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Approved For Release 2002/06/21 : CIA-RDP70B00338R000200010043-8 SECRET Enclosure 1 Question 12C Officer Personnel CDR Lloyd Bucher Attended: PUEBLO PERSONNEL Amphibious Warfare Indoctrination Course Submarine School CIC Officers School Two weeks at Naval Amphibious Training Unit, Coronado, for training Qualified: Submariner Lt. Edward R. Murphy Attended: Officer Candidate School Fleet Sonar School Key West (Special Officers Course, J-00-551) Destroyer School, Fleet Training Center, Newport, R. I. Lt. Stephen R. Harris Attended: NROTC Harvard University Communications School, Newport, R. I. (8 weeks) Russian Language Training (Defense Language Institute East Coast - 36 wks) Qualified: Russian Linguist LTJG Frederick Schumacher Attended: Officer Candidate School Communications School, Newport, R. I. (8 weeks) SECRET State Dept., NAVY reAv~'O%~MM'Mfi lase 2002/06/21 : CIA-RDP70B00338R000200010043-8 Approved For Release 2002/06/21 : CIA-RDP70B00338R000200010043-8 Officer Personnel. (coat' d) ENS Timotly L. Harris Attended: CWO3 Lacy NABTC Pensacola - AVROC II Training NABTC Pensacola - AVROC I Training Naval Training Center San Diego - 4 wks Storekeeper School FLTASWSCOL - 3 days Emergency Shiphandl- ing Course Naval Station San Diego - 1 week Basic Cryptography 1 week RPS Course Attended: FTC San Diego Prospective Engineers Course - 6 weeks GCA Engineman School, Olathe, Kansas - 4 months Served: Naval Advisory Group ROK Navy at Chinhae, Korea - June 1953 - April 1954 Enlisted Personnel (Comments) An unclassified list of the enlisted personnel and civil- ians on the Pueblo is attached. It was given to the press on January 24. The list is complete except for one name which has been withheld at the specific request of the next-of-kin'. The qualifications and duties of these enlisted personnel are described below by category. Boatswain's Mate (BM) Personnel: BM's aboard a ship like Pueblo maintain and preserve the topside areas of the ship, exclusive of antennas and elec- tronic equipment. They maintain and operate all ground tackle, boats, and rigging found on the ship. The BM's stand underway seamanship watches and train non-rated personnel in topside watch standing. These watches include: lookout, helmsman, lee helmsmen, messengers, and sound-powered phone talkers. Approved For Release 2002/06/21Ec . MMDP70B00338R000200010043-8 Approved For Release 2002/06/21 : CIA-RDP70B00338R000200010043-8 SECRET Gunner's Mate Guns (G.-MG) Personnel: GMG's are trained to operate, maintain and repair guns, gun mounts, turrets, rocket launchers, projectors, associated handling equipment and small arms; make detailed electrical, electronic, hydraulic and mechanical casualty analyses; main- tain and repair electric, electronic, hydraulic and mechanical systems and servosystems in guns, gun mounts, gun turrets, rocket launchers, projectors and associated handling equipment. Quartermaster (QM) Personnel: QM's assist the Navigator in all phases of the ships navi- gation and piloting. They maintain all. navigational equipment and publications, exclusive of any electronic equipment. They actively assist the Navigator in piloting and make routine sightings, recordings, and minor computations. The Quarter- masters notebook is maintained at the conning location of the ship, usually the bridge, and is the official record of the ship's movements, orders to helm and engines, unusual sightings and all noteworthy observations. This "log", as it is called, is the responsibility of the Quartermaster and it becomes a critically important document in any grounding, collision, or similar incident. S g almen (SM) Personnel: SM's are responsible for the visual signaling sent to and received from a ship. They send messages by flashing light, semaphore, and flag hoist in the exact text with which they are provided, and they report incoming messages to the Officer of the Deck, Commanding Officer, Executive Officer or Communi- cations Officer in the exact text that they are received. Signalmen are responsible for displaying the national ensign and other flags as appropriate. Radiomen RM Personnel: Radiomen are trained to transmit, receive, log, route, file, and maintain security of messages in accordance with existing regulations, instruction, and procedures. They operate typewriter and teletype-writer equipment; tune radio transmitters and receivers; and operate and perform opera- tional and preventive maintenance on, and locate the more common failures in radio equipment, including associated frequency shift keyers, converters, motors, motor generators and power supplies; and radiotelephone and other assigned c omr ppIrove i conore e ,c. uie sPPbb2l/ 6/21 : CIA-RDP70B00338R000200010043-8 rove SECRET Approved For Release 2002/06/21 CI , -~l P70B00338R000200010043-8 Electronics Technician (E Personnel Electronics Technicians are trained to maintain, repair, calibrate, align and adjust electronic equipment used for communication, detection, tracking, recognition and identifi- cation, aids to navigation, electronic warfare, and radiac. Communications Techni_cian_ (CT Personnel.: CT's are trained to perform a variety of tasks and functions relating to the field of communications and electromagnetic phenomena. These include the operation and maintenance of various types of communications equipments, research and devel- opment in naval communications related systems including the preparation of research and interpretive reports on communica- tion material, communications security, and issuing, stowing and accounting for the classified publications and devices necessary to support the Navy's mission. Training received by the CT's on board Pueblo, subsequent to their recruit training, was conducted at various Navy and other Armed Forces training centers, and was in consonance with their rating in all in- stances. Interior Communications Electrician (IC) Personnel: IC's are trained to maintain and repair interior communi- cations (IC) systems, gyro compass systems, amplified and unamplified voice systems and related equipment; and stand, IC and gyro compass watches. Electrician's Mate (EM) Personnel: EM's are trained to perform a variety of tasks and func- tions relating to the field of electrical, power generation and distribution aboard U.S. Naval. vessels and stations. These include the operation and maintenance of generators, switch- boards, and electrical control equipment; maintaining and re- pairing power and lighting circuits, electrical. fixtures, motors, and other electrical equipment; testing for short circuits, grounds, or other casualties; and repairing and rebuilding electrical equipment. SECRET Approved For Release 2002/06/21 : CIA-RDP70B00338R000200010043-8 Approved For Release 2002/06/21 : SI RlP70B00338R000200010043-8 En (EN) Personnel-: Enginemen are trained to perform a variety of tasks and functions relative to the operation, maintenance, and repair of internal combustion engines and auxiliary equipment. In- cluded in the list of equipment maintained are main propulsion, auxiliary and emergency diesel and gasoline engines, related propulsion plant drive and supporting components, auxiliary boilers and ancillary systems, and various auxiliary installa- tions including air conditioning, refrigeration, hydraulic and housekeeping equipment. Yeoman YN) Personnel: The yeoman acts as the principal administrative assistant to the Executive Officer and the Personnel Officer. In this capacity he Performs a wide variety of tasks which include: a. Preparation and typing of routine correspondence and reports. b. Typing of correspondence and reports drafted by the Ship's Officers. c. Maintenance of all officer and enlisted service records. d. Preparation and submission of officer and enlisted personnel diaries. e. Maintenance of Navy and DOD classified (CONFIDENTIAL) and unclassified directive files. f. Maintenance of correspondence files. g. Maintenance of report tickler file. h. Sorting and routing of incoming official mail. Storekeeper SK) Personnel.: Personnel in the SK rating are responsible for the procure- merit, receipt, stowage, issue and transfer of all materials for the command to which attached with the exception of ammunition and medical supplies. They are responsible for the inventory of all materials under the custody of the Supply Officer based upon their specific job assignment within the Department. Additionally, they maintain detailed records relating to expen- diture of OPTAR 'funds, maintain commissary and ships stores records and submit applicable reports and returns. Store- keepers are trained in class "A" schools for basic supply pro- cedures and class "C" schools for training of a more technical nature. On-the-job training is utilized to its fullest extent. SECRET Approved For Release 2002/06/21 : CIA-RDP70B00338R000200010043-8 Approved For Release 2002/06/21 : GiA=REI?70B00338R000200010043-8 Comm.issar-vman (CS) Personnel: CS's are trained to perform the basic functions required of personnel in the food Service Division of any ship. This basically requires knowledge of food pre-)aration, sanitation, and duties connected with insuring that adequate provisions are on hand to maintain food service operations without bene- fit of restocking for extended periods of time. CS's are often trained subsequent to recruit training, at Navy "A" and "B" schools or achieve proficiency in the food service area as a result of in-service training. ITog}p_jtaI ,Corr~smen (IiM) Personnel: The HM aboard Pueblo is qualified for independent duty, which means that he serves a command where a medical doctor is not immediately available. His primary duties include routine treatment of minor illness and injury, treatment of major illness and injury until more extensive medical assistance be- comes available, all phases of preventive medicine, routine innoculations, first aid training of the crew, processing of deceased personnel, and administration of the ship's Medical Department. In order to perform these assignments he holds routine treatment hours, routine inspection of the ship and personnel, and is on call for emergencies at all times. Photographer' Mate (PII) :Personnel: Photographer's Mates are trained to record actual and` simulated battle operations; make pictorial records of his- torical and newsworthy events aboard ship and ashore; expose and process light-sensitive negative and positive material; arrange, compose, and illuminate photographic subjects, make finished prints, mosiacs. and strip photographs; inspect and maintain cameras and camera control equipment, and related photographic equipment and accessories; and maintain associ- ated photographic files, records, and supplies. In general, accomplish the entire spectrum of photographic work requested by the naval service. Steward SD 11'N } Personnel: SD's are trained to perform numerous tasks and functions relative to the proper operation and administration of an of- ficers' mess. In general this involves the proper preparation and serving of meals, the uokeeP and maintenance of offic.ers' SEC RI' Approved For Release 2002/06/21 : CIA-RDP70B00338R000200010043-8 Approved For Release 2002/06/21 : CIA-RDP70B00338R000200010043-8 staterooms and related areas. Training received by Stewards on board USS Pueblo, subsequent to their recruit-training, was acquired at Steward Class "A" schools. Seaman (SN) Primary duties of a seaman include line handling and upkeep of deck surfaces. He performs, under supervision, deck seamanship and cargo handling and prepares himself for advance- ment to petty officer status. Fireman (FN) Primary duties of a fireman include maintenance of fire room and engine room spaces. He performs, under supervision, mechanical repair to machinery required to propel the ship, assists in maintaining interior communication equipment, and prepared himself for advancement to petty officer status. U.S. Marine Corps Personnel: These men were temporarily assigned to duty on Pueblo to augment the capability of that unit to perform its assigned mission. Their skills and training were similar to those of the Communications Technician (CT) personnel on board. CWO Lacy served in Korea, as noted above, in the period 1953-1954. Additionally, two of the EN personnel and the YN were authorized -to wear the Korean Service medal, for service in that theatre in the time frame 1950-1954. One of the CS personnel had served in Korea as an enlisted member of the U.S. Army. None of these was qualified in the Korean language. The two U.S. Marine Corps personnel are qualified Korean linguists, although neither had served previously in the Republic of Korea. These two men were the only men on board the Pueblo trained in the Korean language. SECRET Approved For Release.2002/06/21 : CIA-RDP70B00338R000200010043-8 Approved For Release 2002/06/21 : CIA-RDP70B00338R000200010043-8 ENLISTED PERSONNEL Abelon, Crog.elio Parel, TN, B96 12 81 Aluague, Rizalino Lastrella, TN, 776 91 68 Anderson, Wayne Drexel, CT3, 795 71 30 Arnold, Richard Everett, FA, 999 07 90 Ayling, Charles William, CT3, 772 97 62 Bailey, Don Earl, CT1, USN, 494 99 84 Baldridge, Herman Paul, IIMI, 345 25 20 Bame, Richard Ivan, ENFA, B50 35 98 Bandera, Peter Milton, SN, B88 81 43 Barrett, Michael Thomas, CT1, 489 55 24 Berens, Ronald Loon, BM3, 796 95 81 Bland, Howard Edward, FA, B80 56 32 Blansett, Rushel Junior, EN1, USN, 425 45 70 Bouden, Ralph Dalton, CTC, USN, 369 90 36 Brusnahan, Paul David, CT3, USN, 917 59 00 Bussell, Willie Columbus, BM3, USN, 290 31 67 Canal.es, Armando Moreno, YNI, USN, 440 09 27 Chicca, Robert J., SGT, USMC, 204 76 22 Crandell, Charles Henry, Jr., RM 3, USN, 599 93 65 Crowe, Bradley Reed, CT3, USN, 916 63 37 Duke, Rodney Harteman, CT3, USN, 918 56 75 Ellis, Stephen Paul, SN, USNR, 354 25 66 Approved For Release 2002/06/21 : CIA-RDP70B00338R000200010043-8 Approved For Release 2002/06/21 : CIA-RDP70B00338R000200010043-8 -2- Escamilla, Victor Delon, TC2, USN, 547 05 44 Garcia, Policarpo Polla, SKI, USN, 455 14 85 Gi_nther, Francis John, CT1, USN, 588 74 46 Goldman, Monroe Onel, ENC, USN, 348 06 41 Grant, John White, CT3, USN, 904 38 99 Hagenson, Gerald William, EM1, USN, 518 44 97 Hammond, Robert J., SSGT, USMC, 204 68 01 Hayes, Lee Roy, RM2, USN, 549 46 69 Higgins, John Charles, Jr., FN, USNR, 137 48 31 Hill, Robert Walter, Jr., SN, USN, B416042 Hodges, Duane Daniel, FN, USNR, 920 49 06 Karnes, Sidney Jerry, CT3, USN, 697 58 88 Kell, James Francis, CTC, USN, 470 0636 Kisler, Earl Murray, CT3, USN, 914 48 32 Klepac, Norbert John, BM1, USN, 362 54 19 Lamantia, Anthony Andrew, CT3, USN, 793 40 66 Langenberg, Peter Morton, CT2, USN, 777 84 82 Law, Charles Benton, Jr., QM1, USN, 389 91 10 Layton, James Dewar, CT1, USN, 533 22 39 Leach, Wendell Gene, SM2, USN, 792 45 15 Lewis, Harry (n), CS2, USN, 517 66 56 McCl_arren, Donald. Raymond, CT 2, 917 1866 McClintock, Ralph, CTC, USNR, 693 00 93 Mack, Lawrence William, PII1, USN, 420 71 33 Approved For Release 2002/06/21 : CIA-RDP70B00338R000200010043-8 Approved For Release 2002/06/21 : CIA-RDP70B00338R000200010043-8 -3- Maggard, Roy Jay, SN,USN, B81 95 52 Marshall, Larry Joe, SA, USN, B21 17 02 Massie, William Thomas, FA, USNR, B58 05 24 Mitchell, John Arthur, FA1, USNR, B88 82 74 Nolte, Clifford Clair, ETR2, USN, 794 66 86 O'Bannon, Michael A., FN, USN, 996 89 57 Peppard, Donald R., CT1, USN,476 91 85 Phares, Earl Raymond, SA, USN, B82 83 79 Plucker, Alvin Henry, QM3, USN, 794 30 51 Reed, Ralph Edward, CS 3, USN, 477 67 36 Rigby, Dale Evans, SN, USNR, B88 80 23 Ritter, David Lee, CT'T1, USN, 588 10 65 Robin, Steven Jay, CTSN, USN, 772 04 86 Rogala, Richard Joseph, SR, USNR, 1358 02 16 Rosales, Ramon (n), SR, USNR, B79 34 81 Russell, Edward Stuart, SN, USNR, 354 23 99 Scarborough, William D., EN 2, USN, 536 71 01 Shepard, James Antwyne, CT1, USN, 533 2136 Shilling, John Allen, CT3, USN, 776 4013 Shingleton, John Robert, SA, USNR, B78 3350 Spear, Norman William, FA, USNR, B1813 72 Sterling, Charles Ray, CT2, USN, 319 7948 Approved For Release 2002/06/21 : CIA-RDP70B00338R000200010043-8 Approved For Release 2002/06/21 : CIA-RDP70B00338R000200010043-8 -4- Strano, Angelo Salvatore, CT3, USN, 915 41 50 Strickland, Lawrence Edwin, FN, USN, 779 45 72 Wadley; Kenneth Roy, GMG2, USN, 478 82 55 Woelk, Steven Eugene, FA, USN, B61 42 65 Wood, Elton Allen, CT2, USN, 391 34 67 Wright, Darrel Dean, EN3, USN, 795 01 57 CIVIL IAN OCEANOGRAPHERS Iredale, Harry R., GS-9 Tuck, Dunnie Richard,Jr., GS-11 Approved For Release 2002/06/21 : CIA-RDP70B00338R000200010043-8