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July 1, 2005
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Approved Fo laRATiVE:ebilikTalk IISE ON 1_0 14002_7 8 u2 or DDP Records Meneeement Pr-Jere . GENERAL PRWRAM STATUS 1, The Agency Records Administratien 'Sre-grem is basically e meneeement imerovement technique- to aesit eperetine offices in ebtaieine mezieum efficiency in office eeeretions. The teehniques used by betn Geveenmeet azd Industry to reduce eeeermerk costs iecIvele Forms Veneeement; Ceereteenaenee Management; Reverts Menegement; Vitel Records; Filing Systeme ene Equiementi Records Diseesition; inventeries lane Reeerds Control Seheduleee tad the Oeeretion of 411 Archives Ind Reeoede Center. 2. The attached Chext, Exhibit 1, stems eutuletive sevinds et $15,7eL?765 ti a result ce QUI' Agency Recotels Menegeeent !:*.roerem. The sue .es of our eroerem has been recogeized by oeficiels in the NetionaI Archives end Record Service or GSA who have eovernment-wite reseensibilite for recerOs msneeereet activities under the Federal Records Act, Public leew 7J4. Deseite the sienifieent success or the Agense Recerde Management Program, there is need tedAy to imercve eur oecretione in order to meet in- creesed responsibilities arel eroeram requirements witheut signifleally exe eandires eersonnel or seert needs. President Johnson has included feeereere Menagement in his "War en Waite" ereerem and he estehlished e contieuine Moratorium en the eurs.hase ef new aline eqUiement. To hole us meintein mere effective and eeonomical oeeratiens we ahoull meke greeter use ef eeeerde management techniques. Semc elenifient fects ebout the DDP Reeer3s Meneee- melt Progrem end sugeeetions for your eenriderstiee are included in this report. II. SIGNIFICOT FACTS 1. At the end or ry 1965 the DDP area reeorted a 6 increase in records holdiegs in Headquarters effiees over FY 196C, The '50088 cubic feet constituted 17% 3f the totel Ageney holdings for that eeriod. (See Exhibit 2) During the fteme reriod. the DDP offices destreyed letese) cubic eeet of records (Exhibit 1) nd transferred zl cubic feet to the Agency Area-see and Records Centee. 2. DDP Records in Archieva end Records Center On 30 June 1966 there were 19,8CS9 cubic feet ef ler reeerde in the Arehives end Rewords Center. We than helf of these resords eepeer to duplicate the Walnut Preerem .nta consist of Herd Coey, raw Tee*, Puneh Cards, Reel Tilm, end Aeerture Cerde. I believe e joint analysis end. evalu- ation should be mede eV these records by the Recerds Administretien St and DDP with e view to elimineting eny duelicate files. If this eeparent Approved For Release 2005/07/11 krA-RDP70-00211 R000500060002-7 ADMINISTEATII - INTERNAL USE ONLY Approve4PNISENg77131C-O0-M1 g1YXi00600027 duelication een be elimin'ted entirely* bout cubie feet ee rile senee in the Reeerde Center eould be available for further use. Volume et' Records Per Eteleyee The avere be t ubic feet or records ,er DAP emeloyet ie 11.1 as eontraated with 18 cubic feet Aeency-wide and 2.6 cubic feet Got- wide, 4. Cost to Create Reeerds The estimated cost of creatine DAP records is $U iU3. In addition* it eosts about $2 million eech yeer to keee md service the DAP records in office el:Ace eed the Reerds Centtr. 5. Stetue of Records Control Schedules: The Recerds Coetrol SceedUle is- the erieeleel medium rOT ME1491.-L- 1,41yer. It describes the tontent of each tile* the erreegemett et m:orag- io the file* the volume et eeeer, and the erovisione for reteinite or diseesite of the records. The majority of DAP reorda are teehnieelly ieeluded in reeerle centrol schedules but meat DAP echedulee are too eeeedric. Proeer ieentiii- cstioe and eveluetien or reeorde is not satisfied by this tyee echedule nor by en ADP eystem beeeJ erimerily on the caeceet of "CS record ealue. Rseerds shoult . also be eveluated in reletion to thele useitanesa 14 eeeu- meriting eroerem munegement end: achievements* and in reletien te leeel ard historical values. Althouet the eenerel tyee schedules are teine used effee- tively in some ?Meek* meee comerehensive reeords control echedules itelened to fit the needs or areelfic orgenizetions would ereduee erceter resultm in ideying reeerds or eermenent velue ea well es exeeditiee the retire:met and disposal of ?there. Records Ceetrol Sehedules should be ute. cr1 ioU, to refleet orearieetioeal chews* reolienrent or runetiense ehaeees in file content Or records abstracter* end to refine reteetion eeriode. This la neceesere pertleulorly tor acme schedules in the ADP :re e whiee were develoeed in 1959, 1960* .ura 1961* end heve net been revised. These should be reviewed for eossible reduction in retentiee eerieds* to eliminate ebselete tile aeries, and to include eurreet recorde. 6. Use of Seace Seviee keeitity Piling Reuiement There are sever 2 kinde teccialty aline equiement ehice :Lvi be limed by offices to stye office eeace end te increase file referenee eV!Aeicee;i. UseteIXy0 we on exeeet e savine of .bout lee% in office ereece when eafee eae file cabinets are converted to shelf tyee files. Tbeee, ef ecursc* revive either t vault or seoure area. Use of shelf Mine theouenout the Aecney - 2 - Approved For Release 2005/07/13 : CIA-RDP70-00211R000500060002-7 ADMINISTRATI1 ?!1TE7NAL USE ONLY AllginS1ROW1N5NALIMEOPIa Approved or ease C - 70-00211R000500060002-7 has Avoided eurehases ef exeemeive eafee eed filin binets. Seecielty filing equiemont is being used ir eeme DDP efficee to seed edventeee. TCD, for instance, saved cons14ereb1e seace when they installed roll-out ahelvice to replace verious kinds and sizes cf. Shelving, cerd cabiretse sefee, ena four ead five-drewer eabinete. The Centrel Ceeer Steff eleo imereved itr :office spec* IV reelecine 28 safta end cshinets with roli-out shelviae. RID, which bat; been using shelf file equiement to good edventmee fer zeme time, le 11011 considering the use. of *Full-sem:41' specialty riling erealezent to eelve e Serious file-spece eroblem. This eartieulex equiement mey hele. to solve other epaee eroblems in DDP. 7. Adeinistretive Reeorts and Correseondenee Create Reeoria These two aetivitiee create leree volumes of reeords. There are techniques, however, for the cantrol of ever volume:. end the simplifieetiee of operating erocedures eertinent to both reports and correseondenee. ? The eost of ereeurine eerreseerelenee, for iestenee, een be reaueee. sebsteetielly by the use or Perm Letters. The eeerage cozt of en individually erepered letter is abeut three dollars as- cepeered to thirty eents to a Foxe; Letter. Another correepondence teehnique which is geirleg ixi. agency eoeuleeite is the %WO of the Seeed. Letter for irformel correandence. This ereeedure provides Per the use of three eeees Qr ereasseebled NCR eeeee; the criginetiee office ruts its) messaee et the to eartion and the receiving offiee puts its response Oh the bettem of the eeee. With the request and reely or. the zeme piece of eeper, filing tie& end filine seace %re eaved. A. umber of tgetcy offices- ere using the Seed Letter teeheigee toeepod advantaee end I belicee that extentive use by DDP weele be beneficial. In n 1365 eperexizately 12 millien eieces a eper were ereeted in the Agezey from edmieistrative reeorts. I em anxious to eee a uere actiee edelnistretlee reeerts meeeeement ereeree in the Agency end I believe. that DDP ftn essist the Reeorde Adminietretion &tett' to erte seen e eraerem. 84 Forms Kenagement There are 465 official fox rithete by the DDP office: reere- sentiee 18% of those under eontrel in the eeeecy. A continuiee ercerem to control erestion of ;ewer at the souree eayz divideedo by eontrolline the .tuber of coeies, eliminating unoffitiel forms and erovidiae ereeerly desigeed. an..3. efficient-to-use forms for eeerztine ()Mee*. Industry and Goverment eatimete thst the cost ef erecessine fora-x- is 20 times the erintine costs. On this heels, teeney oeeretine erveedures from Forms cost it n year; conseqeently? this. Is area of peperwore where .otenti1 sevines ere great. Censiderable erverese hes been mede by see* DDP ereenizatlene; Centre]. Cover Staff for iesteace, hes. dene e fine job of eliminatine "boo - - Approved For Release 2005/07/13 : CIA-RDP70-00211R000500060002-7 AnMINISTRATIVE iNTERIAL USE ONLY Approved APIIMIEllagi3-: ALIIALNI600027 forma, I believe e more eutenslee effert in the "bootle6" fore 4.1-1En would produce excellent results end eliminete a lot ef uneeeeseury ever. eienificent forms imerevement erojeet le the new eyetem aeveleped Jointly by r entt1res of torl I Printine Screieee STAT Di4*tI f the Records Administree tion St f bAS brew= bout eevenes or ee,,ele er printine the Iafermation Worts (Foekee la, lee', lb eee lc) in the lest three yttrs. 9. Staveard. Filiag Systewe In 1962 the Reeer4s Administratioa Staff erepared e euide to Assiut La establishive uniform filing and dieecsition eteneerde for records *f the CS Supeort Stefft. A uniform filiee eystem Should now be ettebliehed fee ell CS operationel reaordee This eyetem ehoull be teetered to e'event Interfiline of records or permaeent end temporary value ze thet oreerly eiseeeitier eccul be made without extensive end costly scrieuing. Such e gyatee ceule: be develeeed coneurrently in uydating reeerde control s4.41edules. STAT STAT 10. Profeesioeal RecordA Management Perseneel Solve Paperwork Probleme 00verMAOnt 4nd IndUStry deeend on erofessienel reord& mc.nners to assist in solving akermork erobleme. Profeisiensl eerseereal usuully spot eroblem areas end make imerevementt theeeelves er get advice ead asuis- taus* when necestery. Reeors menteeeent surveys coeducted by the Records Administretien Staff have resulted in eigetifieant eavines end imereeed oe*Ciee preeeduree and effieienee. Some DDP eomeonents heve recreenized the need for erofestionel guidence and have aveiled themselves or the cervie:es ee this Staff. The DDP Records Meeeeement Proerem it a part or the Syeteec areue wmieh is cencerred erimarily with the mechanized control of eaper. The ADP Mentems. Should be recoenized as additionel media for cretin contrelliee records rather then a tote' records manneima eroerem. reeuires divisiove end stnffs to desianete full time Recorde Mantseement Crfieers. The quelificetiees for these Recorls leaneeement officers outlitcd inI Iare limited and they do not conform to those ueuelly required by both 3wernserit end inlustry. The functions a en RMO outlined in for ineteece, do not include the full seeetrur of the elements in e records maaagement eroeree touch is, filine sestems end Mine equiemeet. Ale?, observation of the actuel 01:orations. of the DDP reeords menagement Ixtw..= indicates chef reeeon- sibility is diffUsed by the addition of many collaterel duties end the dele- gation of acme of the funetioes to eersons who do not have time to perferm them. U. Results frees Cletrau, eeeieLe Idest ycr's Cleanue Czniin, which lmeleeented the rresident't More or um on the Purcheze of Filing Reeiemento Wgs sueeessfUl. Aeeney-eide Approved For Release 2005107113: bIA-RDP70-00211R000500060002-7 ADMIVIPUSE ONLY - Liti Approved SE ONLY rag1-3:11N0/0100211R000500060002-7 more that 904W cubic feet )f records were elimiLeted from orrices pieces or riling equivalent were returned to stock. Vice this MorAociva is going to be continue4 ihdefivitelw, it will be neceasarw f'or um to t:ie Whatever means are necessary to woid the iurchase of Mind equirment. Another Cleanw Campaign maw be heliftl, The attached, Exhibit hs chk.7-we some helpful c1ean-44-, Additional cojes of this my be obt4ired trom the Records Administration strIf. 12. Vita). Records The Agemy is recognized as hav gn excellent Vital Records Frogrim. We transfer only 3* 3% of the tato), Agency holdins to the Vital Recrds Repository as contrasted to 5-% for the rest of Government 2% for Infaistry. Our ,,rogram operates h?rinarily throwh the medium of Vital Records De omit Schedules, Scheilules have been Iroi,red. for all DOT offices anil tLe ziajority of the offices maintain t- very active rit1 reccrds irog:rAx. Approved Frrthicepe-1205fq7IL3mpA : -crido tomp00024 flUfhliik12,:taihL " 1 two" 7 ;.? 1:X '7T71 1 Approved For Release 2005/07/13 : CIA-RDP70-00211R000500060002-7 CUMULATIVE TANGIBLE SAVINGS REALIZED FROM THE AGENCY RECORDS ADMINISTRATION PROGRAM FISCAL YEARS 1955-1965 4 MANPOWER UNAVAILABLE FOR A CONTINUING PROGRAM Approved r elease.2005/070,3 ; ,C,IA-RDP7134102#' ? c, ?"1 1: a 10500060002-7 -131. Afirirc'T ONLY EXHIBIT 2 Approved For Release0005/07113 : C14-RDP7Q-002111300050q060002j7 -0-0 -0 0 0 0 . 0 . 00 0 0 .C 0 0 0 0 0 - _ - II8,o58 34,309 33,826 32,367 225 -140404444i4Mitca?aail4-4.-?441,644'4??*--14-' 33,113 35,o88 pproved Ioi e eabe : CIA-RI7P70-uu111 ronmououb0002-7 1!T 1 USE ONLY RECORDS IN HEADQUARTERS OFFICES AT END OF FISCAL YEAR EXHIBIT 3 CN 042,000 0 0 CD 0 0 ?33 000 ' 0 0 0 24,000 C=39 0 M21,000 ? agar) 18,000 Salm..., ? ? ?-.7.:$ 15,000 0 0 0 CN Laj,c1) 12,000 l'"'?"?" ervn"..S1 9,000 6,000 3,000 RECORDS DESTROYED BY HEADQUARTERS OFFICES FISCAL YEARS 1959-1965 (Cubic Feet) DCI DD/P 1.1 DD/S DD/S T 1111# DD/i mi TOTAL crl 0 9 6 1 0 CrN 1 9 6 2 1 9 6 5 CN 0 0 0 CD 0 0 0 0 0 0 CN Z1 0 I " Tau, ,u twommew ? EXHIBIT Approved For Release 2005/07/13 : CIA-RDP70-00211R000500060002-7 FILE CLEANUP TIPS Here are some items that require attention or can be destroyed to release needed and costly file space. Naturally, action on such items will be governed by your office needs and Records Control Schedule. 1. Remove unclassified material from safes. 2. Obsolete government-agency telephone di- rectories. 3. City telephone books and yellow pages prior to current year. 4. Agency and employee circulars and news- letters of transitory value. 5. Circulars, announcements, and advertise- ments of events long past. 6. Lists and tables subsequently superseded. 7. Obsolete and rescinded administrative and regulatory issuances. 8. Obsolete stock catalogues. 9. Unused publications from other agencies. 10. U.S. Government Organization Manuals prior to present issue. 11. GSA stores stock catalogue prior to cur- rent issue. 12. U.S. General Accounting Office salary tables. 13. Congressional Records (except tear sheets) prior to current session. 14. Congressional Records Summaries. 15. Congressional Directories prior to latest issue. 16. Federal Registers (except tear sheets). 17. Unneeded copies of legislative hearings. 18. Information copies of cables, telegrams, dispatches, and memorandums not part of official files. 19. Rough drafts and working notes for reports and staff papers since completed and ap- proved. 20. Chronological or reading files more than 2 years old. 21. Newspapers, magazines, and clippings no longer used or needed. 22. Press notices and releases. 23. Extra or stock copies or documents and publications no longer needed for distribu- tion. 24. Stenographic notebooks from which notes have been transcribed. 25. Used hectographs, stencils, and multilith mats over one year old. 26. Publicity and literature used for past char- ity drives and so forth. 27. Obsolete railroad, plane, and ship time- tables. 28. Old price lists and catalogues. 29. World Almanacs prior to current issue. 30. Obsolete blank forms. OTHER CLEANUP HINTS Also look for these items that can be returned for re-use. 1. Books and other reference material BEAR- ING A LIBRARY NUMBER and which are not being used currently. 2. Unneeded reference materials gathered for projects now completed. 3. Excess office supplies. 4. Broken or excess office furniture and office equipment. 5. Several duplicate sets of Regulations in one office. Approved For Release 2005/07/13 : CIA-RDP70-00211R000500060002-7