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December 15, 2016
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November 12, 2002
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March 16, 1967
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zET Approved For Rele a 2002/11/22: CIA-RDP70B00501R00Q000080 16 MAR MEMORANDUM FOR: N 'Acting Deputy Director for Science and Technology Director of Planning, Programming, and Budgeting SUBJECT : BOB Request for Special Studies: 25X1 1. As part of the spring program review requirement*, the Bureau of the Budget (BOB) has identified several activities for the Director to address in Agency Program Memoranda. The special study topics were discussed in the Financial Policy and Budget Committee meeting on 7 February 1967. 2. In the RD&E area, the BOB has requested that the Agency define the goals of in terms of (a) an operational system; (b) an expected date of operation; and (c) the operational importance of the expected system (including discussion of the degree of uncertainty) and that we estimate the effect on attainment of these goals of alternate levels of funding (both higher and lower). In addition, the BOB has asked that we estimate the cost of the operational (or prototype) system. 3. The Acting DD/S&T is requested to assume responsibility for this study. The Director, PPB will assign a member of his staff to monitor and assist with the study. The study should be coordinated with appropriate ele- ments of the Agency, as necessary. The completed study should be submitted no later than 1 August 1967. 25X1 4. Attached are proposed terms of reference for the study. You should feel free to expand on the questions where to do so will enhance the final product. L. K. White Executive Director-Comptroller Attachment Terms of Reference 25X1 *Bureau of the Budget Bulletin 66-3 calls for such special studies as part of the recurring PPB cycle. Approved For Release 2002/11/ tFDP7OBOO501R0001000800458 Excluded from a i o sal lft downgrading and I Approved For Rele 2002/11/22 : &kkIPS P' 0J B00501 R000yW0080045-8 Terms of Reference for Study of The final report should provide comprehensive descriptive material on including a short history of the program, and shou provide answers, when applicable, to the following questions: 1. Objectives What are the objectives of the program? Have objectives changed during program development? What explicit operational requirements are there for the RD&E in this area? Who originated the requirements? Are they satisfied with program progress? What are the priorities of the targets? Is the timing of the program consistent with the time requirement of the intelligence objective? 2. Program Description and Schedule What are the performance characteristics of the hardware? What technical problems must be solved? Is there a critical com- ponent or subsystem? What is the program schedule including major milestones? When is the estimated operational date? Is the program phased to provide different levels of operational capa- bility? If so, show time phasing. Provide the expenditures to date and an estimate of future costs of the program. Cost data should be detailed by each phase of the program, subsystem, support, or other meaningful categories. Do some of the subsystems have uses in other RD&E programs? How have the various phases of the program been integrated in the past (e. g. , techniques, sub- systems, contractors, planning)? What is the method to be used in the future? 3. Alte rnative s What other collection means are available or are under development to obtain the intelligence objectives sought? Have other collection means been rejected? If so, why? Note if there 25X1 25X1 Approved For Release 2002/11/22 : ET0B00501R000100080045-8 Approved For Release 2002/11/22 : :FAk=A 0B00501R00GA00080045-8 are parallel back up or redundant programs. Estimate the effect on attainment of these objectives of alternate levels of funding and time phasing. 4. Operational Planning What operational planning has been accomplished by the potential user? What are the anticipated funding levels, training requirements, placement issues for the estimated operational program? What are the risks involved in the operational program? Is the program limited by geography? Are there other operational limitations? Are there security problems for the operational program? What types of data will be collected? What processing will be required? Are there any special analytical requirements? What existing collection programs could be replaced by this program when it becomes operational? 5. Coordination What coordination was there with the eventual operators? Between research organizations (ORD-TSD-Commo)? With intel- ligence producers (the consumers of the raw product)? What is the coordinating mechanism? 6. Program Evaluation What system or method of program evaluation has been used in the past? What are future evaluation plans? How often is the program evaluated? By whom? Approved For Release 2002/11/22 : a[34 10B00501 R000100080045-8 ~4:i 1