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March 13, 1967
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ll. S. News ~ World Report CIA: OTHER SIDE OF THE STORY WHAT REDS ARE DOING When light is shed on the un- dercover war the Communists are waging against the U. S. everywhere, you can see what the Central Intelligence Agency faces trying to combat them. Soviet agents are formidable, unscrupulous, constantly on the offensive on many fronts. This report on how they operate comes from top intelligence offi- cials, here and abroad. Reported from WORLD CAPITALS One question that keeps coming up in the latest controversy over the Central Intelligence Agency is this: Just whom or what is the CIA fighting? The answer is found in the other side of the CIA story-the facts on what the Communists are doing all over the world to penetrate and grab control of organi- zations, underwrite treason and terror- ism, stir up strife, stage revolutions, steal secrets. It is the CIA's job to combat these ac- tivities of the Reds in the cold-war strug- gle that has been going on in the back alleys of the world far more than 20 years. From intelligence officials in the U. S. and abroad come authoritative accounts of what the CIA is fighting, how the Communists operate and reasons for such CIA programs as subsidization of work in the foreign field by some stu- dent, labor and other organizations. Disclosure of this financing brought the agency under fire, compromised some of its efforts and even led to demands that the CIA be abolished. Reds` use of fronts. As part of its plot to achieve world domination, Mos- cow-directed Communism maneuvers through international front groups. Worldwide, U. S. intelligence experts say, the Communists have 11 such organ- izations-all under direct control of the KGB, the Soviet Committee for State Security, "operational headquarters" for Peace Council, and there are interna- tional fronts for labor, youth, women, students, teachers, scientists, lawyers, newspapermen, radio-TV workers and "resistance movements." The head of the KGB-who at this time is Nikolai Anisimovich Shchelokov -is one of the world's -most powerful Communists because his agency controls all of Russia's foreign and military intel- ligence as well as Soviet internal security. In American terms, that would be like putting one man in charge of the CIA, the FBI and all of the military intelli- gence services, The importance that the Soviet Union places on front organizations is shown by this example: Alexandr Shelepin was a vice president of the International Union of Students when it was founded in 1946. He later became a vice president of the World Federation of Democratic Youth. Shele- pin then shat up to become head of the all-powerful KGB. He now is a top offi- cial of the Soviet Communist Party. Methods of operation. How do Communist fronts operate? Here is one way: Fronts recruit young Africans, Asians and Latin Americans for training in Com- munist countries-as labor leaders or guer- rilla fighters. The brightest are taught HEAD OF KGB, Nikolai Shchelokov, is one of the world`s most powerful Reds. er than the CIA, the FBI a y n~~ tdj i f o r ~ Th ' ~r ~l l3' b pQ ~20 ~/~~ ~ r y lgg ~ ese ; ~ 14 ~t l~s ~ p~~"itl i almost ever i~ntferest. There is a Wor d ence as wel as oviet in erna secure n it tary intelligence combined. how to overthrow governments and set up Communist regimes. An ultimate aim is to recruit young Americans. A major objective of KGB, working through fronts, is to draw non-Commu- nists into unity with Communists. Such a drive now is on the upswing in Western Europe, spearheaded by two of the groups, the World Federation of Trade Unions and the International Union of Students. A former KGB official who defected to the West says that 80 per cent of So- viet personnel abroad are "trained pro- fessional spies." The KGB, this man says, rates the U. S. as its No. 1 target and seeks to iso- late America from its allies on the theory that, when this isolation is accomplished, the U. S. will "crumble from within." The "unite and capture" theme runs through all Communist-front efforts, such as the World Youth Festivals that draw thousands fi?om all over the world. Costs of these events are high. The Moscow festival in 1957, for instance, is estimated to have cost up to 150 million dollars. The Vienna affair in 1959 cost 50 million. The Communist outlay on the youth festival in Helsinki in 1962 was around 30 million. Another one is to take place next year in Sofia, Bulgaria-and the Russians al- ready are blaring propaganda against the American delegation because of the rev- elation that CIA money financed trips by some young Americans to previous festivals. Bonanza for the enemy. The "expose" of this CIA subsidy-which, was carried out under national policy established years ago-is described by U. S. officials as a windfall for the Communists. At earlier festivals, the Americans-even though few of them knew that CIA money was helping to pay their expenses -succeeded in blunting effects the Com- munists hoped to achieve. In Communist countries, fronts pay travel costs for students, labor leaders and others. Communist funds also have financed travel by the Reds' American sympathizers-including students-to points behind the Iron Curtain and to Red Cuba. The KGB is said to have almost un- limited funds at its disposal-despite Rus- sia's shortage of foreign exchange-and 9f! p U. S. tJEWS & WORLD REPORT, March 13, 1967 U. S. News ~ World Re~poro ??..,.,,,.r WHEN THE "COVER WAS BLOWN" A veteran U. S. intelligence offi- cial, discussing public disclosure that CIA funds were being used secretly to finance some American students at international conferences, said this: "These students were not instruct- ed how to act, except in a very few cases. Main reliance was on the Amer- ican instincts and patriotism of al- most all the students who were financially helped to attend. "The main arm of the Soviet Gov- ernment's constant battle to discredit everything American-Moscow's so- called `Department of Disinformation' -has been sniping at the National Student Association for years. But it never was able to prove anything. "Now the Americans have given them the ammunition-perfect ammu- nition with which to fight any Amer- ican delegation at any international meeting. The Americans have acted to `de- vour our own children.' " can regain the effectiveness that the -w~ae World Photo National Student Association had. Americans at a youth festival: The main reliance was on their patriotism. "The U. S., not just the CIA, suf- fered asevere defeat in this thing. "The U. S. still must fight to pre- vent the Communists from having all their own way in international meet- ings of students-or teachers, or scien- tists, journalists, labor unions, what- ever. "But now that the CIA cover has been `blown,' the job will cost much more. And it will take along time before any U. S. organization or group One division of the KGB-the "Depart- ment of Disinformation," or Department D-operates in the propaganda field. It plants false information, including forged documents, wherever an opportunity ex- ists to smear and discredit the U. S. spe- cifically and the West generally. In this, Department D gets help from such fionts as the World Peace Council, the World .Federation of Trade Unions, the International Union of Students and the World Federation of Democratic Youth. An illustration: The World Peace Council spread charges during the Ko- rean conflict that the U. S. was using germ warfare. And two other fronts, the International Association of Democratic Lawyers and the World Federation of Scientific Workers, sent "investigating commissions" to obtain "evidence" in support of the charge. What do Reds seek? What the Com- munists are attempting to accomplish by undercover methods in every country was made clear in a recent public state- ment by the chief espionage official in the Security Ministry of Communist East Germany. Hie was talking about Ger- many, but he was enunciating the KGB line for all non-Communist countries. This top Red spy said: "To procure information and material is only one task of our organization. Communist Party victorious in the whole sources say, control all but four of the of Germany." national student federations in Latin Like all spymasters in satellite states, America-in all countries except Costa the East German. official is tinder KGB Rica, Bolivia, Chile and perhaps Uru- control. guay. The Communist-front International In every part of the world, secret Union of Students claims, in fact, that Communist activity poses a threat. 82 of the world's national student feder- Sometimes these activities are flushed ations are affiliated with it. into the open. On one such occasion, in In the Middle East, the present Soviet 1cJ65,. Communist financial support for objective, as defined by U. S. officials on terrorists in Venezuela was exposed when the scene, is to stir up enough trouble to three Red couriers carrying $330,000 in threaten .the stability of countries in cash were seized and jailed. which the U. S. has influence-particu- Venezuelan officials said that the laxly those where Americans control big tlu?ee-two women and a man-were oil reserves. agents of the Italian Communist Party, Examples of the KGB at work in the which Moscow had assigned the job Middle East include riots instigated by of smuggling money to guerrillas in Communist agents in Jordan, massive Venezuela. supplies of arms to Syria, bombings in The Communist move failed in that Saudi Arabia and floods of Communist instance because of counterintelligence propaganda pouring from Cairo, which like that in which the CIA-according to is headquarters for a number of Commu- members of other intelligence organize- nist fronts, such as the Afro-Asian Peo- tions-excels. But Venezuelan terrorists ples' Solidarity Organization. continue to get arms and money from Africa: Agents busy. In Africa, the the Communists. Reds are trying to keep the whole conti- One Communist faction in Venezuela cent in turmoil. receives weapons and training from Fi- Moscow and Red China bankroll op- del Castro's Cuba-where, only 90 miles ponents of President Jomo Kenyatta iri from U. S. shores, the KGB has a big Kenya. Communist influence in Tanzania stake. Cuba is a transfer point for the has grown to the point where the Gov- Red paymasters and spymasters in Latin ernment has undertaken to nationalize America. most private business. The Chinese From the inside-. Throughout South Communists used their embassy in Bu- Communist "political action" rundi as a relay point for weapons and America , to make use of the material and the agents infiltrate student groups and labor funds sent to rebels operating against knowledge g fined far political urposes unions whip up a station among peas- the Congolese Government in Kinshasa. -to blackm~plA~OL~i~i~,01'0~~~ 2~~d~Ilisi~il~t~l)B00338R00020083~0~?~' Congo, of which Brazza- ize the population, and to make the Communists, Western intelligence (continued on next page) { ~ U. S. News ~ World Report n .,. CIA: OTHER .SIDE OF THE STORY [continued from preceding page] ville is the capital, Communists-includ- ing Cubans-control the military forces. In Ghana, until they were thwarted by the coup that ousted Kwame Nkrumah, Soviet agents hnd penetrated the Gov- ernment to the point where they con- trolled Nkrumah's personal army and were building a military base to be used for operations throughout West Africa. The Communists regularly supply weapons to rebels in Portuguese Angola and Mozambique..In Somalia, the Army is equipped and influenced by the Com- munists. Soviet agents are fomenting trouble in Ethiopia. In Tunisia, Commu- nist penetration is mainly through stu- dents. In Algeria, Soviet economic aid is a lever used by the KGB. North of Africa, in the Mediterranean area, astep-up of Communism's covert actions coincides with the growing So- viet naval presence. All along the fringe of the Mediterranean, KGB men are busy. One piece of evidence: secret stockpiles of weapons, uncovered in Greece. Communist-front efforts are paying off in West Germany and elsewhere in Eu- rope. In 1966, for the first time, West German. non-Communist unions were per- suaded to send delegations to Poland, Czechoslovakia and Russia. A British trade-union group sent representatives to Russia. A Catholic federation of trade unions in France was induced to take joint action with the Communist-con- trolled French labor federation. task of the Federal Bureau of Investiga- tion. It is the CIA which has the respon- sibility for combatting actions in the rest of the world which are inimical to the interests of this country. In carrying out that mission, the CIA must face enemies of many kinds-en- emies masked as "do-gooders" as well as enemies trained in the dark arts of sub- version, espionage, blackmail and assas- sination-all dedicated to the Communist Senate's Internal Security Subcommittee says this: "Previous hearings have established that Moscow has, in the past, distx?ib- uted vast sums, along with its directives, through various secret channels to sup- port subversive activities in countries outside Russia, including the United States, and there is every reason to be- lieve that this practice continues." The CIA`s role. Countering Com- munist activities inside the U. S. is a -wia0 World Photo aim once stated bluntly by Nikita Khrtl- "POLITICAL ACTION" agents spread Red propaganda throughout Latin America; they infiltrate student and labor groups and whip up agitation among the peasants. Some of Britain's non-Communist orga- country after country-Vietnam, Indo- nizations have been heavily infiltrated by nesia, India, Burma and the Philippines Communists and used to promote Soviet -received the "go" signal from trade- propaganda against the U. S, union. centers. One of these groups-the Campaign Although the attempted Red revolu- for Nuclear Disarmament-mobilized tion in Indonesia in 1965 was smashed, strong opposition to American nuclear large numbers of Communists remain. strategy and- to British ties with the Both Moscow and Peking are trying North Atlantic Treaty Organization. The again, U. S. intelligence officials believe, British Union of Students is now the top to rebuild for another revolt. target for Communist penetration. In the Philippines, where suppression How Asia is affected. In Asia, the of the Huk uprising in the early 1950s World Federation of Trade Unions has is counted as-one of the CIA's great, but been the principal transmission belt for largely unpublicized, victories, the Com- Communist orders. munists again are trying to activate a The series of Communist insnrrections Huk rebellion. which broke out over recent years in A stafF study just released by the U. S. DEMONSTRAT4~{9r1Qrsal[~I~pDf~l@~S$e$0~+(#/(h6A'k~,: vC~Ii~keR~~??~OSiB$$T00?~3~9~"~r denied by his succes- provided by the World Federation of Trade Unions, agent for Communist orders. sors: to ux?y t e U. S. [EN~1 9R U. S. NEWS & WORLD REPORT, March 13, 1967