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November 17, 2016
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February 18, 1998
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January 5, 1967
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25X Aga Approved For Relea"00 2255XX1 Ag6c 25X11,g6cc _ 1#~- 25X1A2g 5 4z THIS MESSAGE IN THREE PARTS., PART ONE: 25X1 A2 g A O LEG ONE VLD 10/1 OZ TO 1O/2355Z JAR 67, 25X1A2g S0- 1O/i6001/G i irr~ETA t :0/2315520 25X1A6a Co 31 M 35mo 6OUg AND 70M 8Y LAT/LONG SEGMENTS 25X1 A2g Do VLF 10/220 TO 11/02 Z, 25X1A6c 25X1 A6c E, I MMEaI ATE I NP O NLT t J', xa-arne a 4 'a-l/" Icy SLUG .. * CLASSIFY TOP SECRET, INCLUDE A RR I EF OUTLOOK TO INCLUDE ONLY ADVERSE TERMINAL OR WINDS LEG TWO. PART TWO,, 25X1A2g 25X1A6aA? 25X1 A6asa 25X1A6a 25X1A6a12/ 27Z? LEG TWO VLD 1 `I/2oOOj TO 12/0k272 JAN 67 ETD 11/200OZ GC DIR 1PfoIO77 G ma - w.. INCLUDE A/R WEA AT 1 L?C# ONt FOR To Jjp, 0031 Ma 35mo 00 57M TO 65M UY tAT/LONG SEGMENTS 25X1 A6,. D Apprgmo),Fi 4~r : IFci ~0, i ,8 .5.-CAA-RD *- i dOO2'0o89O 21v-7 ?~, ri, b Approved F r Re1ea"g+ "' 2000/08125 :""CIA-RDP71 800263R000200350021-7 S + I 3 25X1A2g 25X1A6c 25X1A6c PAGE TWO--- OONTD E. IMMEDIATE INFO NLT 11/130OZ FOR Ft ,.145 Fort 25X1 A2g LEQ TWO. SLUG CLASSIFY TOP SECRET o INCLUDE BRIEF OUTLOOK OF ADVERSE TERMINAL OR W I ND~ LEG 3 PART THREE% 25X1 A2g A, LEG THREE YLD 12/22002 TO 13/021 O1JAN 67 7FX1ARa 25X1 A6a g n ETD 122/220OZ G/C D I R C ETA 13/02'40Z, 25X1A6a C., 384, 35M, 60M, AND TOM BY LAT/LONG SEGMENTS, 25X1A6a D: VLD 12/2 0Z TO 13/040OZ ~ to FILE FORECAST OR LEG THREE THFIU NORMAL USAF COMWO CHANNELS USING THE R-145 FORMAT OUT DO NOT USE SLUG OR PSUEDOS,, FILE NLT 12/14C} Z 25X1A6a IA iED RASE WEATHER STATION. TITLE MSG: ROUTE 25X1A9a WEATI R FCST, HOLD FOR CLASSIFICATION SECRETO AT THE 25X1 A6c SAME T IME SEND REGUL AR RR1 5 I MMED NFO THRU IUTRS CHANNELS App . GI. .., rove for ~telease 2000/08/25 -' A DP71 B002G,I3R000200350021-7 25X1A6c