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November 16, 2016
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March 15, 2000
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December 31, 1967
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Approved For Release*2000/05/05 : CIA-RDP71 B00263R000200220046-4 OXCART/I DEALT ST 25X1A2g W6384-68 Tab B Section 1 IDEALIST DEVELOPMENT SUMMARY AND PROGRESS (1 October 1967 - 31 December 1967) The number two U-2R aircraft. had its first flight during this time period, 29 December 1967. A U-2R technical meeting was held at Lockheed on 9 November. The outstanding propulsion system oriented problem involved insufficient cooling of the engine oil by the air/oil cooler. Recent modifications to the air flow passages to the air/oil cooler and addition of an engine supplied fuel/oil cooler scorn to provide oil tempera Lures to the engine which are below max allowable, even at high altitude flight conditions. A. During this period a proposal was received from 25X1A5a2 for delivery of six rotating optical bar panoramic cameras that would provide the U-2R with a 25X1DOc reconnaissance capability of 25X1DOc convergent stereo coverage at ground resolution of 25X1DOc Action was taken to coordinate Agency and S F requirements for such a system and to request t funding for the procurement. B. Photography obtained in a controlled test program was processed normally and by a Bimat process to evaluate 25X1A2g OXCART/IDEALIST HANDLE VIA = CONTROL SYSTEM Approved For Release 2000/05/05 : CIA-RDP71 B00263R000200220046-4 Approved For Release-2000/05/05 : CIA-RDP71 B00263R000200220046-4 OXCART/IDEALIST 25X1A2g ~-6384-68 Tab B Section 1 Page 2 resolution capabilities of Bimat processing for the purpose of establishing advantages of a field Bimat processing system. Evaluation is currently underway. C. Design improvements were completed and incorporated in serial number 1 T-35 tracker viewing station. Retro-fit of S/N 2, 3, and 4 will be completed in January and February 1968. A. U-2C Program 1. Q-445 Seat Kit Improvements: An ECP was requested from LAC during this period, for improved quick disconnects, oxygen system and for sleeping bag packed cushions. 2. Nomex Coveralls: Have been ordered and are in production for all IDEALIST pilots. B. U-2R Program 1. S-1010 Pilots Protective Assembly: The prototype PPA was completed and evaluated during October 1967. Initial evaluations were performed 25X1A9a by in the ARO of Buffalo Altitude Chamber. The results which are the subjec-L of a -3'Leviously distributed report, were very satisfactory. A cockpit evaluation of the prototype PPA was conducted during November, with satisfactory results. The PPA was demonstrated to IDEALIST pilots at Detachment G during November and was well received. The S-1010 PPA final design was approved and production of PPA's for project pilots began in late November, with the first 2 PPA's to be ready for fitting in February 1968. 2. Support Equipment: AGE and test equipment for the S-1010 PPA has.all been delivered to Detachment G during this period. 25X1A2g OXCART/IDEALIST HANDLE VIA CONTROL SYSTEM Approved For Release 2000/05/05 : CIA-RDP71 B00263R000200220046-4 Approved For Release 2000/05/05-Y CIA;RQP.71B00263R000200220046-4 OXCART/IDEALIST 25X1A2g G384-68 Tab B Section 1 Page 3 3. Training: Life Support personnel at Detachment G received two weeks of AGE and test equipment training by ARO of Buffalo during this quarter. 25X1A2g OXCART/IDEALIST HANDLE VI CONTROL SYSTEM Approved For Release 2000/05/05 : CIA-l DP71 B00263R000200220046-4 Approved For Release 2000/0 X A 1 , ' N6NR9~2 0220046-4 6384-68 Tab B Section 2 IDEALIST OPERATIONAL SUMMARY AND STATUS (1 October 1967-31 December 1967) 25X1A6a 25X1A2g 25X1C10b 25X1C10b 1. oVT?RFT,IGI1T SUMMARY I . O A .i4 II4 %l II-.'. in 1,;-" i 4m Wilt I ' I',wii 41iirI ii!; I II,+ clu:Lr?Li:i? Of VY 68. An additional five were scheduled but were subsequently cancelled for lack of ~ approval or deteriorating weather. Mission C327C was flown on 13 December from by This mission was flown approximately This was the second operational mission utilizing the "H" camera. The weather was CAT I (5% cloud cover) and photographic interpretability were rated fair. Two of the targets covered were good, 37 were fair and 22 poor. II. GENERAL 25X1A2g 1. the ferry of Article 385, was scheduled to depart from Edwards to 25X1A6a on 7 November but was delayed two months due 25X1A2g 25X1A2g to wing modification requirements. 2. One U-2 was deployed to Cecil NAS, Florida on 6 December in support of the U. S. Navy in obtaining photographic coverage of targets on the South East coast of the U.S., the Southern Border of the U. S. and the West coast of the U. S. consisted of four scheduled missions in which Project Headquarters simulated Detachment "G" deployment to a forward operating base for the purpose of conducting photographic missions. 25X1A2g OXCART/IDEALIST HANDLE VI m^ ^ -NQWA ?'- CONTROL SYSTEM Approved For Release 2000/05/05 : CIA-RDP71 B00263R000200220046-4 Approved For Release 2000/05/05 : CIA-RDP71 B00263R000200220046-4 OXCA1tT/:[ 1)1:A1,181' 25X1A2g _6:834-68 Tab) II Section 2 Page 2 Three missions were flown which included 25 targets from Southern California to Florida and all'of the East coast targets. Eight targets were missed because of weather (two were priority two and the remaining six were priority three). All priority one targets were covered. The last mission covering the targets on the `Vest coast is to be flown in January. 3. Four RED DOT missions were successfully flown in October. These are film evaluation missions. 25X1A2g 4. There were 16 missions flown 25X1A2g in this quarter. These flights were conducted to evaluate special ECM equipment performance and possible interference with other EWS equipment aboard the aircraft. 25X1A6a A complete system checkout of Article 385 prior to ferry to This check had to be reaccomplished upon return of Article from LAC after completing wind mod- ification. This included Systems 6A, 913, 12C, 13C, O/S Mark III and related tie-in functions. ?25X1A2g 5 (Infrared Detector Tests) 25X1A2g flights were scheduled to fly out of Edwards on December 5, 7y, 12 and 14. The first two days of flight test were satisfactory, however; System 20 was damaged on landing on 7 December when the right wing dropped due to gusting cross winds. 25X1A2g This damage resulted in delaying the remaining 25X1A2g flights for approximately two months. 6. As a result of win- cracks discovered on SAC U-2 aircraft; all project U-2's were -rounded on 6 November. Subsequently an ultrasonic inspection was completed by LAC team to determine the status of all project U-2 aircraft. This inspection revealed 25X1A2g OXCART/IDEALIST HANDLE VIA ~ CONTROL SYSTEM Approved For Release 2000/05/05 : CIA-RDP71 B00263R000200220046-4 Approved For Release 2000/05/ 263R000200220046-4 OXCART'/IDEALIST 25X1A2g 6384-68 Tab B Section 2 Page 3 that Articles 355, 349 and 359 had flaws and were scheduled for modification at LAC. Article.359 was released for flight with the following restrictions: 1. Maximum load factor must be reduced by 25`Jo. 25X1X7 25X1A2g 25X1A2g 25X1A2g 25X1X7 2. Article 359 not to be used in training of 3. Article to be inspected regularly for wing cracks after 25 hours of flight and at 50 hour intervals thereafter. Article 383 at was inspected by a LAC team and released for ig n 15 November with a reinspection after 25 hours and at 50 hour intervals thereafter. Approximately five weeks per article is required to complete the wing modification at LAC. Two articles have been completed with one article presently under- going modification at LAC. The remaining articles are programmed to be completed in the next quarter. 7. have completed all ground training and the initial flight training consisting of fifteen missions in the U-2. Both iiijilij have returned to - 8. U-2R. The first flight for U-2R aircraft number two (NS09X) was flown on 29 December for a period of one hour and twenty three minutes. The first flight profile was completed as planned. U-2R aircraft number one has completed twee t:y ('I i ;:ih t with n It)(:iI ncckniniIn[ed i'1yin; t.iIII(