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December 19, 2016
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October 20, 2005
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January 1, 1963
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CIA ARCHIVES AND RECORDS CENTER YEAR END SUMMARY FY 1963 ILLEGIB 25X1 Chief, Archives and Records Center ...LL Approved For Release 2005/11/21 : CIA-RDP70-00211 R000500200052-6 Approved For Release ,2Q T /21F: GIAIRDP70-00211 R000500200052-6 I. ACCESSIONING The total accessions for Fiscal Year 1963 amounted to 14,827 cubic feet. This is just slightly more than the total for FY 1962. Although the accessions did not, decrease during 1963 there was an improvement in the retirement program inasmuch as most of the records accessioned had a definite disposal date. The volume accessioned is equivalent to the volume of more than 1,853 four drawer, legal size, safe cabinets which have a replacement value of $1,000,620.00. II. REFERENCE A. The number of references for Fiscal Year 1963 totaled 385,762 items. This is 530 items more than the number for FY 1962 which was over 400' greater than 1957- B. The reference service is the most important operation of the Center insofar as selling the program is concerned. If the operating offices can get their records back when they need them, they do not hesitate to send them to the Center for storage. Also the around-the-clock service ;provided by the Center goes a long way in aiding the Agency in its mission. This has been proven by special deliveries made by the Center during the year at all hours of the night and on non-work days, which was particularly significant during the crises in October and November. C. A total of 1,864 cubic feet of records that were too active for a Records Center operation were returned to DDP/RID. The returning of these records to the active files in RID has taken some of the pressure off the reference personnel at the Center. D. The stocking and providing of reference service on extra copies of the Joint Publications Research Service reports has been turned over to JPRS. The Records Center negotiated with OCR and OO/FDD to centralize this service and it was decided it could best be accomplished by JPRS. E. A special shelf filing installation was installed in the Records Center to house the extra copies of the new format Agency regulations. The regulations are filed by individual pages on this shelving and reference can be made to a particular page without sending the requester the entire regulation. Under this new filing system maintenance is also much easier. III. DISPOSITION The total dispositions for fiscal year 1963 amounted to 12,026 cubic feet. This is 50% more disposition actions than the average for FY 1958 ~. G~ ~i'lR N:1 6 diGFZSSIii'"a'J :! Approved For Release 2005/11/21 : CIA-RDP70-00211 R000500200052-6 Approved For Relea ME A-RDP70-00211 R000500200052-6 through :1962. By this disposition the net increase in the total holdings of the Records Center amounted to only 2,801 cubic feet. This increase is less than any year since FY 1952 and goes a long way to meet the goal set by the acting DDS in July 1962. This was accomplished by the issuance of the "Guide for Records Retirement" and the policy whereby the Records Center would review all requests for retirement of records before the records are shipped. to the Center and refuse all records that are not covered by a definite disposition date. The Records Center could not get one hundred percent compliance with this policy; therefore, an even better report could be made if this compliance was made one hundred percent. CONFIDE, Approved For Release 2005/11/21 : CIA-RDP70-00211 R000500200052-6