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December 9, 2016
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May 24, 2001
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May 14, 1959
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A'MF.IJV11.I\ i LJk i1i L;;:~,Ij~y?r 1f.j i 2 5 Approve p s' 0$/27 : CIA-RDP70-06241 R000200120051-6 *)fttGDT: NO.: ' 14, 1959 s SUBJECT: POd .on at Ordinary Ad l.strative rv+ r Radio f3onf r.ne of A.:K Arpt-lf A4sc 1onaL raiecom cation Union regarding High Frequency Allocations AM, A DIIB ABABA., AMMAN, ANKARA, A3UNCI( , ,` S, BA(R!DU, , BMW, BELGRADE., B1 GHAZI, BERN, BOOM ! ac w, BIiUSSE'L5, BOWS AIM, CAIRO, CANBgRRL, CARACAS, CIUDIAD ' p'JILW, COL 48O, =AMM, ODP FN, DJAKARTA, 1XJBLZN, OUATEiKa1 S, IIABANA, HE SDII: , Jfl1 , KAWL, KARAM, I HAI3T8t t, KUALA LW M, LA, PAZ, LIKA, LISBON, I OU&i, MADRID, MA!UAOUA, MANILA, MEXICO, D.P., MONROVIA, MONTEVIW O, NEW DELHI, ')SLt3, PA!1AMA, PH (14 PBNH9 PORT-AVPRXNCE, PRE')RSA, WITO, RABAT, RANOOO J, I JAVIK, BIa IM JANEIRO, Rte, SAIGON, SAN JOSE, SAN SALVADOR, SAflTIAt, SIg3UL, STOCOOU, TAIZ, TAIP'E , TEGUGIGA PA, T , T ~1, AVIV, THE K&OU'i, TOKI , TU IS, VIENNA, VIETIANE, WE LIN(lWN. a 3 + per. secaapald4 3 ). Neve ad and the At1*ntj City 19 allocatioi ham ?`:~ i~ 3.ait~a gea~ersMa hall to - dew IM the difficult er al l~~K`~I ;+R- ae renaae wars prableaasas ~i wf w ,g I !? a ?41...41 . aL*L.. A 1 2 _ . Reference is aadci ?.o the )c:prlrtinentae CA-9111, April 22, 3.955 traneaaitting the U.S.A proposals to thr Ordinary Administrative Radio Conference (OARC) of the in?,F.rnat.-'_onal Teleco nication Union (ITT) which is to cx)nven i.a, Uen is August 17. This itl. l b+ the first such conference since Atlantic City in 194.7. The agenda of the conference incl udeas 8i complete review of the ITU Radio 'regulation of which tht' I:nt:err1Rti0nal Table of Frequency Alloca- tione is a part. This Table represents the divis# or apportion,, meat of radio spectrum space to the different: xwdio Services,` aue:T: as aero utiftl, broadcasting, maritime, aaatojr and Iliad.: The afor!staattonsd Atlantic C Ity, Conference of t: osana~ldsorabls cii!`l3aa ty In agrees the n acs on o" ., a#,syat space, %imlar3, in the portion of the radio eet= .a+4i is most us t for long distance ommomications 1- t l r h 25 Our experience with the Atlantic City sai33tsoe iot> tlt.;.to darts has i -d ated a des .nits a i1provenen t (as regards e allooations inter usea. to 4 ho, atq merit of tin situation were sea r `only the costs of they smural a s r , . t ,dna], rW40 stations and as regat s ep - -A It ~~~+~ State D ept. declassification & release instructions on file Approved For Release 2001/08/27: CIA-RDP70'=tOD24- D UOi20051 _J9908- 1 _4 Approved For IA-RDI + ' curij y L w si catwO conferrsACes which tree necessary to -work out the details of the procedure a. reed at the Mhts*oadinary Ai inistratiwe Radio Coafrenae (Geneva, 1951) for bringir#g into Vse the Atlantic City allocations, but also the very great expenses borne b7 the various operating agencies whose f eVenoy usage had to be adjusted -or completely changed. Any changes to the Atlantic City allocatims in the h - 25 Me/s portion of the radio spectrum could have the effect of negating the acoompl.is aaente just recwttly- attained. Since the very Brest and costly task of adjusting to the 2,947 allocations was not generally completed until very recently, it is our view that considerably more aiVo ienoe .shoU]A be had with the Atlantic City allocations in this portion of the =41o spectrum before changes are considered. For these reasons, we have indicated in oar proposals to the 195q' Radio Conference that we could not be in favor of changes in the distribution of radio epectrxzi space to the several radio Services in the 'long distance" portion of the radio spectrums between approx mat el.y 4 and 25 Me/e. It is requested that y m bring this sw1pltixcatica of .our proposals te? the attention of ,the responsible aflIcials of the Gave cmtant to rhich you are eecrsdtted.+ond . phasise that we vc ld attach great.iaportance to end be most sp re iative of a statement of the specific views of the host country on this very important subject. If that Gower stet intends to propose d ages in allocations in this portion of the radio spectrum or ta: support scar possible changes proposed by other countries, we would study details of any such proposals with a view to rendering atr comments at the earliest practicable date. It is requested that your report to the Dell, ar? mcnt on this subject be made not later than June 15, if possible. Attention low- Delhii . Please transmit a copy of this i~tion to appropriate cat tier bt Nepal. IISCLASSL!TMD '~tSrcrsrX Appro'vedFor Release 2001/08/27 : CIA-RDP70-00241 R000200120051-6