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December 9, 2016
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July 24, 2000
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March 8, 1965
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Approved Fo 'release 2001/03/02: CIA-RDP7e O0666R000200020038-1 SECRET DEPARTMENT OF STATE BUREAU OF ECONOMIC AFFAIRS MARCH 8, 1.965 (1) Soviets ~Playing Both Sides Rc7ard:i.n Color TV Karau.tov, w w be a member o: -V the team coming to t.:he US this month for technical. discussions with RCA on color TV, told Embassy Moscow that he was not going to discuss the European-wide TV system, and that purchase of equipment: and licensing of know- how were of interest no matter what system the USSR event:nal_1y n.dopts, as most components are compatible with either NTSC, PAC, or. SECAM. Embassy also reports a conversation with a member of tif. SECAM team, who seemed confident that the Soviets believe the French system is more suited for their needs. The Frenchman indignantly accused RCA of violating agreements by inviting the Soviet team to witness video tape recording pr:oducti on hroc:ess. He said that the French had made clear to the Soviets they are not in a position to sell equipment or transfer- technology not belonging to them. Embassy assumes that Washington wi.l I hear in mind the perils of the natural Soviet tendency to play hiot..l:a sides [or: 411 1 t::hey can get and wi.l.l_ instruct RCA accordingly. It is possible that a distorted report may appear In the European press that.. the US is planning to violate its COCOM obligation on recorder technology to salvage NTSC's prospects in Europe. While a number oJ_ possibilities exist as to the So~v-ie.t intentions oil t-.tre US tr-i.p, Embassy believes the visit never?t:bei ess might we'l_.I_ serve t:tae purpose of encouraging at least Soviet neut:.ra.I t t.y at the forthcoming Vienna CCIR meeting on a European- wide system? Icrr- color TV. Embassy notes that Karau l uv has no policy-making functions; he will be competent Lo ascertain 1.2CA's best offer, but real policy discussions would have to he with Rudnev r.or- Gvishiani. ( (2) Swiss State Dept. declassification & release instructions on file Approved For Release 2001/03/0 L.(6f'r'-RDP70T00666R000200020038-1 . Approved For ReleaS2001/03/02 : CIA-RDP70T0066WO0200020038,1 (2) Swiss Insist on Termination of Watch Escape .Clause Action Given the Tariff Commission release on watches, Minister Weitnauer expressed surprise that the Tariff Commission had made no recommenda- tion. While regarding Herter's role in preparing a recommendation to the President an encouraging factor, Weitnauer expressed concern that the recommendation might be for reduction rather than termination of the escape clause action. He pointed out that only termination would permit inclusion of watches in the KR. Weitnauer said he considered it "unthinkable" that the President would make a negative- finding (i.e. fail to terminate the escape clause action) in. view of the implications for US-Swiss relations and the success of the Kennedy Round. (Limited Official Use) (3) Embassy Gives Views _on A engine Wheat. Prici l:lg Embassy Buenos Aires thinks that the Argentine Grain Board might. be persuad 'd to raise its price for offerings to the UK if it could be. assured .fiat such actions wcaid not price Argentine wheat out of the market. It believes that a visit of a Department of Agriculture technician with knowledge of the European market would be invaluable in discussions with the Board and makes suggestions on timing. The Board has at this time a. "gentLemens' agreement" with the trade whereby fob prices for the continent are stabilized at $53 per metric ton and $55 per metric ton for the UK. Even at tlLese prices continental. demand is weak. (Limited Official Use) (4) Bonn Pessimistic on BI oc Credit McGhee Urges Continued Efforts German officials believe that initial reaction among the EEC member countries to the German proposal. on Bloc credit limitations indicated that there is no chance for agreement on this plan, and that further consideration by the permanent representatives will. produce no results. Despite German pessimism on this question, Ambassador McGhee believes that we should continue our efforts. He points out that although the Dutch are now prepared to go to LO-year credits, they have stated that they will move very cautiously. While the peemanent representatives are still examining the proposal we have a chance to influence them, and he urges that we make a final effort including at.)proa.ches to the EEC Commission which has thus far taken a passive attitude toward this issue. McGhee believes that the Germans may take steps fairly soon to match a French offer in hopes of demonstrating the futility of a credit race. In the meantime, we should continue to regard credits beyond the Berne Union limits as the exception rather than the new rule. (Confidential) Approved For Release 2001/03/02 : CIA-RDP70T00666RgQ920=O_4.38-1 L:CRET