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December 19, 2016
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July 15, 2005
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October 2, 1967
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LONDON TI2r'S Approved For Release m l/~O : D I RDP7OB00338R000300220025-4 ::.x '.n z YI e to r - ~+a John Philby (left) photographed in London yesterday and (right) the photograph he took of his father in Red Sq 0 w, repro uteri by arrangement wtth The Sunday limes._. BY THE NEWS TEAM The publication of phbtogra,phs of Mr. George Blake and Mr.. " Kim " Philby in Russia in one week, together with details of their espionage careers, brings to a climax a spate of inside informa- tion about the inner Aork'ings of intelligence operations and govern- ment secrets from both the east and the west. It began with the revelations by Mr. Gordon Lonsdalc, .the Soviet spy, in a book at the end of 1965. when he poured scorn on the efficiency of British spy-catching. It lc,oked very much like an attempt, to discredit the trustworthiness . of British intelligence in the, eyes ? of America. Driving' a wedge between the two countries has long been' an aim of Soviet policy. But Mr. Harold Evans, editor of The Sunday Times, emphatically. denied yesterday that his paper's articles on Mr. Philby were facili- tated by Russian connivance. "It is not a plant", he said, explaining that the material was the result of nine months' .research ? by a large team of reporters working in many parts of the world. Counter blows Philby's son. John, came on the son. John, came on the scene and was sent off to Moscow to i his father with a list of questions and a camera. virtually complete before Mr Wynne He said the investigation The Observer. These were said to be notes and sketches accumulated by Mr. Olcg Pcnkovsky. who was sentenced to death in Moscow in 1963 after an espionage trial in which Mr. Wynne was co-defendant. ' The Russians condemned them as false and even some western quarters saw the hand of the .American Cen- tral Intelligence Agency at work. ' The memoirs of Mrs. Svctlana Alliluyeva provided the next move in the espionage propaganda chess game. The Russians attempted to discredit her by circulating a version of her book supposedly left behind in Moscow, evidently believing that the western version would have been largely ghosted by the C.I.A... Intrigues profitable for both sides e un ay Times was taking More embarrassing to them, how-' a great interest in the case that The ever, has been Mr. Wynne's book Observer prepared the article carried was 't The Man from Moscow in which he in yesterday's s issue. throthat for three days he went synopsis of the book was in The through a dress rehearsal of the trial, the hands of the publishers, Hamish in the Moscow courtroom. Hamilton, , and the book would be Both sides would appear to be pre published in n about six months' time. pared to take their chances in making But he agreed that had the This image-consciousness would whatever, capital they can from the Russians truly wished Mr. Philby to appear to have begun w d e 4 have out of r lt$~Yed'r R1011W1 l@ pAna-l hen P1ili1 ~ have ensured he h running the ortland.'spy. ring and their job easy. The same must apply to the Blake swapped in April 1964 for Mr. photographs which were obtained in . Wynne, started writing his memoirs. Moscow by his mother after Mr. ' Certainly his book Spy was con- Blake himself instigated her visit. sidercd an impressive shot in the The fact that the Russians did not . propaganda game, and credit was prevent these two British newspaper felt to belong to the Soviet state scoops suggests that they are content i security K.G.B. department. for both to act as counter-propa- It was followed by a riposte, if a panda blows to the Greville Wynne fortuitous one, in the form of The book just published. ? _ ' ' Pevrkovsky Papers published in Newspaper rivalry over the Britain by Collins and serialized in Philby exploits has been intense. A source on The Observer said yesterday that the paper's chief Middle East correspondent, Mr. Patrick Scale, who had been Mr. Phitby's number two in Beirut until he vanished, had been working on the story ever ? since the disap- pearance. ..Hand of the' CIA at work .At the same time he had been allowed time off to work on a book with Mrs. Eleanor Philby, to be published in about six months time. He was also preparing a series of articles on the Philby' case which The Observer had been planning to carry next summer. It was only when it was discovered that Th S d