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December 19, 2016
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October 13, 2005
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December 21, 1953
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Approved For Release 2005/11/21: CIA-RDP70-00211 R000800350036-5 ,. Srs 21 December 1953 Summary of Meeting Held at 2st0 P.M. 17 December 1953, Room 2035-J Purpose: Discussion of the Survey Report of RI and WHO Prepared by General Services Office: Representatives: 01)/P I :A 25X1 25X1 25X1 I know you all know the purpose of this meeting today. 25X1 has asked as if I would get you people and 25X1 people together, and have an FI representative as wells to go over this survey you have made of RI and 3. feels 25X1 that you people have spent a lot of time and effort on this survey. You evidently have gotten into it very deeply and have come up with a fairly comprehensive and concrete report, and you have some very pointed recommendations. I haven't gone through this report completely myself, although some of you have,, but we want to make sure before a determination is made that we have given it proper attention and thought, and that we are taking the right direction. That is actually the purpose of our meet- ing today. I propose that perhaps the best way to handle this would be to take your recommendations one by one and you give us your reasons for these recommendations, and then I would like to have the RI and PI people give their reaction. we asked for comment from the area divisions and staffs. the operating activities. In a memorandum, which we wrote to May I suggest that if everybody is familiar with the report, and certainly we are and I assume that everybody is, we ought to clarify what our objectives are, point by pointo I am sure every- body concurs on this idea, that what RI is supposed to do is .serve 25X1 25X1 Approved For Release 20051-'jA-RDP70-00211 R000800350036-5 Approved For Release 2005/11/21 : CIA-RDP70-00211 R000800350036-5 proposal tP wa,s that a group of people, consisting of representatives of RI, of two or three area divisions, prob- ably from one or two staffs., get together, discuss and come p with an overall plan, not necessarily our recoanendatione. We are not saying ours is the only plane,-we think it's a workable plan. n one method of achieving the enc r s s s g ~' goal and the goal, of DD/ p. We'd like to see that there is a Records Program installed in each component of the Agency. This survey is limited. Only RI and were surveyed.-the rest of the area divisions and many of the staff activities were not included. Lately weave had ten, twenty, thirty people come to us directly and ask for assistance in connection with some of their records problems. Let's try to follow the approach, if we can, of setting up a records program. Let's continue this thinking-.-.this one meeting represents months of work. The pro. cedures and the establishment of RI as it exists today represents servicing the Agency for many years. We do not think the thing should hA F v+eara~?ri 2a..a.1..1 -. ,._- 4 down the middle--what we ought to do is form one ball, team and discuss the proposal. We've gotten the facts. The facts are certainly subject to clarification. The recosndstio epcrr a a survey of : and takes in only A... do not necessarily feel that ever-Ahing we reaccammen 1 d i replied but there is no indication that the comments had been obtained., We fee, that for a proper evaluation of the report, since the r t i We appreciate that one hundred percent. There is one point we have to establish before we go further--that we do have efficiency in our RI shop and Records Management Program. Perhaps Record Management is servicing the DD/P and the area divisions. If that is true there is no sense in going through these long studies. How do you feel about this, John? I agree with that wholeheartedly. May I say that you have to completely review the study and the facts before you find out whether there is a problem. Let's do s s find out where we're going and where weirs going to end up after we have done this. Is it your proposal that this review is to be limited to one discussion? Does anybbdy have in writing the study of the staffs of this proposal? The results I feel we should limit today t s discussion and after we have sum- marized the results we can determine whether it is necessary to revise the procedure or whether we are satisfied with the system as it is. With that in mind I would like to start with your recommendations and go right down the line. Approved For Release 2005/11/21 : 7A-RDP70-00211 R000800350036-5 Approved For Release 2005/11/21 : CIA-RDP70-00211 R000800350036-5 way you see fit. We have this summarization in the fro numerically with those in the back? how the survey report was set up.) does that agree explained Let's take each recommendation and read it over, and if you care to you can comment on each one and we'll arrive on conclusions on each recommendation. The first four recom- mendations are listed on page 29: "1. That operational records be maintained only in the division file station as proposed in Recommendation No. 10 Page 47. " . That administrative records be maintained only in the division file station as proposed in Recommendation No. 10,, page 47, That copies of field and dissemination reports from all divisions be maintained in the central 11/P file station. That copies of field and dissemination reports for the creating divi- sion be maintained in the division file station as proposed in Recom- mendation No. 10, page 47." The representatives of the General Services Office then explained that what they visualized was a Central Registry, preferably centrally located for the sake of geographic convenience, with division registries at strategic points, RI would be the point for distribution of mail from iii to each staff activity and area--those registries would have the function of internal dis- tribution of mail. I explained that they did not intend to abolish U i, but recommended abolishing the existing id Staff (in its present concept). it could continue to exist but for the purpose of liaison between area divis- ions and staffs. The present index and record activity would be changing its name because it would be operating under a different concept. The following points were discussed in detail, with representatives of R explaining the systems now in use by RI, pointing out the advantages, and explain ing why the recommendations would not be feasible: a, Location of records; whether in a central location or in the area divisions at desk level. b. 5x8 CE cards prepared from field reports; security aspect, personnel required for preparation, problem of interfiling with present 3x5 cards, duplicate$ copies. c, Teleautograph or teletype for use between proposed registries and Central Index; Ri had inves igated possibility of use and found it would not be practical in view of security aspect. 25X1 Approved For Release 2005/11/21 CIA-RDP70-00211 R000800350036-5 Approved For Release 2005/11/21 : CIA-RDP70-00211 R000800350036-5 d. Type of material contained in files. What type of correspondence is considered "operational" as opposed to "administrative". It was agreed that Recommendation #2 requires clarification. (The acceptance or non-acceptance of recommendations 1, 2, 3 and 4 was not clarified at this point. Later discussion developed their non-acceptance.) cor endattont 5 "`at the subject classification of field and disseminated reports be discontinued. Instead, these reports should be arranged and filed in simple numerical sequence according to their source code and number of disseminated number. Recommendations 1, 2, 3 and 4 describe where such records should be kept." Detailed discussion followed regarding: Need of desk for chrono as compared to subject file. Correspondence covering more than one subject -- explained that it is filed by the subject primarily concerned and that cross reference is made to others. Requests for files-whether for personalities or subjects. Z'11 buy the opinion that we will file these reports by letting the need determine the system. he delayed consolidation of Information and references on per- sonalities be discontinued, and the procedure proposed in Recommenda- tion No. 7 be adopted." (Discussed with Recommendation #7.) deconu endptbcan #f'7 "That a C.E information file be established for the collection of informer Lion on personalities. This information should be collected and main- tained in the following manner: "a. A card should be prepared upon initial receipt of information in the divisions and that subsequent entries be added on a continuing basis. ';b. The cards should be prepared concurrently with the preparation of the disseminated, upon receipt. "c. Duplicate sets of cards should be maintained in the DD/P Central "pile Station and in the division file station. 25X1 "d. ' e process for duplication of CE card by the ozalid method as described &n page 42 should be used." Approved For Release 2005/11/21 : Qjl-RDP70-00211 R000800350036-5 After d ~~ ~ would that satisfy this reco or a 8 200511 112 ~ 1 ~4 7 R01 tgJ35 a 3 current case m mendation? Let's look into this further. , . eom-endation j'o, 8 "That the W information file gradually replace the present main Name Index. In the interim period, reference would be made to both the newly established CE file and the Main index, No new material would be added to the latter index. the vine It would be permitted to "wither on the Discussions followed regarding the index which the Survey report recommended "withering on the vine"; details such as time element, operation of two systems during the changeover, dead files, etc., were discussed. h system would serve our purpose best? What are the ad- vanntages? representatives explained why the This referred nformation card would not be feasible. Let me ask, what, if any, are your objections to installing the proposed system? Duplication of effort, duplicate search of names, and what is going to amount to conversion of several million documents. You're already substituting one system for another. Our group is improving the system and on that basis let's not jump again into yet another system. One point in answer to your comments, and that is that in all support areas the office of the DO/P is depending and is getting more and more advice from the office of the CT?/A, Logistics, Finance, Personnel, etc. a intend to use your capabilities. We have an organization here carrying on within DD/w.. that should work closely with you and establish uniformity. The only point is that if our re uirements are different than the over-all Agency, within .0 P itself, then it may not necessarily be uni- form with the Agency. That applies to your regulation on the Agency File Manual, ecarreendatiesa tics, 9: r dw "That operational and administrative records be maintained in accordance with the Agency File Manual which is now in process for formal concur- rence. It has been discussed with representatives of the 1)T)/F, 11/I, the DO/As the Office of Communications and the Office of Training." (The Agency File Manual has not been concurred in by 13/P as it does not ful- fill. CS requirements.) Approved For Release 2005/11/21 : CIA-RDP70-00211 R000800350036-5 Approved For Release 2005/11/21 : CIA-RDP70-00211 R000800350036-5 That an official file station be established in the W ID to carry out the functions outlined on Page 46. This same recommendation appears to be applicable to other foreign divisions and senior staff offices." (The subject of this recommendation had been discussed early in the meeting when discussing the first four recommendations.) a: co endation No. 31: that field pouches for the attention of the extern Hemisphere Divi- sion be delivered to their file station unopened and that outgoing pouches be prepared for dispatch in the same facility." endation #11, with regard to the time element involved in pouch deliveries, several surveys have been made and in every case the time lost was lost in Division handling, not in RI. H scent surveys tracing down dispatches showed that they have mostly been found in the area division or by the area division or staff, but once they are signed they go right through in RI. ?endt vn No. 12: That in the absence of an apparent need for true mail control pro- cedures,, the pouch manifest be used in lieu of the Abstract File Slip, to record the internal distribution of documents, This function should be perfrned by the Area Division File Station." (It was decided that the manifest could not be used for document control; no detailed discussions,) dation No, 13: "It is recommended that all 0SS records be collected and moved to the .gency r s Record Center. This action should be taken as promptly as possible with one consideration for efficient utilization and management," What we want to determine is how active these files are and whom the users are, and if the records are more than slightly active and are primarily used by DD/P, they will stay where they are, other se turn them over to the Records Center, providing Security and each element agrees. tern mends ti.on No. 14: "The survey team strongly feels that summary memoranda replies to rye check information should be prepared under the general guidance of the Division case officers. The clerical unit involved in preparing the reply should be performed by personnel assigned to the Division file station." (lad been o ~ l 11i2c :ICI MP .0 1MO0800350036-5 Approved For Release 2005/11/21 : CIA-RDP70-00211 R000800350036-5 ee~o stadation. No. 1.5 z "That the use of such methods as Teleautograph, Teletype, or other mechanical processes be investigated for adoption in expediting references between various organizational units. Such mechanical methods must provide for secure transmission of messages." representatives stated that they are checking into these methods. R'ecommendat 4 on o. 16: "That arrangements be made to convert the Crypto-Pseudo file from the present 3x5 cards to punched cards. The General Services Office will be glad to assist in the development of this project. "The Crypto-Pseudo file should be maintained by the ii.0/P central file station." The Crypto-Pseudo file as it exists in RI today was discussed. It would seem there is a questionable application of Recom- mendation #16. Rec Records disposition control; including r titan and disposal of records. nt, preserva 11b. A minimum staff of GS-13 and GS-12,, be established to carry out these r unctions. The GS-13 analyst would be the records administrator for Clandestine Services and be re- sponsible for the development of standards for the creation, maintenance and disposition of records. In addition, this employee would be responsible for assuring that the records program of Clandestine Services conforms with that of the Agency. This staff report directly to the Chief of Administration for DD, An active records management program be established for the entire 01/. area to include the following major activities: Records creation control; creating adequate records for docu- mentary purposes and preventing, the creation of unnecessary records; 1'2, records maintenance control; establishing uniform procedures and systems for maintaining current and semi-current records; Approved For Release 2005/11/21 ^ 7t -RDP70-00211 R000800350036-5 25X1 Approved For Release 2005/11/21 : CIA-RDP70-00211 R000800350036-5 Paragraph a.-i is being done. Paragraph a-2 - agreed this is the crux of the whole survey and that will be our major objective in 1)0/P. Paragraph a-3 - Records disposition control presently in effect. quoted figures supporting the total of 1,259 cu.ft. of records which have been retired? primarily to Archives. questioned the establishment of disposal schedules and was assured by 0 that they had been taken care of and would be accomplished by 30 June 1954. Overseas application was questioned and stated that established procedure was coming out in nendation No. ; "It is recommended, however, that continued efforts be made to see if punched card methods are applicable to any other records keeping process in HI or throughout the FI. This function should be performed by the Records Management staff as suggested in Recommendation No. 18.1$ suggested that under the Records Management Program RI should assume responsibility and work with O&M people. It was explained that RI Staff is in constant touch with regarding any problemmthat come up and suggested that those persons who present their problems to staff be sent back through channels. g closed at 5:30 P.M. Approved For Release 2005/11/21 :1 l7 -RDP70-00211 R000800350036-5 25X1 25X1 25X1 BRET