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December 15, 2016
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November 13, 2002
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October 9, 1969
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TOP SECRET Approved For i#ee a 20d2/11/20 : - 1 B0029741QOW00020004-0 25X1 IDEA 0846-69 Copy l of _ MEMORANDUM FOR: See Distribution SUBJECT: Resume and Critique of Mission C229C 1. The critique for Mission C229C, flown on 25 September 1969, was held in the OSA Control Center at 1330.EDT, 3 October 1969. In addition to General Ross, representatives from the Deputy for Operations, IDEALIST Division, Intelligence Division, Deputy for Materiel, Security Staff, Communications Division, Avionics Division, Weather Division, Office of ELINT, Office of Scientific Intelligence and HASC/OEL were present. Following personnel critiqued on applicable portions of the mission: exe - Mission preparation and - Forecast and actual weather. - Materiel and. Avionics - Communications equipment and ChiCom tracking, target coverage and fighter activity. 2. Mission C229C (Canned Route 1120) was alerted on 22 September 1969 for a 23 September launch. Mission execution was delayed 24 hours Take off was at 24/0105Z Landing time was 0540Z for 21 a mission time of 4+35 hours. The mission was planned to GROUP 1 Excluded from automatic Tnp ~rp~ downgrading and A proved For Release 20021'F?/20S RiibP71B00297R000700020004-0 I declassification 25X1 25X1 Approved For R'r lease TOP SECRET 002/11/20 : CIA-R P71 B0Q 7600700020004-0 IDEA 0846-69 Page 2 25X1 collect photo and ELINT information along the South China coast from east of Hainan Island to northeast of Fouchou. The route was flown as briefed until 0450Z, when the mission was aborted due to an "H" camera malfunction. One and one- half flight lines were lost because of the malfunction. Other collection systems were the T-35 tracker and 'hnth of which worked satisfactorily. The pilot , 0 completed his second operational sortie. U- 2R 057 was flown. Preplanned Mission Data: Distance 1681 NM Time to Landing 4+30 Hours Mission Profile Maximum Altitude Take off Fuel 1288 Gallons Fuel Reserve at HiCone 175 Gallons 3. Weather; The weather forecast was for Category II with light haze except for an area of Category III between longitudes 113E - 117E. The pilot reported predominately Category II weather except for a solid overcast north of Hainan Island and Category III to IV in small areas south of Swatow and northeast of Chinmen Island. 4. Maintenance- Antiuatin of 25X1 was not reported by A check of the system revealed that it was no wired to report activity. A local modification will correct this discrepancy. 25X1 _Jshowed improper response to self-test during post- flight. Replacement of a circuit board corrected the problem. The cause of the "H" camera malfunction that caused abort of the mission was found to be a faulty germanium transistor in the shutter motor trigger circuit. Germanium transistors will be replaced by silicon transistors in all "H" cameras to prevent this type of malfunction. 5. Communications: Except for the wiring problem mentioned previously, all Communications were satisfactory. Approved For Release 1Q8/&fR-EIA-RDP71 B00297R000700020004-0 25X1 25X1 25X1 25X1 TOP SECRET Approved F R&ease 002/11/20 : CIA-R P71 BOO YR600700020004-0 IDEA 0846-69 Page 3 25X1 D 6. Intelligence:. a. Target Coverage: Photo interpretability ranged from poor to good. Overall interpretability was poor with 65 percent cloud cover reported by OPIC A. NPIC reports 45 percent. Target coverage consisted of 15 programmed COMIREX targets, two bonus COMIREX targets and 12 bonus non-COMIREX targets for a total of 29 targets. c. Fighter Activity: There were two defensive fighter patrols noted during time of mission, neither of which were closer than 60 NM from the mission aircraft. Approved For Release 20CW/S.Nh1DP71 B00297R000700020004-0 25X1 D 25X? TOP SECRET Approved Forr,R se 20 2/11/20: CIA-RD 71BO02URQW700020004-0 IDEA 0846-69 Page 4 Deputy Chief, IDEALIST Division, OSA 25X1A Attachments - 2 Route Overlay Target Coverage IDEA/OSA (9 Oct 69) Distribution: #1 - D/SA (w/att) #2 - D/O/OSA (wo/att) #3 - D/M/OSA (wo/att) #4 - SSD/R&D (wo/att) #5 - INTEL/OSA (wo/att) #6 - IDEA/OSA (w/att) #7 - RB/OSA (wo/att) Approved For Release 200E13h/6E iDP71B00297R000700020004-0 25X1A 25X1A 25X1 ~1D Approved For Release 2002/11/20 : CIA-RDP71B00297R000700020004-0 Approved For Release 2002/11/20 : CIA-RDP71B00297R000700020004-0 Approved elease 2002/11/20 : CIA-RDP71B0&91000700020004-0 IDEALIST/TACKLE MISSION C229C, 24 SEPT. 1969 PHOTO INTERPRETABILITY RANGES FROM POOR TO FAIR. OVERALL INTERPRETABILITY IS POOR WITH 65% CLOUD COVER. CHINA TARGETS COVERED: 15 of 61 Programmed Targets Covered 2 Bonus COMIREX Targets Covered 12 Bonus Non-COMIREX Targets Covered 29 Total Targets Covered BREAKDOWN OF TARGETS BY CATEGORY: 2 Airfields 7 Naval Bases 3 Commercial Ports 5 Radar Sites 7 Military Installations 2 Urban/Industrial Complexes 1 Bridge 2 Others The braakdown for the target interpretability for the 15 Programmed targets covered was as follows; 0 - Good; 3 - Fair; 12 - Poor The breakdown for the target interpretability for the total number of targets covered (29) was as follows: 0 - Good; 4 - Fair; 25 - Poor Approved For Release 2002/11/20 : CIA-RDP71B00297R000700020004-0 T O P S E C R E T Approved F R leas JM1F/290 7I9@R0E 00700020004-0 IDEALIST/TACKLE MISSION C229C, 24 SEPT. 1969 25X1A (PROGRAMMED TARGETS) INTERPRET- COMIREX NO. NAME OF INSTALLATION ABILITY WEATHER/REMARKS Ching Lan MTB Wen Chang Army Bks. South Wen Chang Army Bks. South Lo 'Ship Military Complex. Hai Kou Airfield Hai Kou Naval Base Shu Chang Army Supply Depot & Bks. Chan Chiang Army Bks. West 10 21. 24. 25. Chan Chiang Hq 55 Army & Bks. Chan Chiang Airfield Chan Chiang Naval Base & Shipyard Hsi Pai Wei Army Bks.,South Chan Chiang Shipyard North Chih Kan Thick Eight Facility Chih Kan Army Bks. NW Lei Pei Army Bks. South Kuan Hu Army Bks. Hsiao Chiang'Hsu MTB POOR-P-O I SCATTERED CLOUDS POOR-C-0 San Chou Shih Naval Facility Pai Teng Army Bks. East Chu Hai Bks. & Storage Area E. Hsiang Chou-Port Facility Hui Lai AW Radar Facility Hai Men Shipyard, Shan Tou Shan Tou Boatyard Shan Tou Boatyard North Shan Tou AW Radar Facility Shan Tou AW Radar Facility Shan Tou Naval Base Shan Tou Airfield, NE Nan Ao Tao Military Installation Nan Ao Tao Port Facility Chien Ho Army Training Center South POOR-C--O NOT COVERED NOT COVERED NOT COVERED NOT COVERED NOT COVERED NOT COVERED SCATTERED CLOUDS CLOUD COVERED CLOUD COVERED SCATTERED CLOUDS SCATTERED CLOUDS SCATTERED CLOUDS SCATTERED CLOUDS 34. 1 IChepkpW"ett rtkeJe d.IOMM1/20 : CIA-RDP71B 0297800070002 0 }Q COVERED Approved F$r'Ykf lease j0p/~1/2g: JIAcRFPE1 T 000700020004-0 TARGET COVERAGE FOR IDEALIST/TACKLE MISSION C229C, 24 SEPT. 1969 25X1A (PROGRAMMED TARGETS)' INTERPRET- COMIREX NO. NAME OF INSTALLATION ABILITY WEATHER/REMARKS 35 Hsia Men Army Bks. NOT COVERED 36 Hsia Men Hq. 93 Infantry Div. NOT COVERED 37 Hsia Men Army Bks. NOT COVERED 38 Shui.Tou Army Barracks SW - NOT COVERED 39 Tseng Tso Army Bks. NE NOT COVERED 40 Tseng Tso Army Bks. NOT COVERED 41 Ching Yang.Airfield NOT COVERED 42 Chin Chiang Army Bks. NOT COVERED 43 Nan An Army Barracks NOT COVERED 44, Chiu Tien Hq 83 Infantry Div. NOT COVERED 45, Hui An Army Barracks NOT COVERED 46, Hui An Army Barracks NOT COVERED 47 Hui An Airfield NOT COVERED 48 Hung Lai Army Bks. South - NOT COVERED 49. Hung Lai Army Bks.. North NOT COVERED 50. Han Chiang Army Bks. North NOT COVERED 51. Han Chiang Army Bks. NW NOT COVERED 52. Chiang Kou Army Bks. NNE NOT COVERED 53. Lung Tien Airfield NOT COVERED 54. Ping Tan Army Bks. SW NOT COVERED 55. Ta Chiu Telecom Facility NOT COVERED 56. Lung Tien Army Bks. SE NOT COVERED 57. Ping Tan Naval Base NOT COVERED 58. Ping Tan Complex NOT COVERED 59. Hai Tan Tao AW Radar Facility NOT COVERED 60. Hai Tan Tao AW Radar Facility NOT COVERED 61. Liu Shui Probable Coastal Def. Site NOT COVERED A roved For Release 20 20 QA-R DR71R 0 21111 3297 WM70002 4 0 pp - - - _ - Approve" Release ,006172%: ?AeRP11 7R000700020004-0 TARGET COVERAGE FOR IDEALIST/TACKLE MISSION C229C, 24 SEPT. 196.9 (BONUS COMIREX TARGETS) 25X1A Hung Yang Army Barracks SW 1. POOR-C-0 HAZE 2. Hai Kou Hq 43 Array & Barracks Area POOR-C-O HAZE (BONUS NON-COMIREX TARGETS) COORDINATES 2329N 1' 11646E Lien Yang Hwy Bridge FAIR-C-O CLEAR 2. 2322N 11640E Shan Tou 1 Complex POOR-C-O HAZE 3. 2301N 11624E Hui Lai Radar POOR-C-O HAZE 4. 2000N 11019E Hai Kou Radar POOR-C-O HAZE 200ON 5. 11055E Wen Tien Shih Radar POOR-C-O HAZE 2326N 6. 11638E Shan Tou Ammo Depot NW POOR-C-0 HAZE 7. 2001N 11021E Hai Kou AD Sector Hq. POOR-C-0 HAZE. 8. 2003N 11019E Hai Kou Petroleum Refinery POOR-C-O HAZE 2001N 9?*11021E Hai Kou AD Zone Hq. .. POOR-C-0 HAZE 10. 2321N 11640E Shan Tou Port Facilities, Swatow POOR-C-0 HAZE 2002N 11. 11017E Hai Kou Port Facilities POOR-C-O HAZE 12._ 2001N 11019E Hai Kou'Army?Supply Depot POOR-C-O HAZE Approved For Release 2002/11/20 CIA-RDP71B00 97R000700020 0 4-0 NAME OF INSTALLATION INTERPRET- ABILITY WEATHER/REMARKS TOP SECRET THIS DOCUMENT REQUIRES SPECIAL HANDLING HANDLING PROCEDURES OV j6 ~ d 4, THIS DOCUMENT CONTAINS INFORMATION REGARDING A HIGHLY CLASSIFIED ACTIVITY. PERMISSION TO TRANSFER CUSTODY, OR PERMIT ACCESS TO THIS DOCUMENT MUST BE OBTAINED FROM THE ORIGINATOR. HAND CARRY PROCEDURES WILL BE APPLIED TO ANY INTER-OFFICE OR INTRA-AGENCY MOVEMENT OF THIS DOCUMENT. Tv is art cnrta nS information 4 i s is +"V referring to REFERRED 70 RECEIVED RELEASED SEEN,BY OFFICE SIGNATURE DATE TIME DATE DATE do TOP SECRET, FORM 1352 12. 57