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December 21, 2016
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June 25, 2008
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January 1, 1966
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Approved For Release 2006/08/14: CIA-RDP70-00211R000500250013-4 Approved For Release 2006/08/14: CIA-RDP70-00211R000500250013-4 STAT STATI NTL STATI NTL STATI NTL STATI NTL Approved For Release 2006/08/14: CIA-RDP70-00211R000500250013-4 AM 1,?,;01v1I.NATIOIsi ..KWA.111) CENTR.A.L. 1ILLIC3 AGY-14CY STATI NTL hag served AS th.6 Centrai Intelligence Agency's Roco d* Axlizinistration Officer since i9S3 and ills had a key role in developing effective recortje ;Islet paperwork management programa of .ttchich the Ailency io,y- procti. istjtiltion to his important achievements irk proving tile u.urici.vei60 recoroa Seeping SpoteL,1 of CIA, hc IMO ordiaated, RIAU furnished the technical leaderahigf in the establishment of tval- fora/ standares toad procedures for the retention and disposal of intclligtqlei? .a/alorielre&n othor eloalorats of the intelligence community of CIS United tto Hohi particularly noted for the development of a Vital Meterial? picoioa,1)1 ich as tgetia ofzer:ol for other Feder/II agencies. STATINTL hau d elop d effective de/no/aro/lined records syststn in CIA viTith programs to meet each /-ra/jor component's partionler requir-2- 'motto and specL/1 proeo4uree to cope with security considerations inimr.zit ovravy .piutee b and paperwork maintenance itati control in thi51 Agoncy. CIA now has ono of the -..-snowt sophisticsted records and imperwe,rit iukaageltuent syston/e in the Federal Coven/meat. Vi.e6ttt tidying forge in focusing attention on this critical area a managerme-al, beco,use of hie professional etnrxpetertee and emperience he has pined the ,cpport of top cia.anagorni.?Ant and the cooperation aria participation of officials II levels the Agonty. lie is en effective promoter und ha* inspired offals in CIA and Othearit fin the Federal Covertonea to professional paper. wora management act icvements by his surveys, studies on s'pecial -projects. trainina ftitne,. briefing** .and his Vital Records 'Workshops. To: evaluate s accoin,pliiktnente? c*neideratien sthe giviSn Dot only to the grizgnitui,Je of CIA records but also to the complex.itisc olved in handling seneitiVe intelligence records and to the unusttel. raper- it a, mice* regeired in the prodtaction of intelligence and in the ?itatribu- Of Vita documents to the consil-n:16TO. The diversity of CIA records togrephs, fihle. recordixigs. and rasps, in addition to the ls.rge flow of -doottraents into the Agency from oil over the globe) is compoutuled by the cisyriad of opeeial security indicators and tho necessity for strict convert. vnentation on a b ie to produce unique problems. These pro- ve presented challenges which *bet with at sue. soss. 7.-hie he has accomplishod by apt:dying good paperwork management .and by using adrzlinlJtrativo Imagination to cops with-atuienal pte. blonla in paperwork management. Approved For Release 2006/08/14: CIA-RDP70-00211R000500250013-4 STATINTL STATI NTL STATI NTL Approved For Release 2006/08/14: CIA-RDP70-00211R000500250013-4 EL04-,'',f,,?, C 0A1P1.V3i1 .7:ilea CIA. 1i/team:de Administration it'xi,grarsa, ditected by ie coavrieherieive in acopct. it come all areas in tem neaungement cf .elecetives, vepeete, forme, couiveunieatione. files, and records from date .01 eeeelion to final aterego or deetructio.o. tencompeseee, etail menage- reelA of -record* ai,ela paperwork in CIA ineelligence collection activities in f.:3Vall of the ekorld and the contrel, storage, and diepoeition ef Satan. onto iao....-ntruantor prepared for the President end policy-m*14w; bodies Lu eta Ulta Staittil. STATI NTL impostanee end impact of eccomplishmeets aro eiteeteci by the eeiny cernmendations that ha has reiceivee erem offleiele oue Ageney Pali the feet that other Government agencies have ormgattol GZ-1CMerSklita Al4tangorneut ties end procedure, +nod in UA recoeds ieteemeoreent. be wee cocieneetated by the Iiesiorable Ale:George finedy, Lieeetel eseistent to the President for Nathanal Security Affiiirs. for his able und eiacient direction a he rtecIrds manzgarttent services rendered to the Netioleal Secuelty Council. The eieuistent Archivist of the United Statee reeeseieired to preeest his Vital le/siteriale Program, to ell Cyovereenent deeertmente tiud age:Jane through a suenher of Vital Records oeliebope. Zu atiditien, other *Bawled with unusually difficult security prOSlems have drafPrn en hie expevienee to improve their paperwork veavege- relent syetento ard the operation. of their itecorde Centers. coatributioes to effetely* record* sad paperwork manage. meat within CIA and other agenciee have had etiornsous hiegible *rid intangible tieresiles. ,f,szesult of his lecetership u promoting the development at flea-- end co/alone tere01,419 MaTe4Igirnhenat etendards and programs. the Agency Ilae been able to cope euecessfelly *with, a ttemendous increase in voSurne of communizations. documents, and photograph* resulting from the r,e-- colovii4c2 tempo of cold And het war activities. In addition he has initieted aneeaseive programa to meet the now paperwork management requiretteents cif expeasidine electronic data precesefrie operations. Through the reedy aveilebnity ,of recorfl and the streainlining of methods and procedures. enter- geney requests in eupport of current operations are handled expeditiously by the Agency feeecieds Center1 take development of a modal Vital bieteriele Program guaranteeing this current selection, protection, ard availability of essential records,' the eueeeseful eoeitisnietioa of intelligence eloper* to the President is assured In SUMO of enemy attack or natural dieeeter. Approved For Release 2006/08/14: CIA-RDP70-00211R000500250013-4 Approved For Release 2006/08/14: CIA-RDP70-00211R000500250013-4 STATI NTL la addition to the iraportast aalrizags to CiA. n-bowu, eciuirtrzte.0.1 , Gupplies, and space that have l'esultrpd forts, sign fioant waving* have els* been achieved throughtb commtnitv C.-.-1014A hie progravo to elirninote /records in all ..nces th4y dup icaba tiwee ei the originating agency. * it ir the consousue of offttlais in CIA, that aellievemets in the improvement *f paperwork management have sontributed to the so :east; a imo A 801114e$ v4stouend h vie furthered the objectives of the Prost& its War on Waste 03, the k ederal Coveronvant. STATINTL Approved For Release 2006/08/14: CIA-RDP70-00211R000500250013-4