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December 16, 2016
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August 10, 2005
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May 1, 1964
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Approved 5/08/16: CFARR8P10=00 11 R000500110024-7 ARC}IIV AND REC FOR; SUWECT-. Economy R FER iCE ?. Melts "Government Economy at E----=ted March 1964 110win~g ranagement improvements and eco te+d by the Arebives and Records Center fasteners and by removing inactive material. This was Me of records retirement forms by removing to the various Agency Records Management Officers. is was accomplished at no cost by installing a sorting rack that excess to the needs of another component, b. Ri 1ifted the films procedure for 'the organizational SiMlifled the procedure for mailing receipt fo, she during a review of the files and did require extra time to accomplish. All vital records receipts (Form 620) for PDP are maled to one central point in RID. This c awes the preparation of approximately 100 envelopes each week. along with other changes In the mailing procedure d.. Worked out a procedure whereby a Records i anagemen Officer in any Agency component can submit direct to the CIA Records Administration Officer records retire. asnt requests (Form 140) for series of records not rds Control Schedules and not of a nature to d on a schedule. If the records are accepted to the Center. This procedt eliminated the need for a memo and/or telephone calls. out a system of storing certain PD? vital t to the Center the form a std by Administration Officer and forwarded resulted in the return to stock of ten which cost $1,745,50. This system d out the ,proposed purchase of several h of aaf-ti-stack filing equipment and it chives and Records Center valuable work second-floor processing area.. 25XI 25X1 Approved For Release 2005/08/16.: CIA-RDP70-00211 R000500110024-7 Approved For Release 2005/08/16 : ~I-=CJ]`0100211 R000500110024-7 and an of the time gained by the roveia. d by the Archives and Records Center is used hives operation. The Archives operation e a savings to the Agency because once the archival copies are Identified and segregated, duplicate records can be destroyed. R It should be noted that operation of CIA Archives and Records Counter is a .mna;ge nt inprovement operation within itself. It is a part of the overall. Records Management program. It costs the Agency $1.61 to store one cubic foot of records in the Archives and Records Center per year; to store this same cubic foot of records for the same length Of time at headquarters would cost the Agency $54.89. Based on the total holdings at the end of April_ (82,.078 an, ft) the Archives and Records Center is pro, AVncy a savings of $4,368,189.16. 25X1 Chief Approved For Release 2005/0818 ~ 70-00211 R000500110024-7 "4-A-0; T ENGludea to" dGr 3 r P'' died