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December 19, 2016
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August 24, 2005
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December 20, 1967
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j vw u 2.0 11,A-440-7 Approved For Release 2005/09/28 : CIA-RDP70B00338R000300210027-3 H.S. RESEAfiJJJIjLp Federal Agencies Vow to Ent i Continued From Page 1, Col. 6 ~r-oral talks were held as well 21 Agencies Promise to Stop' with leading. academic figures. Covert Funding of Studies ' The officials declined to name g o "the scholars who were consult- on Foreign Countries ed. Officials said the drafting of the guidelines was not related B PETER GROSE ..to the work of the committee, Y headed by Secretary of State s~e~~t to The Now Y i Times Dean Rusk, that is trying to. WASHINGTON, Dec. 19-I determine a way of providing twenty-one Government agen-.. ,overt public financing for proj- ,les pledged today to abandon ects previously supported se- the controversial practice of ;.cretly by the C.I.A. nor, they said, is the code a result of providing secret funding for the public disclosures last win- academic research on foreign.,ter of C.I.A. funding operations. ;ountries. Nevertheless, the code will The pledge came in the an. have the effect of eliminating .nouncement by an inter-agency One of the sources of embar- rassment resulting from those committee of the State.Depart disclosures - the fact that ment of a code of procedure. ,scholarly institutions may not aimed at dispelling long stand. -have known the sources of the know about the project until!, it was reported in the Chilean ,press. Forced to cancel the study, take steps to minimize any ad- verse foreign reaction to a re- search subject, for instance on sensitive matters of social or political behavior, and in some cases will seek permission of the host government for Ameri- can scholars to work abroad. Exact procedures for carry- ing out the principles have not been laid down. It is under- stood that the public disclosure of each agency's researchcon- tracts will be made in an an- nual report of the inter-agency committee that drew up the guidelines, the Foreign Area Research Coordination Group, The extent of secret' funding for academic research by Gov- ernment agencies over the years has never been disclosed, President Johnson ordered Sec-. retary Rusk to set up Govern-. ment machinery to insure that research, projects should not prove embarrassing 'to the, United States Government. A foreign, Affairs Research Council in the State Depart- ment 11 was the. result, with authority to coordinate and. ex- amine.for foreign policy i,li- cations? all. research projects proposed by 'other 'agencies. ,The agencies adopting the research guidelines are: Agency for International Development; Arms Control and Disarmament Agency; Central Intelligence Agency; Departments of Agri- culture, Labor, State and,Health Education : and Welfare, Na- tional Academy of Sciences; National Aeronautics andSpace Administration; National En- dowment for the Humanities National Science Foundation; United , States Information Agency; White House Execu- though there are indications C.I.A. programs in this that field State Department contracts only about $70,000 of the $35 -million total yearly figure.The Department of Defense is by far the largest contractor, through its various military and civilian branches. I Project Camelot Recalled ing uncertainties in the rela~ funds that they accepted under tions between the academic ,klovernment contract. Among the other points in community and the Federal tithe statement of principles are Government arising from the these: use of Government money to liThe Government must not support scholarly research. do anything that would call Officials said this was the into question the . integrity of first time that a set of ground .academic institutions. gAgencies should encourage rules had been established on earth, though the "practical a Government-wide basis for the disbursement of some $35- million a year in Government contracts with universities and private research institutions. Among the 14 guidelines laid down is the statement that "the fact of Government research support should always be ac- knowledged by sponsor, uni- versity and researcher. The principles have been ac- cepted by the Central Intelli- gence Agency and other intelli- gence branches, as well as ma- jor Government departments in- volved in support of academic research in' the social a nd be- havioral sciences. Projects involving the na- tural sciences are not covered by the guidelines seafph in this cpun_ try that does' not involve j`o' et n society or area. It was the outcry over an Army research project in 1965 that triggered the present code of procedures, the project, called Camelot, was a multi- million-dollar inquiry into the sociology of rebellion in under- developed countries, carried on by scholars attached to Amer- ican University here. The Army's support of the project was not acknowledged until it became a political is- sue in Chile, one of the coun- tries being studied. Even the United States Ambassador to Chile, itaiph 'Dungan, did, not ) 'ern. world" may require some secrecy. 9Research projects should be .t`$esigned to advance general t,knowledge as well as meet im- 4mediate policy needs. r )The Government agency E must inform the scholarly in- The code ~c2ps legal authority of an Executive order, nor does it contain any .provisions for policing the ban on, secret funding. C.I.A. Vows to Follow Rules Officials ex ressed, the be- 11, ef, however, that having pub- licly, endorsed the code, no agency copld safely continue a practice that has spread con- fusion and resentment in this country and abroad. A spokesman for the C.I.A. said: "We participated in draw- tive Office, and the Peace Corps. The following Defense De-. partment agencies also parti- cipated:' Advanced Research Projects Agency; Defense Re- search and Engineering Direc- torate; Office ? of International Security Affairs; Defense Intel- ligence Agency, and the De- partments of the Air Force, Army and Navy. Percy Talks With Eban JERUSALEM, Dec. 19 (Reu- ters)-Senator Charles H. Percy, Democrat of Illinois, was briefed today on the Israeli position on Middle East prob lems during a meeting with] Foreign Minister Abba Eban. fUUMAfy4SER THE NEEDIEST! ing up these guidelines and we, of course, will abide by them." All the agencies concerned were consulted in the prepara- tion of the code, State Depart- ment. officials said, and infor- ContinueddrtPCqt?`proved For Release 2005/09/28 : CIA-RDP70B00338R000300210027-3