shelving or reproduction equipment should not be included in these specifications.) c. It is requested that pre, ininsry drawings (including sits plan, floor plan and exterior elevations) and a cost estimate based on the above outline specifications be prepared and submitted to the Chief, General Services Office as soon U practicable. 25X1A9a 080/14134tam (7 July 1953) lewritten by GSOPDKIrk (10 July 1953) Distribution* 2 . Addresses 2 ? G. Ser. 2 ? Space, Maint. te="1 - * L Sanitized - Approved For Rele . 0-1 0211R000100210058-3 Sanitized - Approved For R APPENDIX B 70-00211R000100210058-3 TOTAL AGENCY ACTIVE AND INACTIVE RECORD HOLDINGS A. It is estimated that the Agency now has in it possession 92,000 Cu. ft. of records. The following factors are the basis for this estimate: 1. Total number of pieces of filing equipment in the Agency - 16,733. 2. The average capacity of the various types of filing equipment - 5.5 cu. ft. 3. Factors offsetting one another, such as: (a Space in filing equipment utilized for overnight storage. (b) Records maintained in places other than filing equipment, such as on shelves in vaulted areas. Be It is estimated that of the 92,000 cu. ft. of records in the Agency, 30%, or 27,600 cu. ft., could be released after the initial inventory. This percentage appears to be conser- vative on the basis of:Nzpvi, P.CkAISAL 44LOLIT le Records inventories of the 080 and ab/C. The inventories showed that 68% of the records of 080 and 32% of those of 00/C could be released to a Records Center. 2. An estimate, in the Hoover Commission Report, that aver 50% of all Government records accumulations could be released. 3. The release of as much as 74% in industry as ex- perienced by the National Records Management Council. Sanitized - Approved For Rele YsioRDP170-00211R000100210058-3 Sanitized - Approved For ReleAse -RDP70-00211R000100210058-3 Sec. ,iiormatiOl APPENDIX C ANNUAL ACTIVS AND INACTivt RECORDS ACCRETIONS AA It is estimated that records created and accumulated by the Agency would amount to an annual accretion of 20,000 Cu. ft. This appears to be a reasonable figure in view of the following: 1. Personnel in the National Archives and Records Service stated that an estimated 1 cu. ft. of records are accumulated for each person employed by an Agency. The experience of the National Records Management Council in industry, indicates that this figure is approximately 2 cu. ft. 2. Purchases of filing equipment in 1950 with a capacity of 12,200 cu. ft.; 1951, 18,300 cu. ft.; 1952, 23,300 cu. ft. B. It is estimated that a volume of records equivalent to 40% of the 20,000 cu. ft. annual records accretions, or 8,000 cu. ft.*, can be transferred to the Records Center each year after the effective date of,thmAge 177Tis cgarol schedules, el? There is no available experience on which to base this estimate. However, it is reasonablemto assume that a large percentage of records 3, 4, 5 or 'YJS ytars old will not be needed for frequent reference. At present, it is difficult to retire Agency records to a Records Center because current records are commonly interfiled with non-current records. Once procedures for the systematic cut-off and retirement of files are estab- lished, the current records will automatically be segregated from those that are non-current, which will overcome this difficulty. .urt y Iniormatiog 00000000000 * The estimate of a volume of records equivalent to 40% of the F$54Ard FIWIlefekt dIretArROP7018021AR0001 6103210058 -3 SarelMas ten years old, and not to current records. Sanitized - Approved For Release : CIA-RDP70-00211R000100210058-3 ..?pmmorOmmimm tir APPENDIX D COST ESTIMATE FOR CIA RECORDS CENTER Sanitized - Approved For Relme?liGidiaDP70-00211R000100210058-3