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December 19, 2016
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September 27, 2005
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June 30, 1965
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GENERAL SERVICES ADMINISTRATION 1 , PROGRAM STATUS AS OF (Month, day, year) NATIONAL ARCHIVES AND RECORDS SERVICE VITAL RECORDS PROTECTION STATUS REPORT is iwie , 65 (PART I - EMERGENCY OPERATING RECORDS) INSTRUCTIONS Please submit this report in duplicate to the address shown below. A separate report shall be prepared for each individually- operated vital records program. r TO: General Services Administration National Archives and Records Service Office of Federal Records Centers Washington, D. C. 20408 L BUREAU, SERVICE OR OFFICE 2. DEPARTMENT OR AGENCY # Centre. I toli,t nn .4,y ay 4. REPORT COVERS a, TOTAL ORGANIZATION ~b. HEADQUARTERS ONLY c. REGIONAL OR FIELD OFFICE 5? A DRESS OF REPORTING OFFICE (Number, street, city, State and code), D 2050 C Waenin u 2 ': r Stivet 1,114 ,, r . o . , 6. PROGRAM STATUS- PHASE (Check) DESCRIPTION COMPLETE INCOMPLETE (1) (2) a. DEFINITIVE PLANS PREPARED, REPRODUCED AND DISTRIBUTED TO KEY PERSONNEL b. RECORDS SELECTED y +A C. RECORDS POSITIONED AT LOCATION(S) d. APPROPRIATE EQUIPMENT AVAILABLE AT LOCATION(S) X X 7. REASON(S) FOR UNCOMPLETED PROGRAM ACTIONS (Give brief explanation for each item. checked incomplete in item 6) Not etp ,plicable B. PROGRAM REVIEWED a. ANNUALLY b, SEMIANNUALLY C. OTHER (Specify) 9. LOCATION(S) OF PROTECTED RECORDS a, CITY, STATE AND ZIP CODE b, STREET ADDRESS C. ROOM NO. Classified. ItTormtlon Approved For elease 2005/11/21 CIA-RDP70-00211R0005001000 6-6 11 f Approved For Release 200 /11 1l : CIA R P70-00211 R000500100 26-6 FORM GSA JUNN64 2034 ID Approved For Releagbsg F. ?- _ FILE RECORD SERIES, DOCUMENT, OR PUBLICATION TITLE (Example: Quarterly reports - ;1 vailable supplies of product X; h ester of technieionS qualified for emergency water testing) R CORDING MEDIUM (Paper, microfilm, pu ~ch-cards, etc.) 8 3 '~ w t2 E~~C m?.on tUntr2,t voltwe of es r ' apex 1? , acor ea ter to .erot :ci, . e r', + carry a m i the t z.eVion of this ~a ~ t ~ L ii , an Other a+ Qr:PQQTF=n Pt (Official responsible for Vital Records Program) SIG NAME AND TITLE rint STA ref , Records Adzal at'Dutiofl staff BR TELEPHONE NO. Or code) AND EXT. STA Approved For Release 2005/11/21 : CIA-RDP70-00211 R000500100026-6