Report for the Week Ending 29 January 1958 from RECORDS DISPOSITION BRANCH

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November 11, 2016
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September 9, 1998
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January 29, 1958
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Sanitized - A approval granted. Authority to sp?se ? .1 Archives in August, has been rey inethisdStaff. 25X1 Aga This action completes the 1. Assignments - Active 25X1A9a as Project 6-40 OCR No change f. b. Project 6-90 Commercial Staf one tem su muted to the National 25X1 A8a _ -0'n 4c-t-+. ,-18 00, __ _- r +n the 25X1A8a c~i~d is being prepur~ 25X1A8a for signature* Several series of files are being readied for retirement in accordance with disposition in- structions under the revised schedule. 25X1A9a d. Project 8-20 ORR Economic Area No change. Division i on 8_19 0P Position Evaluat in su ec numeric le office of e. Project 25X1 A8a CIA-RDP7 Report for Week Ending 29 January 1958 from RECORDS DISPOSITION BRANCH trained one employee; 195 fo_ under new s cu. ft. obsolete and duplicate material ;~stem; destroyed; L+ cu. ft. of pre-1957 records transferred to inactive storage area outside immediate office of C/PED. comp e e ns a s ion o the Chief, Position Evaluation Divis 8 ion, material filed lders in use: . .u~1C o - ,.~,,.w.- ..-- - - - rova Branch has been revised and submitted for app 25X1A9a Office of Personnel 25X1A9a g. Project 6-95 in me o s within the in recor nor c angel 25X1A9a tor has been n reported Ll th f The Direc like would e icated 25X1A9a ARO/OP. Mr ntrol d in e revised Records of ese ges incorporate Schedule before we request the Directors app oval and the schedule. We are now awaiting c ation f om Mr ib~- 25X1A9a the extent of these changes r . 25X1A9a h, project 8-~+8 Medical Staff the 25X1A9a A recommen a on to use open i e shelving and order specifications necessary to prepare a purchase for the shelving was forwarded to the Chief, Medical Staff, on 28 January. The recommendation asibmiOtedce was previously agreed to by the A n and the Re istrar. Approximately WW600 worth of filing equipment (~+0 5-drawer cabinets) will be released if CIA-RDP70-00211 R000200180129-7 CIA-RDP70- Sanitized - the plan is accepted. Shelving which will provide a 30% savings in floor space will give a 25% increase in usable filing space at a cost of $1500. Project is complete< i. Comptroller, Machine Records Division No change in this project. j. Map Library Division/OR R. 25X1A9a No change in this project. 25X1A8a k. 25X1 A9a 5X1 A9a 25X1 A9a 1. Project 8-56 ORR-Geographic Area MEMO 25X1A9a = Yet with Chief, Geographic Area, and discusse e in- stallation of subject-numeric files in the divisions and. branches of the Areas. Began installation of the file system in the Chief/G files. Approximately 12 cu. ft. of records are being retired and 2 cu. ft. will be destroyed. me Project 8-57 DDS 25X1A9a review and au it o WD/S Records Management Program A was begun. The files maintained by the Regulations Con- 25X1A9a trol Staff have been surveyed. Miss asked that I delay her portion of the survey until a member of her staff returns from sick leave. n. Review of Subject Files Installations in OP. on nue o ow-up on previous installations (5) of sub- ject-numeric files in OP to assist in establishment of new files for 1958 and cut-off of 1957 files. New 1958 folders installed in offices of Chief, Personnel Procurement Div- ision and of Chief, Positio on Division; being 25X1A8a prepared by IAS Pool/OP for and DD/Pers/PD. 2. News Office of General Counsel, ONE and Medical Staff are being assisted in records retirement. Met with DD/P, ARO representative to discuss future storage 25X1A9a requirements in the Records Center. Volume of material to be retired is likely to exceed estimates of a year ago. Two meetings were held with Mr. regarding reduction of items appearing on the VM availability register. 25X1 A9a Sanitized - CIA-RDP70-00211 R000200180129-7