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November 16, 2016
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March 15, 2000
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January 1, 1967
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Approved For Release 2 P71 B00263R000200220023-9 IDEALIST IDEA 0340-67 Attachment 1 I. General Summary A. Three Agency U-2 overflights were flown during the month of May 1967. 25X1 DOa 2. Mission C177C was flown on 16 May by 25X1C8c (Billy). This mission was first 25X1C1Ob operational mission and as a whole was very good. It covered a portion of southwest border. 25X1A2g 3. Mission C187C was flown by (Andy) on X11&11b 25X1ClOb 25X1A2g The mission was alerted in marginal weather and after approximately ten minutes over denied territory, the pilot exercised his option and aborted the mission due to weather. Photo coverage was still obtained on approximately ten targets. 25X1A2g At the completion of Mission C167C - the detach- B . 25X1C10b ment remained active for lop-rations. Durin 25X1A2g this period it also checked out all new on 25X60 ... had weather the detachmen was at deactivated and redeployed to on 31 May with the ferry of Article 373. Article 383 had previously been ferried back to on 25 May. 25X6C 25X6C Approved For Release 2 ? FP-RDP71 B00263R000200220023-9 Approved For Release P71 B00263R000200220023-9 IDEALIST IDEA 0340-67 Attachment 1 Page 2 25X1 C8c which should take approximately two months to complete. h T e school is in Los Angeles. 25X1A2g D. On 2 May an IR camera comparison test, was flown between the "I" and "O" aircraft in an attempt to identify and reduce problem areas. Evaluation is still in progress 25X1A2g E. tests were flown in Article 348 on 2 and 3 May. Th of these tests was to thoroughly check out the 12C prototype system and the new MC recorder. Tests were successful. 25X1A2g F. tests were flown on 3 and 4 May to test compatibility of the modified hatch with the T-35 25X1A2g and airborne electronic systems. All systems operated perfectly. 25X1A2g G. Five additional _ tests were flown during May. clg. All utilized the Delta 111-6 unit with various fi , . Jo5 IIHHLL L 25X1A2g 25X1A2g 25X1C8c C. The two new have comple__ _ ~___ __ns, in erviews, pressure suit fittings and are presently enrolled 25X1A5a2 in a H. On 28 May under the slu the 25X60 detachment was deployed to The purpose of this deployment is for a quick reaction capability in the Middle East. The detachment is presently Operational Ready and will react as the situation dictates. Article 348 was ferried across and is in place there. II. Product Improvement A. A 28 channel recorder (M/C) has been tested and is presently deployed with the SCOPE SAFE mission. B. System 12C was tested successfully, however; the system is not operationally ready due lack of sufficient power within the "Black Boxes" of the system. Further research and modifications should eliminate these deficiencies. Approved For Release 2000/06gb' :T CIA-RDP71 B00263R000200220023-9 Approved For Release 9^=a~ -~~ O-RDP71B00263R000200220023-9 IDEALIST IDEA 0340-67 Attachment 1 Page 3 C. The Oscar Sierra Mark III System was flight tested but will also require some refinement in the electronic circuitry to make the system operationally ready. IN CrQii Approved For Release 2 s~ UA-KUV71 B00263R000200220023-9