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March 12, 1963
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Approved For Release 2005/07/13 : CIA-RDP70-00211R000800070003-2 CE:LIU -!3 TAB A Mhimbera, Mhil and Courier Task Force DD/8 Cbatrman DD/I DD/R DD/8 DD/S OS DD/5 OC 0/Compt OL Approved For Release 2005/07/11c:-1A5RDP70-4211R000800070003-2 Approved For Release 2005/07/13 : CIA-RDP70-00211R000800070003-2 [?.; TAB B Agenda for Meeting of Mail and Courier Task Force 12 March 1963 1. The next meeting of the Mail and Courier Task Force will be held at u5030 hours, 26 March in the DD/S Conference Room (7D34). 2. Since the last meeting actions indicated below have been under. taken. a. Test Rune '.Tests Which were made of the carrying of mail by couriers between registries reveal excellent service within the RID system and the Mail and Courier Branch system, including runs to other buildings. The time taken for delivery from the north to the south por- tion of the building also appears reasonable (average time - 2 hours, 8 minutes), but delays occur in the reverse direction when rail has to stop2 for legging Out of SM. Steps are in process which Should lead to elimination of such logging. b. Duplication of External Courier Service '.External runs of all known services but NPIC were charted and carefully scrutinized and it was found that generally speaking the duplication was more appar- ent than real and complicated by special security factors. However, con- siderable savings have been effected through excellent cooperation of the components concerned. The Mail and Courier Branch has absorbed scheduled runs Dade by the OCR Library and the Office of Personnel and FDD has agreed to use the Mail and Courier Branch service preclude such use. Consolidation of systems was explored at the working level) but no action taken. c. Mail Control Questionnaire - The questionnaire revealed specific information on the lack of uniformity in procedures, forms and interpretation of security requirements, indicating need for authorita- tive guidance) possibly in the form of an updated handbook. 3. Our basic goal is to provide effective and efficient mail and courier services with minimum essential controls. Our meeting will be devoted primarily to the presentation and exchange of ideas which upon enthesis and evaluation should lead to accomplishment of that mission. 4. An analysis of the problem leads to the conclusion that we Should consider it from four related, but somewhat independent stand- points. These are: a. External Courier Service Approved For Release 2005/07/13 : CIAR 70-00211R000800070003-2 Approved For Release 20 51e7r1i3-:'-ag-1111P70-00211R000800070003-2 b. Internal .tl delivery and pick-up service. Receipts for classified aterie.l. d. Internal control (2 of classified material. It is believed desirable at this point to consider primarily the bulk of ssteri&l classified SICRIFf and below. TOP smaur and other pecial handling material constitutes a small fraction of the total and generally adequate controls prevail. However, ideas for improvement in handling this material are solicited and will also be considered. General guidelines for review and discussion of the above listed points are con- tained in succeeding paragraphs. 5. Rxternal Courier Service a. This service encompasses service to locations in the Washington area outside Beadquarters. It includes service to Agency and non-Agency buildings. b. Consider the possibility of xi consolidation of the service. It is possible that requirements for this service have developed on an ad hoc basis over the years without complete consideration of ser vice already available. Once established as special the service may have ontinued without extensive review. c. A periodic review Should be made of the number of runs and delivery ick-up points. This review should reflect the basic needs of the Agency and include the costs involved. By whom and at what inter was should review be mode? d. Is it desirable to establish a central point for consoli- of requests for additional regular service? If arfirastive, who be designated and What criteria should be applied.? e. Should requirements for special runs and intermittent service be referred to a central control point? If so.t where authority should be delegated. to the control officer f. Should inter4geney relay points be istablishedl Would s unduly delsy service? Consider the cost factors of multi le ints versus relay poiats. It has been suggested that the publication of schedules or termittent courier runs would be of value to users of the ould have an effect on the number of requests for special is not practicable, are there other alternatives? Consider the possibility of including within the courier service the considerable umber of documents now moved inter-Agency on an ad hoc basis. -2- Approved For Release 2005/07/13 : CIA-RIF70-00211R000800070003-2 Approved For Release 2005107/13TCIAPRDP70-00211R000800070003-2 1 Delivery and Pick.up Service a. Have we established mail delivery points aM schedules best suited. to the requirements of the customer? Are there too many or too few delivery points? Ars:deliveries made more or less frequently than necessary for effective onward movement to action offices or deskT Are adjustments in service indicated? Does the tube system adequately service expedite material and eliminate or decrease requirement for hand carry? b. Is it possible to interchange mail between couriers each floor without return to a central mail room for resort and. onward movement? e. The publication or a complete detsUed mailing addressof all components with office symbols, room and telephone niers would of assistance to all mail senders and would considerably reduce the sort ing and handlieg time for delivery. Is such a list feasible and if so, how frequently should it be published. d. There are probably as many systems for intconponent movement of mail as there are components. Most of these undoub service adequately the needs of the component. However, it is possible that no one component actiag independently has been able to achieve the ultimate In this field. It is desired, that a detailed discussion be held on this subject with the view to consideration for adoption of applicable good Motes for improvement. e. Most outgoing U. S mail reqi he Office of Logistics ce operational postage stamp eccoun laprove service? T. Receipts for Classified Nell a. Inter...Agency. Section 8 of is here qacted: e is now forwarde e establishment ropriate sending Order l)5L ae Section 8. TWiinsmissiont For transmission outside of a department or ege-Trcified defense materiel at the three categories originated under the provisions of this order :Knell be prepared and transmitted as follows: (a) Preparation for Trensmiseion: Such material is opaque inner and outer covers. The inner sealed vrapper or envelope plainly marked assigned classification and address. The outer cover and addressed with no indication of the class - Meat contents. A receipt form shall be attached to or enclosed in the inner cover, except that Confidential Approved For For Release 2005/07/13 :tIA-RDP70-00211R000800070003-2 Approved For Release 2 5/07/13 -Q1A41 P70-00211R000800070003-2 :et information. returned to the ipt only if the sender deems it *hall identify the addressor, but Shall contain no classified s gried by the proper recipient end (b) Tzi tt Secret Top Secret asterla shall effected preter*b1 ntact of officials lly desisnated perso pouch, by a messenger-courier system especially that purpose, or by electric means in encrypted , or in the case of information transmitted by the Federal Bureau, of Investigation,such mesas of transmiseion may be used as ere currently epproved by the Director, ?federal Bureau of Inmestisation, unless express reservation to the contrary is mode in exceptional cases by the originat- ing agency. (e) Tranpmitting Sec Secret information and msasrial shall and between the forty-eight contiguous states and the of Columbia, or wholly within Alaska, Bewail, the Como/wealth of Puerto Rico, or a United States possession, by one of the means established for Top Secret information and material, by authorized courier, by United States registered mail, or by the use of protective services provided by commercial carriers, air or surface, under such conditions as may be prescribed by the head of the department or agency concerned. Secret infor. motion end material may be transmitted outside those areas by one of the mesas established for Top Secret information and material, by commaaders or masters of vessels of United States registry, or by the United States registered mail through Army, Navy, Air Force, or United States civil postal facilities; Pro- vided that the Information or material does not at any time pass through a foreign postal system, For the purposes of this section registered mail in the custody of a transporting agency of the United States Post Office is coneidered within United States Government control unless the transporting agent is foreign controlled or operated. Secret information and material mey, however, be transmitted between United States Government or Canadian Government installations, or both, in the forty- eight contiguous states, the District of Columbia, Alaska, and Canada by Uhibed States and Comedian registered mail with registered mail receipt.. Secret information and material nay aleo be transmitted over communications circuits in accordance with regulations pr ted for such purpose by the Secretary of Defense. Approved For Release 2005/07/13 : CIA-RDP70-00211R000800070003-2 Approved For Release 2 65/07/13 : Cik-RDP70-00211R000800070003-2 (d) Transmitting Confidential Inforation and Confidential Information and material shall te within the forty-eight coutiguous states andthe f Columbia, or wholly within Alaska, Fisnaii, the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico, or a United. States possession, by one of the means established for higher classifications, or by certified or first-class mail. Outside those areas Confidential information and material shall be transmitted in the same maaner as authorized for higher classifications. (e) within an Amengy, Preparation of classified rial for transmission, and tranamission of it, partment or agency shall be governed by regulations by the head of the department or agency, insuring a degree of security equivalent to that outlined above for trans mission outside a department or agency. b. It will be noted that receipts are agency transmittal of material classified Secret and fidential material requires a receipt only if the seeder sary. It is desired to discuss the matter of courier end document receipts with the view of a uniform approach to the problem and possible standard- ivation of the forms to be used.. Please bring samples of forms used. Intra-Agenoy. The Director of Security has advised the Task rman that ftecutive Order 10501 does not require the use of receipt forma for trensmittal of Secret and below material within an agency, but leaves this matter to the discretion of the head of the agency specifying only good. accountability records." Discussion is desired con- cerning a uniform policy in this matter. Individual statements concerning use of receipts such as I want to be sure the document was received or I vent to be able to prove I-sent it should not be overlooked. On the other band, serious consideration of the time and cost involved in print- ing, preparation and handling of receipt forms and their actual value in mail handling is indicated. In spot checking on temporarily lost or mis- laid documents it will be found the occurrence is rare and the result of human error. It is not believed that any control system will produce mis- sing documents--therefore, the arguments for controls should be examined vith this fact in mind. b. Internal Control (logging) of Classified Material a. A consolidation of the replies to a recent Mail Control revealed a variety of practices current to the Agency. In it appears that the same material is logged at several component prior to delivery to the action desk. As indi- ph 7C, above, the basic requirement is for lamol aecounta- bil " Is it believed possible to provide adequate accountabi- lity for records by logging material only once within a major component of a DD area? If so where within the cosponent? In Headquarters should -5- Approved For Release 2005/07/13 : CIA-RDP70-00211R000800070003-2 Approved For Release 2005/07/13:XIA-RDM70-00211R000800070003-2 the unit manning the tube station do the logging If done at comparable level what if an prior mail receiving and sorting needed? branch or points are b. The replies to the estiotmaire cited indieated. a wide variety of logging procedures and fo use. Please be prepared to discuss this matter in detail and bring copies of the forms in use. Your ideas on standardization of procedures and forms are solicited. c. It has been noted that many registries thru which terinl Fosses assign a unit registry control 'weber which results in as maay as a half dozen control number* being assigned to the same document4 ould originators assign a control number which could be universally used. as is done in the D11/10 dispatch correspondence system? Is it desirable to develop form such as the dispatch form for internal correspondence purposes? 9. Two separate but related subjects have beea brought to the atten f the Task Force Chairman, e.g., (s) the matter of classification of al more specifically, overclassification end CO a mail procedure k. a. It is suggested. that here of the Ta (and BO 10501 if avsilable) pertaining to class that a general discussion on this ratter will 11 be helpful in our mail control problem. 25X1 b. A handbook on mail procedures undoubtedly would be he ly in training new employees and for reference purposes. Ques as include Is it possible to publish an all inclusive or 'Should each compoaent prepare one tailored tolis opt,- ts? Can we have an Agenel handbook establiabing Certan- a and forms to be supplemontidlyy cosponert ? If a handbook is to be prepared who would basic bedsit ID. Officers the meeting for subj sgends1 ated below are covered in the .6. Paragraph 5 Paragraph Paragraph 7 Paragraph 8 as monitors at phs of this Approved For Release 2005/07/13 : CIA-RDP70-00211R000800070003-2 25X1 STAT Approved For Release 2005/07/13 : CIA-RDP70-00211R000800070003-2 TAB C Minutes of Meetings Minutes of Ymil and Courier Tank Force Meeting of 26 March 1963 2. The meetingwas devoted to discussion of the Agency External Courier System. Major points discussed and actions taken were: a. The Agency external courier system (OL) has developed from an initial personnel complement of about 10 to & at the present time. The increase has been gradual over the years and has been based on an in.. creased number of points served and frequency of required service. There are currently 59 scheduled daily runs serving approximately 170 points throughout the Washington area, including the Agency, other U. S. Govern- ment departments,' 1 and one or two commercial establishments, ine service includes both delivery and pickup. In only very rare instances are deliveries made to CIA by outside originators of material. It was the consensus of the Task Force that delivery and pickup by Agency couriers is probably the most efficient and economical means of handling the material. b. Upon examination or the question of duplication of courier service between various Agency components, it was determined that any apparent duplication is based on requirements for special handling of various types of material, i.e., point-to-point delivery by certain de- signated, identified couriers, special clearances for handlers of this material, etc. It was concluded that further review would be made with the objective of including as much as possible of the special handling al within the regular Agency courier service. I 25X1 I 7ViIi present further information on this subject at a subsequent ?c. It was determined that s. published listing of all regularly scheduled, courier runs, including the estimated time for point-to-point delivery, would be furnished Agency originators of material on a "neat- to-kaow" basis. It was felt that such a listing should result in a reduc- tion of requests for special deliveries and would be the basis for a perio.. die review leading to consolidation of service, elimination of duplication, and reduction in operating costs. The Office of Logistics is preparing the list for early release. Approved For Releate2005/0/131; CIA-RDP70-00211R000800070003-2 dnlassilimu Approved For Release 20005/07/13 : CIAROP70-00211R000800070003-2 d. As * positive control measure, it was determined that desig- nated officers within each component should be authorized to place requests for addit anal regular or special delivery courier service. The Chief, Nail and Courier Branch, would be del/tweeted to receive such requests with authority to determine the best sn of providing the service. This item will be considered for incorporation in an appropriate Agency issuance. e. Upon consideration or the possibility of establishing inter Agency reley points for delivery/pickup of material, it was determined to be unfeasible. Of the l7k0 outside delivery pants, only 3, e.g., Pentagon (34), State (11), and Arlington Nall (9) have multiple delivery potato. (All points are not serviced every delivery.) The bulk of Agency material is considered in the expedite category; and, because of the time element involved, should reach the recipient promptly. letabligheent of Mein/ permanently assigned courier service' within these buildings would be unee onomical. An attaapt was made to consolidate the seven stops within DIA without success. f. One significant accomplishment was reported. uriers, two records center and one administrative, have service I . 'This service has now the headquarters system utilizing only two couriers--a curter and one vehicle. Approved For Release 2005/07/13 : CIA-RDP70-00211R000800070003-2 Approved For Release 2005/07/13 : CIA-RDP70-00211R000800070003-2 Teak Force MeetieS Minutes or 2 April 1963 2, Handouts of a proposed schedule of courier rune were distri- buted Ito the Task lOrce. It was explained that it was a two-package proposal--the first section of the package being distri- buted Agency-wide and giving details on the courier runs, both incoming sad outgoing, that Agency personnel would be interested in; the second more detailed package would be distributed otay to the Deputies--further distribution of the second package would be at the Deputies discretion. The listieg of all runs includes both regular and special runs. The pro- posals will be discussed at a subsequent meeting after review by Task Force Members. 3. The minutes of the previous and the following Changes were made; a. Page first b. :ler 26 963, were read to delete the word ph, it was decided Discussion arose as to paragraph 2e and the teasibility very within the Pentagon. It was decided that a sub-atm.. very room for CIA would have to be located in the Pentagon. tense Deportment is not willing to give us that room. veinal that additional personnel would be needed to run e minutes were edopted with changes indicated. the station. c. Further discussion was based on saresraph 2b. and the poe- cation of the courier service between various Agenei factors of of time, special clearances, baby sitting, etc., sed with the outcome being that the Task Face decided that out just what the requirements are for carrying certain Were these rules that could be Chaoged if other protective I Would the office or customer Waage his special ?I a subcommittee to study external service of OCI nate soy implication. was raised that the Pentagon and State Departmen ice than our own buildings. Points raised in Lability to coMbine runs because of the volume to for special expeditious_ handling such as from a security standpoint. c.ibles and (2 It was decided that copies of the CIA Records Administration would be distributed to ,Ahe eibers of the Tea Force. Approved For Release 2005/07/13 : CIAADP70-00211R000800070003-2 , Approved For Release 2005/07/13- CIAAtIP70-00211 R000800070003-2 The point was raised on reducing the number of runs into town. now 8 scheduled runs into the D. C. area. It was expressed that 1 runs mey be cut down Vhea the proposed schedule of runs Is on the other hand, it amy cause more requests for ;special runs el see how Iong some of the runs take to deliver the materiel. 4, The nesting was then turned over to the discussion of the Agency Courier System. Major points discussed and actions taken were: a. Based cu recent surveys it was determined that the umber of runs within Headquarters is; nents; In coned Imre made: Mail and Courier Branch RID Cable Secretariat Downtown 8 times a day 8 times a dey 5 times a day 6 times a day 14. The Chairman indicated the Task Three ions re deliverY points: (i.)The reduction of a large nunber consolidation, etc. eived two (2) Eliminate central istry facilities o ver mail direct to organizational level nearest aet o ration of these divergent recommendations the following Delivery of mail to a point as near as possible desk results in the most efficient service with. least inter- processing. This system has been in effect within the DD/P for years with excellent results. It VRA noted that this system can led effectively within DD/P because of the general uniformity of of all DD/P elements and the central correspondence eeelysis system vhiCh leads to simplified sorting and delivery procedures. The several major components of the DD/I, DD/S, and DD/R on the other head have no general uniformity of functions. Within DD/I there are 8or offices all with separate and distinct functions and within OCR there are separate functional areas. The same pattern applies similarly to the 0/S and DD/R. While it is theoretically possible to distribute mail from tra2 point within the Agency or within a HD office it would be a very Ural solution, This *Object ties in closely with internal control ) procedures and will be considered further at a later nesting. C. Discusaion of the number of daily deliveriet led to the basic conclusions; (1) It is highly des not essential that mail ptly from point to point. The neny requirements to meet tight Approved For Release 2005/07/13 : CIA-RDP70-00211R000800070003-2 Approved For Release 20050/13 : CIA-k4170-00211R000800070003-2 deadlines end for expeditious handling of mail would result in additional hand carry with resultant cost for non-productive man?hours. (2) The frequent delivery of mall to recipients results en flog throughout the Agency and elimination of peeks and processing. (3) The extremely heavy voluns of mail received and die* utres constant onward movement in order to prevent overtaxing at the central mail rooms and major receiving/dispatch points. tter of interchange of mail on each floor between re was discussed. Currently the DO' requirement ng mail in A/D prevents this interchange and mug** This subject will be discussed further in connection rocedures. peon reported that the pneumatic tube system is a limited degree and suggested that the Tata Force greater use. I 25 gate this matter for the D3/10 DD/P and other at the next meeting. Approved For Release 2005/07/13 : CIA-RDP70-00211R000800070003-2 2?X1 Approved For Release 00'5107/13-7!tf4RDP70-00211R000800070003-2 Mantes of Mail and Courier Task Force Meeting of 6 April 1963 Minutes of the 2 April 1963 Task ?twee Meeting were dis- cussed and the following changes were made: a. Page 2, lest paragraph change from 5 to 8 e a. At the tube systems rep. Average daily utilization and ca A being rcentage of the systems At first glance it might appear that the system is not worth the operating costs involved. On the other hand the elimination of a potential 1700 daily hand carries of documents (carriers normally return empty) presents a considerable man hour savings. b. A discussion of reasons why we do not obtain greater utili- revealed: (1) The plans f date there have been tube stations to be For instance, one DD/R compon /P tube stations are located. Nei to pees thru the vstem. Likewise, ft pared in 7-58- hanges vh ch have or no use can be in 411 area where 11 allow their omponents are located where tube stations were not planned. Special Activities Staff vision Support Staff) It is either impossible or too costly to stations at those locations. (2) In all offices the preponda bulky to be handled in tube carriers. (3) Restrictions are placed by scs of specte.1 handling or sensitive documents by tube. e of mail is too off ices on Approved For Release 2005/07/13 : CIA-RDP70-00211R000800070003-2 Approved For Release 2005/0743: CIA-R100211R000800070003-2 ,P (4) Resistance on the part of some senders to trust the (5) The Cabl (6) The mail and courier service is ettic, use by offices located some distance from a reluctance on the part of tube station opera offices. c. It was dote utilization of the allowing actions should lead to (1) The BBYP is making a study relative to lifting of re- placed on BTBAT and KAPOK, and other special handling dom.. ly the nuMber of rejects averages about 2.5 to 3 per cent. is average is being sought which. will Increase the senders teiiehiltty in the system. (2) Publication of a tube station directorj which will lade all offices the receiving office is * tion. A1ito attach a copy of current instructions on operation of ready reference by operators. (3) A carrier modification program is under %Fey 1 1viii provide for positive locking of the dila rings. The carrie have smooth dial rings which Wks led to some inaccuracies proper alignment. 25X1 (4) Indoctrination and, training of system. (5) Furnisju use by originators of mai (6) Provide additic ticket printed D t.Y" litas designated to review the possible with Secretariat officere. 3. employ next meeting has been set for 16 April 1963 at 9:30 a.m. Approved For Release 2005/07/13 : CIA-RDP70-00211R000800070003-2 Approved For Release 2005/07/13: CIARDP70-00211R000800070003-2 Minutes of Mal and Courier Teak Force Meeting of 16 April 1963 2. The draft needquarters Notice re Mail Service, forwarded to Task force member' with the minutes of the 9 April meeting was consid. The draft was approved with the exception of that portion which require reimbursement for special courier services. A study re- vealed that currently, approximately 78c,0 special trips are made annuallY at an average cost of 43.25 each, totaling about 425,000. It was felt that the cost of processing 78)0 vouchers was cot Justified even though reimbursement might result in fewer spec requests. 3, a. A samp e sticker ?Priority . sea b Tube was approved for on. The Chief, Logistics Services Division and CIA Rcords Muinte- Officer were requested to prepare, publish end arrange for diatri- button.Several ideas for posters to encourage '.we of the tube sys were considered. The draft material was handed to the Chief, Logistics Services Division for consideration for possible future use. 4reDorted he had had a discussion with the Cable ube system. The major obstacle at pre and KAPOK material. Currently these sore efficient to carry all cables. When Cable Secretariat will be much interested tailed rail tained in the c sufficient for na discussion concerning publication of a complete Let, it was concluded that the listing now eon. directory part of the telephone directory was lug purposes. 6. The matter of intra-eomponent raovement of mail was discued iderable detail. It was concluded tha responsibilities of the various office impractical. This subject ties in closely with ts and will be considered further at ft later meeting. Approved For Release 2005/07/13 : CIA-RDP70-00211R000800070003-2 Approved For Release 265107/1-It-CIA4:151p70-00211R000800070003-2 7. Consideration was given to the decentralisation of the central account to users of postage. Currently, there are 28 opera stanp accounts throughout the Agency, using about 425 each month. The central account requires approxinately $100,000 year, shout haat of which its bandied through a postage meter. alization would require considerable training of personnel postage rates also, considerable expenditure for scales, and other equipment. It was concluded that the present or ndling Postal mailing should eontinue. d. The next meeting has been set for 23 April 1963 at 930 a.11. Approved For Release 2005/07/13 : CIA-RDP70-00211R000800070003-2 5X1 5X1 Approved For Release 205/07/13 : CIA-RDP70-00211R000800070003-2 _ and of 23 April 1 Force Meeting TbOlt of the previous the meetiog was cour discussion was devoted to 11 as the content of the documeat. it was of Security has held that anything going to Secret co* Top Secret Should be processed oa tion of the installations even though the of a lower classification. This pertains to IA review of the classi. or and material ehoulol be t*de, es any lowerieg result in. *Image in processiag of material sion time and cost. This matter will be Cott meeting. ion on the matter of classification ceatered ts Secret and Confidential as contained Begulationa. It was the consensus of bile meaningful, were not explicit most Agency document originators; ly between Secret and Confidential, o use Secret either from habit or to be t the mail processing handboOk ion which would include both the cific Agency ea:melee of the , wouldbrns which normally fall under each classi-i Approved For Release 2005/07/13 :-CIA-RDP70-00211R000800070003-2 Approved For Release 2005/07/13 : CIA-RDP70-00211R000800070003-2 Secret and below, that courier receipts should be used for trans buildings and eliminated where movement is only within a build' proposed that this procedure be incorporated in the handbook. . The use of document receipts vas considered on two bases: and intra-Agency. a. It was agreed that all offices use scribed regulations for movement of in ever, it was found that generally there is no esure return of receipts from recipients. e inquiries on a spot basis revealed receipt out even though the recipient failed to return the receipt. The Central Mail Room also reported receiving a considerable aunber of receipts (Fora 1615) without the return address of the sender, making it impossible to forward the receipt. Two proposals resulted from the discuseion: (1) that Agency regulations be revised to prescribe an effective follow-up to assure return of receipts and (2) that the handbook include instructions in the prepare- ion and use of the receipt. accord- seined ive inted mai b. Document receipts are not required for intre-Agencymovemen of Secret and below material; however, they maw be used when the sender con- siders it deairable, It was the consensus of the meeting that document re- ceipts are unnecessary with the possible exception or certain sensitive material, end should be eliminated. It was felt that courier receipts would suffice for control purposes. It is proposed to include this item in the handbook. C. A of the courier and document receipt forms generally next meeting with a view to design a single form r and document receipts and provide for effective SONO exception was made to the statement, 'It is not believed that any control system will produce missing documents, contained in paragraph 7c. of the Agenda. It was pointed out that controls are essen- tial to place responsibility and that use of the control system has led to recovery of missing documents. It was also pointed out that upwards of 500,000 pieces of mail are handled monthly by the Nhil and Courier Service with only 60-70 inquiries for trace. The question of whether the cost of the control system is justified was not conclusively resolved the general feeling being that recovery of only one document could be worth the entire cost. 7. Throughout the discus on many referenceswere made to paragraph 25X1 pertaining to document receipts and logging. These paragraphs appear to be subject to broad interpretation- I agreed to prepare a draft revision or consideration at the next meeting. -2- Approved For Release 2005/07/13 : CIA-RDP70-00211R000800070003-2 _ = Approved For Release 2005/07/11:-,CIA-RDP70-00211R000800070003-2 The next meeting vas scheduled for Mufti 29 April at 9;30 Approved For Release 2005/07/13 : CIA-RDP70-00211R000800070003-2 35X1 Approved For Release 200510T/13,: cjAzKIP70-00211R000800070003-2 of Mail and Courier Task Force Meeting of 29 April 1963 2. The minutes of the previous meeting were adopted with one excep- Paragraph 5a(1) contains the statement that Agency regulations be d to prescribe an effective follow-up to assure return f receipts. pointed out that AXecutive Order 10501 prescribes the use of docu ment receipts; however, it places the responsibility for sigosture and return on the seeder. The establishment of a comprehensive follow-up system in the Agency would require a substantial manpower increase which is not believed justified for this purpose. It was concluded that the courier receipt which is maintained in Agency control is eufficient dom.- aentation to initiate a search for any missing document. 3. Samples of the principal document receipt forms in current usage were reviewed. Several or these are special purpose such as for film, maps, intelligence reports, etc. It was concluded that these forms should continue in use. It was the consensus of the meeting, however, that the use of 's general purpose coribined courier and document form would have many advantages. The CIA Records Administration Office agreed to draft a coMbination form for consideration by the Task Force. The form will include a feature which will allow Agency mail rooms to ass fly iden- tify the originator of the dpcument so that receipts may be forwarded promptly upon return. 4. A proposed redraft of c 2)(1 ezice of logs, prepared members were requested to rake rurtner comments to the Chairman for considera 2px1 5. A general discussion of tote the following. Regulations on mainte- was considered. Task Force ? or the draft and submit he next meet tog. logging practices revealed Approved For Release 2005/07/13 : CIA-RDP70-00211R000800070003-2 Approved For Release 2005/07413 : CIA-RDP70-00211R000800070003-2 b. mi k of uniform and. of our internal control of the mail processing of this matter. It will give s direction. aa c, sion ended with the conclusion that tbe o a lot of unnecessary logging around here,. Approved For Release 2005/07/13 : CIA-RDP70-00211R000800070003-2 Approved For Release 2005/07/13 : CIA-RDP70-00211R000800070003-2 TAB Approved For Release 2005/07/13 : CIA-RDP70-00211R000800070003-2 , Approved For Rele4s. 5ialit34.CIA-RDP70-00211R000800070003-2 TAB D onsolidation of Courier Runs and Annual Savings 2. Combined ThursdaY 3. Ccobined daily special ptcLp and. regular service. Combined special daU7 Airgram ran service. 7. Combined special with regular se Combined cable delivery State. Combined daily OP run to service. Combined daily OCR ran to Library of Congress vlth regular service. deUvezy of lar service. uler service. er to AID with end Street with regular TOTAL Annual Savings , Approved For Release 2 .05Y117/13 Y!dit 1RDP70-00211 R000800070003-2 TAB E Approved For Release 2005/07/13 : CIA-RDP70-00211R000800070003-2 COURIER TEST No. 1 Sent , Registry Thee Date 7 ? - .- Ti)216 Date "..-? Returned 0910, 'Dee 11 ce1 RP= 081, atts/c - ? Steviartlkui ? 6740, OM* Dee 11 MI It Street MO* Dec 11 GB3909 OM Dec 11 7015 3.005i. Dec 11 1600, Dec Li Arlington Towers Calita 2211 OM* Dec 11 ?CPA) Oa01/438 1) Dec 11 OMAR 1034 10030: Dec 11 OtVia: 1igted0 1010* Dee 11 ?CHO iii614, 103,3e Dec 11 OCRAD ..Ca1t0 06s? Dee 11 OCR Aerlin Staff 2261 10201 Dee 11 *-pec 1.171% Dee LI ,t..y01fp 7, cr.L.T,111:2 7-7 7-7:1'71 :Lx DD 1IEL8 Hcis. Approved For Release 2005/07/13 : CIA-RD 70-00211R000800070003-2 Dee--11: 1140, Dee 11 1040,..Dee utop -Dec ii Dee,-12 1140; an 3204 ,Dee 11 09352 Dec 32 A 4... - 1140;= Zee 11 LIAO,- reel" LThel mee u 1140, Deal/? 11110-P Die 11 1140; Dee?11 1140, Dec 11 Approved For Release 2005/07/13 : CIA-RDP70-00211R000800070003-2 Regiatry 0./Mt 7E41 iLcj Received. '-mv? ae 133c) Stewart 111114 Iag 1535 61?-40 1323 o 1717 II Street 1.05 G/10909 133D 7015 1355 ccivaixs s.L6Ax) Arlthgtaa Tatters =jai 2G1.1 1335 OMD 1330 OLIR 1034 13.55 OCE/GR 1E4810 Poo OtIVDP, 1U64 OCEiDD 0114.0 1315 CCi/fiddlatal. Asti" 2E161 1345 r'pro Returned Ti Alte 1315, Dec 11 15100 Dec 11 1040, Dec 12 1510, Dec 11 0857, Dec 12 1510, Dec 11 1510, Dec 11 0935, Dec 12 1555, Dec 11 1510, Dec 11 1510, Dec 11 1555, Dec U. 1510, Dec 11 1510, Dec 11 1510, Dec 11 Date 11 Rest at ri DD/S, 1DI8 Approved For Release 2005/07/13 : CIA-RDP70-00211R000800070003-2 Regtry TIze 7E47 146. 6Cc.:, 11 Approved For Release 2005/07/13 : CIA-RDP70-00211R000800070003-2 Reogive,J, Returned '..21e Date Time Date Dec 12 DD ,,, TDI..0 Illn 0659, Dec 12 OBI 21'28 k'345 10401 Dec 12 VIC Steuart Bwail!ng ,_Y948 0840, Dec 13 ?SI 67140 Cie42 1040, Dec 12 OLD/C 1717 li Street 1335 0640, Dec 13 ORR GH0905 W20 1040, Dec 12 ,, ... ,, 7015 1610, AA De(t 15100 Dec 12 O:R/LY,AB C)645 1135, Dec 12 AxiLnzton Tevere OCRiSE 2011 052 10400 Dec 12 OCRJXD 0B0438 ()640 1040, Dec 12 OCR/IB 134 0845 1135) Dec 12 CatiGR 1E4810 124'; 0940, Dec 13 0011,11i 11164 0845 1040, Dec 12 OCR/DD VW.) 0950 1135, Dec 12 oaR A4mLIT 3t4ff 2E61 0900 1040, Dec 12 ? t t Approved For Release 2005/07/13 : CIA-RDP70-00211R000800070003-2 Approved For Release 2005/07/13 : CIA-RDP70-00211R000800070003-2 C ? LI ,?.P.1 ' ? ? , ?z? ??? ??? Recommended Changes in Agency Regulation 25X1 I. Recommended Additions 25X1 25X1 b. TRANSMISSION OF CLASSIFIED DOCUMENTS OUTSIDE CIA (1) TOP SECRET DOCUMENTS, NOT REGISTERED (a) When delivery is to be made by authorized courier-secure- lY attach Form 240a, Courier Receipt, to1110..outer envelope or wrap- ping. (Re-letter present (a), 0:0, (c) and (d) accordingly) (2) SECRET AND CONFIDENTIAL DOCUMENTS NOT REGISTERED a) When delivery is to be made by authorized courier, secure- ly attach Fora 240, Courier Receipt, to the outer envelope or wrap- ping. (Re-letter present (a) and (b) accordingly) TRANSMISSION OF CLASSIFIED DOCUMENTS WITHIN CIA (1) TOP SECRET DOCUMENTS, NOT REGISTERED (a) When delivery is to be made by authorized courier, secure- ly attach Form 240a, Courier Receipt, to the outer envelope or wrap- ping. (Re-letter present (a), (b), (c) and (d) accordingly) (2) SECRET AND CONFIDENTIAL DOCUMEMS, NOT REGISTERED (a) No change. (b) When delivery is to be made by authorized courier to another CIA building, securely attach Form 240, Courier Receipt, to the outer envelope or wrapping. Courier Receipts will not be used for courier delivery within a CIA building. (Re-letter CO, (e) and (d) accordingly) 25X1 II. Recommended Change to 25X1 a. MAINTENANCE OF LOGS (1) No change. (2) SECRET AND CONFIDENTIAL LOGS Secret and Confidential Logs shall be maintained by respon- sible persons designated specifically for that purpose by Deputy Approved For Release ;2005/07/13 : 'C1A-RDP70-00211R000800070003-2 Approved For Release 2005/07/13 : CIA-RDP70-00211R000800070003-2 Directors, Operating Officials InspectorOenl, the Comptroller and the smer and CONFIDENTIAL material, not registered, eh3!l be lodged at the action point of receipt in the immediate office o . the above.named officials or any component under their jurisd tion and shall be logged out at the final point of disptach when bound for destinations outside of the component under the ebove- named officials, or when dispatched to a field office or between subdivisions of the aforementioned component located in different building*. Organizationsa.umits not Included in the foregoing may maintain Logs when deemed desirable for operational reasons or because of the nature of the activity involved. Field offices shall maintain Logs of all SECRET and CONFIDENTIAL material re- ceived and dispatched by them. If, during the course of optra- Um's, it is necessary or expedient at times to hand carry SECRET or CONMUMITIALdocuments, the control points at each end must be notified. (3) No Change. (4) No change. Approved For Release 2005/07/13 : CIA-RDP70-00211R000800070003-2 Approved For Release 2005/07/13 : CIA-RDP70-00211R000800070003-2 TAB G Mail Processing Handbook I. Purpose A. To outline various types of flowing throughout the Agency B. To outline the procedures for processing IL Types of Mal A. CIA /Uteri 1 3.. Dispatches s. Operational b. Administrative Cables Operational b. Marini atmtive rts a. Pouched b. Cabled Other (specify types) Memoranda a. Operational b. Administrative 5. Intelligence Publications 6. Regulations 7. Phone Directories 8. Forms Approved For Releiase 2005/07/13 : CIA-RDP70-00211R000800070003-2 Approved For Release 2005/07/13 : CIA-RDP70-00211R000800070003-2 i 1 Handling a. Top Secret b. Rybat Kapok d. Other ( Non-CIA Material 1. Intelligence Reports 2* Intelligence Publications 3. Cables Operati b. AcbdiiBtrattve ial Handling Top elecret b. Other (specify) papers MagazinePeriodical randa Classification A. Categories 1. Top Secret 2. Secret 3. Confidential 4. Administrattwe - Intern e Oij 5. Unclassified Types of documents vithia each category IV. interiai Control Procedures Approved For Release 2005/07/13 : CIA-RDP70-00211R000800070003-2 Approved For Release 2005/07/13 : CIA-RDP70-00211R000800070003-2 Logs 1. 4nere maintained 3. Procedures Receipts 1. Couriers ed ed b.ilhen used c. edures C. Top Seeret Control procedures D. Special handling procedures Di tribution CIA, Material 41. Readquarters Building 1. Messengers Tube 3. Band Cam!' B. lying buildings C. eadquarters I. Pouch 2. U.S. mail Ret?ar ser'rice to other departments and agencies i. Secia.1 ler service Approved For Release 2005/07/13 : CIA-RDP70-00211R000800070003-2