Weekly Report for the Week Ending 24 September 1958 for RECORDS DISPOSITION BRANCH

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November 11, 2016
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July 8, 1998
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September 24, 1958
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Sanitized - Ap CIA-RDP70-00211 R000200170050-5 Weekly Report for Week Ending 24 September 1958 for RECORDS DISPOSITION BRANCH 1. Contributions Retired 2 Cu. ft. of Records for the Chief, Management Staff 25X1 A9a 2. Assignments a. Shelf Filing Office of Central Reference/IR Mock-Up 25X1A9a The open shelving has been rec.ved and erected in all three of the secured areas and work of transferring files from safes to the shelves is in progress. The additional equipment (Saf-T- Stak) is expected next Tuesday. Office of Communications. Personnel Office Shelf Filing 25X1 A9a No change from previous report. b. Filing Systems Office of Logistics/Passenger Movement Branch/Equipment Modification and Improvement 25X1A9a 25X1A9a Mr. _ has suggested the use of Sorting Files Sections which can be placed on the shelves of the existing supply cabinet to provide the desired indexing and storage of blank forms. This suggestion will be made to Capt. of the Passenger Movement Branch today. 25X1A9a FOIAb3b1 25X1A9a No change from previous report. The two rotary files installed are now in operation. The Supervisor of the Section reports that she no longer has to assign the task of refiling the index cards on a daily basis, in fact the girls now ask for cards to file. Subject-Numeric File Installation in OP 25X1 A9a Began 13th installation in OP/POD, Employee Relations Banch 23 September. In preparation, ERB retired 12 cu. ft. or records, primarily concerning 1957 UGF Drive, and turned in 5 safes.t.X' Effective this week, OP made the following organizational, changes : 25X1A9a (1) lb?. became Special Assistant to D/Pers for Procedures and Regulations. (2) Projects and Procedures Staff moved from ExO/P to DD/Pers/PandD. (3) Selection Staff moved from DD/Pers/PandD to POD. Sanitized - App CIA-RDP70-00211 R000200170-050-5 25X1A9a v 25X1 A9a Office of Logistics/Stock Management 25X1 A9a No change from previous report. No action has been taken on this project, however it will begin in a few days. The problem, how to index ordnance stock items, has been under study by the Stock Management and Requirements Section for three years and is complicated by the fact that all items are not cataloged. Office of Communications/Engineering Division 25X1A9a No change from previous report. Miss informed me that the office is now going to order the rotary file which we recommended over a year ago. Office of Personnel/Contract Personnel Division/Card Index Suitable filing equipment for this index presents some. fiat of a problem in that most of the equipment available does not offer the minimum security protection required. Methods of securing this equipment (other than those already suggested to the Office of Security) are being considered. ONE A review and reorganization of several files resulted in establish- ing three series of files under uniform file systems. Eight feet of records were filed and five feet were set aside for destruction under special handling procedures. Records Systems - Security Staff, New Building and Office layout-is being drafted for the on-site quarters of the Security Staff. Operating procedures are being. developed for each work step involved in processing workniLn for admission to site. Still awaiting arrival of equipment and forms that the clerical pool will use in preparing kits. 25X1 A9a 25X1 A9a 25X1 A9a 25X1 A6a Office of Communications = 25X1 A9a 25X1A6a Visited the Logistical Office, and was informed 25X1A9a that the method of filing the stock con^ro cars, and procedures pertaining to the receipt and issuance of items is unsatisfactory. 25X1A9a MZr. requested that we consider the method of filing these cards approximately 10,000) first and that we may be asked to look into the procedures later. Also discussed the problem briefly with the Executive Officer, Mr. and recommended 25X1A9a to him that the dual stock card system be discontinued. The dual card system is causedby the fact that a second card is maintained on which ordering data- (to replenish the supply) is recorded. This data also appears on the stock requisition, a copy of which is retained. -2- Sanitized - Approved For Release CIA-RDP70-0021 - -~ Sanitized - A CIA-RDP70-00211'R000200170050-5 Sanitized - Approved For Release : CIA-RDP70-00211 R0002'002 In connection with this project, it was also learned that expend- able items are controlled at this installation which requires that the requester of a bottle of ink,for instance, prepare an issue slip in 5 or 6 copies and submit it through proper channnels on specified days of the month. Ten samples taken from the Records Cert er order file averaged 9- days from date of order to date of receipt of the item. A copy of each of these transactions or issue slips is forwarded to the Vital Materials Repository where adjustments are made on the Master Stock Index IBM cards which are used to prepare a listing of the status of stock items at 6 month intervals for headquarters. Mr._ in the Repository, estimated that he spends approximately 40 hours Per month adjusting the 25X1A9a information on the Master Cards in preparation for the 6 month listing. c. Records Schedules Revision of Records Control Schedules - 0 CR 25X1A9a Records Officer has sent out instruction to Assistant Records Officers of the Divisions regarding their part in the revision of Schedules. Meeting is scheduled for next Monday with the Assistant Records Officers where we are invited to brief them on the revision of their schedules. 3. Vital Materials 25X1 A9a a. A meeting was held with Mr. OCR, to discuss the Vital Materials Program in OCR. We learne 25X1A9a during this meeting that Mr. 'll assume the responsibility as OCR Vital Materials Officer and Mrs. - will act as his 25X1A9a deputy. We offered the following recommendations which we felt would be very helpful to their program: (1) The issuance of written instructions outlining the procedure to be followed by all Records Officers in conducting a Vital Materials Program in their respective divisions. This procedure should emphasize the importance of coordinating with the OCR/VM Officer on all changes involving the selection, method of deposit, frequency of deposit, file arrangement and indexing of Vital Materials. (2) A review be made of all finished intelligence presently being microfilmed to determine the possibility of depositing hard copy for as: many series as possible. -3- Sanitized - Approv CIA-RDP70-00211 R2 i . , Sanitized - Approv CIA-RDP70-00T"t0`00200170050-5 25X1 A9a 25X1 A9a (3) Consideration be given to the penciling of a source code in the intellofax card for all non-government finished intelligence that is microfilmed. Also, consideration be given to the depositing of a duplicate of the intellofax card used at headquarters in lieu of the intellofax "work card" that is presently being deposited. Since nruch of the non-government finished intelligence is presently being microfilmed, it is impossible to include these documents in the availability register. The inclusion of this source punch and deposit of the complete intellofax card, would permit a listing of finished intelligence contained on microfilming and also assist in the search for specifics at the time of emergency. This card will also permit a handsearch. b. M.gr. met with Mr. at the Repository, to discuss machine techniques' to be employe to sort" out all tab cards that serve as an index to all raw intelligence, on microfilm, deposited prior to 1957. 25X1A9a c. met with Mrs.,- ONE, to discuss the revision of the Vital 25X1 A9a 4. 25X1 A9a Materials deposit schedule for that office. The revised schedule will include retention periods for contributions to NIE's and also for drafts of NIE's that have not been published within two years from date of draft. d. Mrs. OCR Library, accompanied last weeks trip to the Repository to review the OCR reference book collection and establish procedure for maintenance of a current index to the collection. All necessary tab machine punching will be done by OCR/Machine Division. News a. Messrs attended the luncheon meeting of the Washington Chapter of t e American Society for Public Administration. Dr. Alan T. Waterman, Director, National Science Foundation was guest speaker. b. A letter is being prepared requesting the permanent withdrawal of 153 memobelts from the National Archives. The belts have been on indefinite loan to us for several years and has requested FOIAb3bl 25X1A9a that we arrange for their permanent transfer. 25X1A6a c. 25X1 A9a 25X1 A9a Mr. visited the Mr. Mr. o nagemen Mr s . of the Office of Communications. - with Mr. 25X1 A9a Miss an 25X1A9a 25X1 A9a Sanitized - Approved For Release : CIA-RDP70-