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January 4, 2017
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August 14, 2006
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Approved For Release 2006/08/14: CIA-RDP70-00211 R000500190012-2 SECRET A. III TAB N CIA RECOP-16 CN TR OPERA ING FROCDURE,a Accessioning - This procedure implies the retirement of non-current records f sm an operating activity to the Center, thus releasing much needed filing equipment and occasionally valuable space for further use. The physical transfer Is initiated by the area records officer who prepares Form 60-S2, *Records Retirement Request,, in quadruplicate. He then packages and labels the records storage boxes, assigns box numbers$ and compiles the list of records being retired, The Center. s pp es boxes and labels, provides the vehicle and personnel transportation and renders other assistance upon request. The accession- affected, a receipted 'Copy of Form 60-;>2 is returned to the Area Records officer for subsequent reference. storage "' Upon u g?ri lat,c~f`reccsrde~in the 4 APti mn the reverse osideoof Form V ai'C'?t di0.1 ,d u ,M s.w*ex c . .... ---- -r - -52. One copy of the fora is filed numerically by job number and another copy by the office of primary interest. Thus a two-fold reference source is provided. The fourth copy is used to support the Disposal Schedule Tickler File ('See WP J) is ~ce to meet the needs of office:; of interest ference scrvi r , e p a because availaYM.ility of stored records for subsequent reference is rrav loaning on request tion u f i , p orara r essential, Servicing includes extracting records, and transferring records hack to the office of origin.cference servicing is more efficient when the job number can be furnished. Information from the records is sometimes furnished via telephone. The courier force is used to deliver records called for by an office of origin. Normally,, a request for the loan of records is processed within eight working., hours. Thus a set of records recaeated in the rorning will be delivered in the afternoon. In exceptional cases where tine is a matter of importance a record may be obtained on a priority basis throuth the mediiwa of a special courier. A reference search area equipped with microfilm readers is provided in the Center where files or film are made available to the searcher. Greening - 5:creening of records is the detailed process of examining, in n n l g -._- ,-.~--- - - ua yz , and eea oea'1 as appropriate. chile the records analysts and area records officers sometimes necessary it 3 a, rate in establishing disposition schedules, borate Approved For Release 2006/08/14: CIA-RDP70-00211 R000500190012-2 Approved For Release WWt4 : CIA-RDP70-00211 R000500190012-2 to perfo the actual screening in the Center. To date, screening has been held in abeyance due to several factors such as tho selection and training of area records officers and center personnel for the immediate work, in- sufficient space in the forcer interim center to accept records from office of origin, the completion of a physical move to a larger interim center and incompletion of inventory, appraisal and preparation of control and disposi- tion schedules in various offices. in this respect,, experience to date has required the installation' of new filing systems in some offices before proper scheduling could be accomplished. tisposal - iaril.arly, disposal procedure has been held to a minimum for the reasons cited above. The venter is prepared, however, to implement the records program by physical, destruction of files for which disposal action has been authorized. Record will at no time be destroyed without the concurrence of the area records officer concerned. 7%) effect disposal, Fora 36-145, "notification of Disposal Action" is :fir:: cared. The records authorized for disposal and the authority for the destruction thereof are reflected on this fora. r=hen pre- pared, the form is forwarded to.the area records officer for final review and approval. Supplemental ristr published Reports - Requests for published, reports are received at the Center *ia leepf one or memoranda and referred to the Reference Service Section. intra-agency requests are received directly from various offices. inter- agency requests are received through W/CD. The operations in the unit in- clude searching for the requested material, packaging it properly and dis- patching it to the recuestor with courier receipt. Information R!2orts - Requests for information reports are received at the i i er v awe .ep one or memoranda and referred to the Reference Service Sec- tion. The operations in the unit include pulling the "Vaster Copy" of the requested report from file, determining the type of master, i.e. ozalid, photocopy or ditto, selecting and starting the duplicating equipment required for the type of master, running the necessary quantity (.Average is four items per request), stopping equipment, enclosing information report copiee in envelope, dispatching sealed envelope with courier receipt and *Master copy.,, Six employees, in all., have received on-the-job training in operating the duplicating equipment. Thus, ample provisions have been made for sub- stitution of operators. Responsibility for security of the reproduced report copies rests with the receiving office. -2- SECRET Approved For Release 2006/08/14: CIA-RDP70-00211 R000500190012-2 Approved For Release 2006/08/14: CIA-RDP70-00211 R000500190012-2 SECRET Initial Distribution - Initial distribution of regulations, notices and other essuances begin s An the receipt of a distribution control list from 't . The material is received directly from the Reproduction Plante Operations include addressing envelopes, sorting, counting and enveloping the according to the control list, and dispatching the sealed envelopes with courier receipt. SECRET Approved For Release 2006/08/14: CIA-RDP70-00211 R000500190012-2