Weekly Report for Week Ending 22 October 1958

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November 11, 2016
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July 8, 1998
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October 22, 1958
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Sanitized CIA-RDP Weekly Report for Week Ending 22 October 1958 from RE CORDS DISPOSITION BRANCH 1. Contributions Office of Central Reference/IR Shelf Filing 25X1A9a Plans are being developed to permit another installation of open shelving and Saf-T-Stak for Industrial Register. The Office of Security has already given their approval of use of the secured area. The Office of Logistics was requested to and will purchase the new equipment in exchange for 58 1k-drawer legal safes and 55 5-drawer 5 x 8 card safes. 2. Assi22ments a. Shelf Filing Records Management Survey/Office of Personnel 25X1A9a The partial shipment of shelving received was not installed in accordance with the floor plan developed folk OP and will have to be dismantled and reassembled. A Posting Table received from Diebold Inc., is not satisfactory for use with this installation in that it does not appear to be sturdy enough to transport files in bulk. 25X1A9a General Counsel/Office Layout and Filing Equipment 25X1A9a '"Will meet with Mr. M today to discuss their needs and a course of action. b. Record Systems Installation of Subject-Numeric Files in OP Twelve installed; three in process. 25X1A9a Mobilization Staff (85%). Most of material to be kept converted to new system; continued screening older material and training of secretaries. (b) lAS Pool (90%). Completion requires screening of material by IAS supervisors prior to disposition. (c) Employee Relations Branch (25%). Suspended temporarily due UG1t. Drive and work on above installations. Sanitized - Approved For Release : CIA-RDP70-00211 R000200170069-5 Sanitized - A CIA-RDP70-0021 00170069-5 a Security Staff, New Building Permanent badges, inserts and sealing unit were received this week, and the coded temporary badges are expected within the next few days. Alterations within the Security Staff building are complete and the interior is now being painted. 25X1A9a 25X1 A9a. Met with Mr. OL/BPS and Mr. = Photographer, to discuss and select photographic equipment most suited to operation. FOIAb3bl Office of Personnel/Contact Personnel Division/Card Index No change from previous report. c. Records Schedules Medical Staff 25X1A9a Audit of the Records Disposition Program is continuing. The Office of the Chief.Medica]_ Staff was surveyed. Revision of Records Control Schedule -OCR 25X1A9a Schedules have been revised in draft form for Office of the 0 and attached staffs and for Grap 4i cs Register. Assistant P2O and Division Records Officer for Liaison Division are incorporating many proposed changes required by ID's reorganization in draft revision. 3. Vital Materials 25X1 A9a J DD/P Operations Services Staff Have been requested by Mr. 25X1A9a 25X1A8a of the DD /P to assist and advise them on a card filin em ormer y re erred to them by this Staff. vy vVIIUILU.11tC;CbljlL)Jjb/. No change from previous repo x. nCV 1 A r,,, PMMrs. , ARO for Office of Personnel forwarded to us for review a copy of Department of the Army Civilian Personnel Regulation (aoo), titled Mobilization Planning and Execution and, also, a copy of U. S. Civil Service Commission Mobilization Circular-#4. -2- Sanitized - A 25X1 A9a CIA-RDP70-00211 R000200170069-- Sanitized - Appr CIA-RDP70-002 These releases, among other things, identified personnel records necessary to continue operation in the.event of an emergency and, also, those needed for reconstruction purposes. A review of these personnel records indicated that the Vital Materials Program of our Personnel Office compares very favorably with similar programs of these agencies. 25X1A M4r. was briefed in the OCR Vital Materials Collection at the Repository. He recognized the existence of riany deficiencies and will discuss these with the-responsible officials in OCR. 25X1 A9a trip to the Repository. also accompanied last weeks Col. all members of DD P, were briefed on the Repository by flr? 25X1A9a 25X1A9a M visited the Social Security Board in Mr. Baltimore. Of particular interest to them was the conversion of the National Employee Index (Flexoline File) to microfilm, with periodic updating via Electronic Data Processing equipment. They toured the microfilming and EDP setups viewing a new high speed microfilm reader and the IBM 705. 4. News The Typing Pool is prepared again this year to assist us in the typing of the 1959 subject files. As soon as the from the 350 are received the work will corm ence. The xecoras t;ente will store the completed sets until needed. Hr. or the Stock Management and r4equircmen t s r. e c V .vii, OL, informed that a current purchase order for hu M Safe type filing equipment will be reduced by 80 units. This action is in response to our verbal request and as a result of the filb g cabinets returned to stock from the OCR/IR mock-up project. 2:X 1 A9a Suggested to Mr. MM~f the o/ri that the Support Bulletin be used as one means of advert sing the OCR/IR mock-up to Agency personnel. 25X1A9a 25X1A9ahIr?M s attending the Agency Conference Techniques course. Three members of the Branch attended the IRAC meeting at National Archives on Friday to hear the discussion on Paperwork Managemant. M.r. has transferred from this Staff to the O&M Staff. 25X1 A9a 25X1A1a 25X1 A9a Sanitized ApprgireA-Lor .R2I se : CIA-RDP70-002.11 'Z00-1'709-5