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December 19, 2016
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September 27, 2005
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August 10, 1964
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RAQ Copy Records Management Reports 1-4-3 Approved For Release 2005/14/24 CIA=RDP70-00211 R000500100005-9 Reviewed and approved revisions to the following Vital Records Deposit Schedules: Office of Security - Security Records Division. Office of Communications -- Sigint Programs Staff, Middle East, and Asia Divisions. Office of Personnel Statistical Reporting Division, Mobilization and ilitary Personnel Division, Personnel Recruitment Division, Salary and Wage Division, and Office of the Director. 2. Reviewed and approved a m v Vital Records Deposit Schedule for the Africa Division, Office of Communications. Presented Vital Records Workshops in April and June to the Records i .nagement Seminar at tional Archives and Records Services, GSA. nded the Vital Records Deposit Schedule of OCR to effect the transfer the Redic Stations Branch to the Elint Staff, DD/SIB. 25X1 1. Completed 43 new and 38 revised forms. 2. Some of the significant forms projects cossleted were; Converted the Information Reports of 00/Contact to the new system. A savings of $80oo in printing costs was realized. b. Combined two forms used by the Office of Communications, into I fo by eliminating the continuation whic in printing is $582. h rarely w as used. Yearly sav c. Eliminated 2 pages of the Activity R eport prep ared by Administrative Officer, DD/S&Pt by designing a form and printi ng. 2 sides. Savings in t time and printing is about $1 50. d. Designed a Pouch Security Violation notice for RID Analysts to notir desk personnel tsf pouch violations d etected. This form will be attach- ed to the dispatch and, forwarded to the action desk. Approved For Release 2005/11/21 : CIA,:QP70-00211 R000500100005-9 JAR` F FR RT FOR THE RECORDS A RISTRATICN Ste' +d a'r J Approved For Release 2005/11/21: CIA-RDP70-00211 R000500100005-9 e. Dessigned. a Schedule of '?ravel Payments for the Office of Personnel to be used on a limited basis for recruiting certain applicants for which the Agency pays invite travel expenses. Workeed with the Office of Personnel on the revision of the Personnel History Statement. This revised edition will make the fog more - patible with the current and continuing activities in the area of qualifications analysis, particularly those which utilize the cce titer for analysis and identification of the Agency's human resources Designed for the Office of Security a Special Alert Instruction: to be used by Night Security Officers on special projects. :edures in the small field stations. Designed 2 finance forms for co- with DDB'S to discuss simplifying administrative pro- ordination only. Approved 18 proofs, material samples, and/or advance copies on forms printed o *m erically. 16 new and 17 revised forms . of the significant form projects co feted were: Designed for DT a Training Report - .language. Previously this form was a legal size bootleg form, but was redesigned to a letter size. Also was muds to align other Training Reports used. b. Designed a physical examination form to be used for by the $edical Staff. As a result of an employee suggestion a Tube Routing and Cover Sheet designed for the Cable Secretariat. This form will be used as a wrapper for material sent through the Pneumatic Tube System. Although this form was designed primarily for transmittal, of cables it m7 also be used for sending other documents and should encourage the use of the tube systeees. Created 4 code sheets for Central Cover Staff to be used to gather tatus en individuals from the various Divisions and then used as an input to sad3lnes to correct and update machine runs. 3. Red the Shipping Category on 3 forms changed from Categ II - Con- fidential Pouch to Ditegory I th3assified Air or See Cargo. ft le involves +5,000 sheets of paper which are shipped overseas each year. savings is $300 per year. Approved For Release 2005/1 0211 R000500100005-9 25X1 25X1 Approved For Release 2005/11121 : CIA=RDP70-00211 R000500100005-9 III. RECORDS DLWOSMON ewed and approved revisions to the following Ree dulea: Office of Training - Field schedule for fiscal and finance b. Office of Security - interrogation Division. Revision provides for disposition of case files after 35 years. Previoly no disposition had been authorized. c. Office of Research and Reports entire office being, reviewed. 2. Prepared a memo to all Records Management Officers for their annual records report. Reviewed and approved revisions to the following Records Control Schedules: a. Office of Personnel - 2 Divisions b. Office of Special Actiitiees - Material Division c. Office of the Director - Executive Registry d. Office of Central Reference - Diogtaphie Register. Revision provides for a 5 year review provision for dossier files. Previously this bad been an indefinite it. e. Office of Finance - Monetary Division. f. Foreign intelligence - drafted a schedule revision permitting the destruction of abstract file cards now being held in the Center. 2. Not with the Deputy Archivist at National Archives to discuss the dis- posal of Central Cover Staff case files. 1. Reviewed and approved revisions to the following Records Control Schedules: a. Office of C mic ations - Sig .nt Program Staff, Middle East, and Asia Division. Office of Personnel - Personnel Recruitment Divisionn, and Statistical v elease 2005/11/21 : CIA-RDP70-00211 R000500100005-9 Approved For Release 2005/11'/24 IbFA Ab17.'b0211 R000500100005-9 discontinued for 4 months at their request, V. TOM M&NAGERM W0WXMP A 2 how' Forms Workshop specif ica y tailored for the lee iven to Viers of the US. The workshop consists of many of the items Recce Officer needs to know in order to do a good forms job in his ampone!nt. Work-4hops have been scheduled for each of the major components beginning VI. PAP J( XUROM W1 SURMj 00/C 1. Final report submitted to Executive Officer, 00/C, 2. Nineteen recommendations concerning reorganization, cleanup campaign, use of shelf filing, real nt of space, personnel utilization and revised procedures. Tangible savings of approximately $4500 will result with the adoption of acme rec?aamendations and a reduction in overtime and backlog. We have been notified that Contact Division has established a Task Force to consider these proposals. VII. S!ST AND Fnm EQUZPwNT AND 1. Prepared a requisition for the I torical Staff to procure 5 - 5 tier Conserv-A-File steel shelving welded units and 3 - 3 tier units. 2. Collection Guidance Staff has converted (4 feet of records from safes to shelving in their new secure area. They are returning to stock 8 safes worth VT f 3" fined a sufficient number of book shelving to replace wooden glass front sectional bookcases neat being used in the Office of Logistics, Supply Division, This results in a savings of $570. A savings of approximately $4,000 was realized by using surplus shelves and oI~s@~/ : tlAlTteld F3~fl 5-9 Approved For Release 2005/1 1121 : CIA-RDP71L-00211 R000500100005-9 5. Approved a requisition for ORR for 302 Diebold-Add-A- elf letter size units amounting to $9W. s on 30 June 1964 amounted to 82,078. Pbr the Fiscal 25;X1 25X1 of the Center. Year the net increase was 1605 cubic feet, the lowest in the history of an urgently needed document was nade to the WIT. ARCHM5 AND RRCOBDB CENTER OP TIO the Histories. Staff was at the Center for doing research on CIA and predeassora records. A transfer of 3 cubic feet of Project records from CIA to 25 1 DIA was arranged by IA. These records have been trans- ferred to the Federal Records tinter. at the request of DIA. DIA also requested that CIA retain certain Vital Records at the center. rs fret the Cff e e iof Security were given a tour and briefing barest in security protection given the records at the 25 X1 X1 25 25 X1 CS11 assisted the center in pulli ogether e A va or 3 publications. 01M, assisted the center in pulling Archival Copy of ONE reports. 8. The Records Administration Officer and Security Officer from IT, visited the Center to see if physical security. features of the building would permit the retirement of some super-sensitive records. 1. Transferred the following material to the library: a. Foreign Radio Broadcast Reports on Far East and Latin America. b. Radio Pre gsnda Report on Havana'wresponse to the death of President Kennedy. c. Daily Report World Reaction and Press fiction to death of President Kennedy. Approved For Release 2005/ 1 1.1I21-;.CL,-RP70 ,-00211 R000500100005-9 In addition, the tenter bad 77 other visitors from various offices. 25X1 Approved For Release 2005, li ~ C A DRL-00211 R000500100005-9 d. Press information on Cuba. 2$X1 25X1 25X1 2?X1 S. 9. 25jX1 1.0. 1 will be transferred when ricrof il>a is rogram covering changes necessitated in the field of introduction of high speed coMputera. Job training in Records Administration was given to anal Archives. Speakers were from industry and government. It attended a 3 day Sympos of Automaxtion, sponsored by the Forms gement Council the new , fWit, by me rs of this staff. security inspection of the Federal Records Center vas msde by Messrs. of the Office of security. The purpose of this inspection was to determine the feasibility of transferring finishes intelligence docents, primarily , tb the l facility bemuse of a lee of space in our tenter. records officers were given a conducted tour of lsnd I attended the Annual Conference of Records Executives er, Alextndria. and Administrators in Now York. The impact of computers on records as one of the topics of principal concern at the Conference. 1 Conference of Federal Records Officers sponsored n tel., Gaitheresburg, W. The overall objet- de lop a system for irmluating feederal records management rograms. Guidelines and I luations Factors were developed. It is ex- petted that the Agencies will use these to audit their agency programs and made the report of .it awalUble GSA. tended 2 meetings of Federal Records Offi Thirty-eight Agency Records ? ff cers attended a meeting addressed by The Office of Logistics Records Officer was instrumental in Sati agreement from the Procurement Division to destroy cubic feet at the Center. This significant disposition action wns largely res for the small net growth of records in the month of Jug successfully ecae fete d. a :versity. (( ll cc; R 4 P&ERI ~ l CI RO~P7 -00211 R000500100005-9 ism Reilly, National Archives. Subject was "Office E u nt Gadgets - It 25X1 25',X1 DDS/RAO/FMBI [s (3 Aug ' 64)