Report for Week Ending 27 June 1956

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November 11, 2016
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September 1, 1998
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June 27, 1956
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Sanitized - Approved CIA-RDP70-00x1 Report for Week Ending 27 June 1956 from RECORDS DISPOSITION PROGRAM 25X1A9a Project 5-77 (DD/I) and Project 6-15 (OCI) 25X1A9a Legal authority has been obtained from National Archives and Congress for the destruction of 4+4 separate series of records on a continuing basis. The Records Officer of each area and the Records Center have been notified. of this authority. Both offices are actively engaged in the application of the schedules now that the Records Center is approved for the storage of their sensitive material. Project completion reports are being prepared. Projects are complete. Project 6-11 - Office of Personnel - 25X1A9a A three year retention period in the current filing area for separated personnel folders has been agreed to by Mr. of the Records 25X1A9a and Services Division. Originally the Division had requested a 75 year retention prior to retirement which was later reduced to a 3 to 5 year retention depending upon reference activity to the folder. Recommended retention on the proposed records control schedule is 1 year. Comments have not been received on the proposed schedules of the Staff elements or the Office of the Director.. A review of the proposed schedule for the Office reveals none of the items will require Archives or Congressional authority to implement disposition instructions. Project is 68% complete. Project 6-26 - Medical - The process of integrating psychiatric files is one-half finished. Psychiatric Division expects to have some additional summer help to complete this job during my absence. Project is 79% complete. Project 6-39 - DCI Executive Registry - 25X1A9a Schedules for the Inspector General and the Executive Registry have been approved by this office and forwarded to the Office of the DCI for implementation. Project is complete. Project 6-4+0 - Office of Central Reference - 25X1A9a Inventory is completed in Liaison Division and preliminary schedules are being prepared. To date over 7000 cu.ft. of records have been inventoried. Project is 24% complete. Project 6-41 - Office of Scientific Intelligence No change from previous report. Project is 15% complete. Sanitized - Approved for l e-leas 25X1A9a CIA-RDP70-00211 R000200110026-8 Sanitized - Approved Fo CIA-RDP70-09 1 R0002601100'268 hf General Information The Real Estate and Construction Division estimates that the 30,000 sq. ft. expansion of the Records Center will cost $360,000. The sum of $18,000 has been approved for Architect and Engineering drawings. These are 25X1A5a1 being prepared by who drew plans for the present buil ing. 25X1A9a P- j ra Tip a Sanitized - Ave rove or. as CIA-RD P70-00211 1K0n0000' 5100