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March 1, 1965
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Approved For Release 2401/03/02 : CIA-RDP70T00666RQQ0200020040-8 I Fi t)E;ti!/\ ~ TFC} ICAL TASK 'GROUP REPORT *DOC Exemption Letter In EUR Fiie* Meeting Held: 'March 1 1965, at 1201 E St., N. WW Agencies Represented: Commerce, Defense, CIA, State, FCC. Part'A RCA Color Television System Paoblem: Study of all equipment (except 'tape recorders and tape which are. to be hand.ledsepar'ate1y) and technical data involved in the RCA color TV system.; This should include: 1:. Identification of all equipment required in inst0.1- ing and maintaining a complete color TV"system according to NLSC standards and an' evaluation of the technology cofitalne ;_;.1.n such equipment. 2.. .Identification of problem areas in terms of both miltilateral and unilateral controls and (a) analysis of how these problems can or should' be handled if case is-approved, aid/or (b) rationale leading to objections in these identified areas Discussion.: Apart from video tape recordersg which:are discussed in Part B, the Task Group determined that the following items should be considered as part of the color television package that Soviet bloc countries may be expected to seek to purchase from the United States or other Western countries: 1. Color TV Cameras 2. TV Terminal Equipment 3. Test Equipment 4. TV Camera Tubes 'TV Picture Tube-Makin: Machinery 7o TV Transmitters Excluded from automatic downgrading and declassification. Approved For Release 2001/03/02 : CIA-RDP70T00666R000200020040-8 Approved Fooelease 2001/03/02 : CIA-RDP701"00666R000200020040-8 Y ~.2 Although items 6 and.7 were not mentioned in RCA's letter of February 199 1965 (attachment I), it would appear appropriate to consider them as part of the complex. It is further considered probable that the Bloc will require technical,data and assistance in establishing its on production of most if not all of these items,'' 1. Color TV Cameras Color TV cameras are not rated either internationally or unilaterally by the United States,' They require a validated export license to Soviet bloc countries, but may be., exported to :Poland and Rumania under general license G-REST. Although Japan -produces color TV cameras and a number of other countries, including the Soviet Union, have developed prototypes, the United, States `? unquestionably is advanced over the rest of the world in this field, However, it is not considered that the sale of TV color cameras to the Bloc and the transfer o:f te,shniCal data for their. manufacture would have an adverse effect on security.. Auxiliary studio apparatus Listed by RCA includes; a S ~nchronizing Generator to provide all of the essential synchronizing pulses; Color Mor tors to permit viewing of the program in the studio; Universal Multiplexes designed to permit one or two vidicon cameras to handle signals from two film projectors and two still projection equipments for. maximum flexibility in film reproduction; Professi:na.l Slide Projector to provide means of projecting standard sl-Wer transparencies into monochrome or color vidicon film cameras and a Light Control Unity. designed. to provide a means of varying the projection light intensity from color and monochrome f .-Wi or slide projectors., None of this auxiliary equipment has a strategic rating and can be exported to Poland and Rumania under general license. It is not considered. to meet any of the strategic criteria. 2 TV Terminal Equipment RCA has included the following items in this category: Custom Television Equipment, comprising specially designed master control consoles for controlling television program; Video Switching Equipment to permit selection between vidao signals from any of a number of picture sources; and a Video Approved For, Release 2001/03/02 : CIA-RDP70T00666R000200020040-8 Approved For Release X01/03/02 : CIA-aDP70,T09666RQ 0002, 0 - Distribution -Amplifier.designed to feed a video signal or color subcarrier.signal to up to four lines ,Thi :equipment can be exported ' to Poland and Rumania under general license, but-.requires a validated export license f'or:,tk~e ..soviet;:bloc, It carries no strategic rating' and, is not considered to meet any of the-: strategic criteria,. 3a Test Equipment RCA has submitted brochures on several pieces of test equipment that might be required. by the Soviet bloc, but points out that it is questionable whether the 1Y S. will be asked to supply such test equipment,, since it is readily available from a, .umber.,of countries and' is not udder international control., Most of the items are specially designed for televi:ion use, such as the Color Bar Generator, the Vectorscopes,,the Li.ncairy Checker., and the Calibration Pulse Generator,, .Alihough all. radio and television testing instruments are rated. MESL 1.529 ar:d were considered in 1958 to meet criteria a and c, it is not considered. that these criteria apply in the present.instance0 Because:Af their,limi:ted application, it is unlikely that the instruments would be divei+6dd to .any 'other 'us ea jr! addition., two ea thod.e ray oscilloscopes are proposed as passible requirements in the system, Both are 'specially' designed for 'television, use, and neither is rated internationally, but are covered by NESL 1584 and are under presumption for denial to the, Soviet bloc, It,appears probable , that any essential test equipment could be.supplied with color television apparatus'without violating COCOM agreements, Furthermore, it is unlikely that any security risk would be incurred in supplying such equipment or technical data for its manufacture,, However, a problem may arise if the Bloc should attempt'to'obtain very-advanced or multipurpose test equipment, TV Camera, Tubes. Both image -orthicons and vidicon , tub,2's fare used in. color television cameras0 The types needed .for black and.white cameras are the. same,;.as those needed for cola&Q 1'~ They are not . under international control, being specifically exempted from the IL definition, Non-ruggedized vidtcon tubes are under U,S, control, however, and are under a presu r~ption for denial to the Soviet bloc, i! L Approved For Release 2001/03/02 : CIA-RDP70T00666R000200020040-8 Approved, Fo4 elease 2001/03/02 : CIA-RDP7dTa00666R0.00200020040-8 The Soviet bloc is believed to lag the West in the production of high quality camera tubes, The technology needed to produce standard commercial television camera tubes is not far different from the technology required to produce came:a tubes for other purposes., some of them of strategic importance, It is possible, therefore, that the level of Soviet ability in the field of .image orthicon and vidicon production would be materal"iyadvanced if they were given technical assistance in producing TV 'c'amera tubes,, However, this technology is not uniquely held br=the Und States and could. be supplied by another tresteri' country or Japan, Color Picture'Tubes Color picture tubes are not under international control,, but are covered. by U. S. MESS, 1541: "" Cathode ray tubes with three or more guns." They are a presumption for denial to the Soviet', 3loca this coverage would.appear to be an, accident of definition, since no strategic application ?3 known for the conventional color mask picture tube, Accordingly, it is not considered that the approval of color picture tubes to the Bloc would represent a security risks Color picture tubes are also made in Japan and Canada.., but the technical. data for their production is believed to be held by the United. States;, There 14ould appear tj be no reason not to supply such data to the Soviet bloc,, 6. TV Picture Tube-Making Machinery RCA officials have indicated in discussions that the economics of television are such that if the Soviet Union intends to adopt color television on a broad basis, it will have to produce its own color picture tubes and, in effect, the United States must be ready to set the Soviets up in the picture tube-making business,, This will entail not only technical data but, in all probability, specialized tube- making machinery, Approved For Release 2001/03/02 : CIA-RDP70T00666R000200020040-8 ? t Approved For Release 1/0 2 C OnP7 '?0~667b~PFOO 20040-8 IL 1355(b) covers machinery, equipment and test gear specially designed for the automatic or semiautomatic assembly of electronic tubes,,. The-task groua _suggested that picture tube-malting machinery may be sufficiently. specialized so t'ha't' t'he CoCoan definition ~ could be modified to exclude it w_tthput;_substantial security loss, CoCom concurrence. would, of cour~e',-k'be needed for this change, 'In any case the matter would require further study to determine if such machinery is in fact different from the machiner~y used in the. production of , oJ- t: ategi.c tubes 7. TV Transmitters Television transmitters are not under international control, and. types-suitable for..:color television could be supplied by a number of T-Testern countries, They are covered by U.S, MESL 1517.and are under ?s"?presumption.for denial to the Soviet Bloc, However,, it is not:oon8idered, that denial by the United " States would, preclude the Soviet Union from obtai-irin.g such traismitters he only possible ' .proble ., breas appear to be tes?c, equipmezit, depending ,on what -instruments are involved; technica~i data for the production of TV camera tubes; and machinery"for making TV picture tubes P D: Tape Recorders and Tape Included in RCA Color Television System Problem~ Update previous: "task group report on` tape, and tape (including technical data) involved in the. RCA color TV H'TSG''system, This should include: 1, The extent to which technicafl3 one can differentiate between, vi.dpc- tape recorders and tape ana other types covered on the. T/Lo -Now, would `approval of th:i,s case aff`cat'"oalanoe of the definition? Approved For Release 2001/03/02 : CIA-RDP70T00666R000200020040-8 Approve; Fctelease 2001/03/02.: CIA-R P00666R000200020040-8 A 2, Exploration of the profit aspect such as the amount the U.S, Government has invested. in developing these teins: and what would be the costs incurred. by a U.S. need to modify?.ts system in reaction to Soviet acquisition (DOD and. NASA should be contacted.) 3? Are-there components-such:as delay, lines which... as such are?not embargoed? Are they specially designed? -Could., they be siu iplied. as 'accessories with the studio equipment independently of the tape recorder?. 'Discussion: The previous task group report stated that the video, recorders under discussion meet criteria a, b,.and e;' that they:incorporate advanced technology with respect to wideband recording techniques; and that they have important and. higlily classified- military uses, No new evidence was presented that.would change' that. earlier determination, With respect to the specific questions, the'following information was developed z 1. It is possible to distinguish between video recorders and. some other magnetic recorders covered by the definition (e g., digital recorders), but quite difficult, or iir:possible to differentiate between them and other wideba::d rotary head, recorders. Video recorders for color television represent the ,most advanced. technology; therefore, approval of their export to the Bloc would in effect nullify the balance of the definition0 2. The Defense representative stated that DOD has spent $26.,514,277 for wideband rotary head recorder develop- ment and hardware, The task group was unable to estimate what costs would be incurred by a U.S. need to modify its system in reaction to.Soviet acquisition,, 36 Delay lines and other important components are specially designed for video recorders, They could not be supplied as accessories with the studio equipment independent]. of,the tape recorder, Approved For Release 2001/03/02 : CIA-RDP70T00666R000200020040-8 ? d Approved For Release ,Aq1/q3/02z,,ClA,-RPP7GTO 66 R ~00p20040-8 No new evidence was found to change the previcus task group determination with respect to the strategic importance of video recorders for color television,. Participants John R. Collins, Chairman, Commerce, OEO Carl W. Douglas Commerce, OEC rwrdkT,VafDcBMkv6 com"OpV w Donald S. Parris Commerce, BDSA R. C. Gillett Col. W. T. Moseley Commerce, Defense BDSA T,hn. A. McFadden Win. A. Root Florence Dowling Willmar K. Roberts State, E/MDC State, E/MDC State, TD FCC 25X1A9a CIA Observer Approved For Release 2001/03/02 : CIA-RDP70T00666R000200020040-8