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December 16, 2016
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November 15, 2004
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October 14, 1965
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Approved For RWse 2004/11/29: CIA-RDP71B00399 25X OXC-9357-65 Copy e of 3 A MEMORANDUM FOR THE RECORD SUBJECT : BLACK SHIELD Meeting at 1600120007-4 This summary report constitutes: Part 'I - General Aircraft Items Part II - ECM and Communications Part III - Propulsion Items Attachment I - Agenda Attachment II - Decisions and Actions Attachment III - Significant Charts 25X 1 :1 L / 5&c7 25 Approved For Release 2004/11/29 : CIA-RDP71 B00399R000600120007-4 r t v General A ft It of Z Lil"le a 'ie~I 1. Copies of charts used in presentations are available in D/TECH. 2, opened the meeting with the statement that we have an opera ional.capability today. 3. A weather briefing was given by the Detachment which `ndicated measured variations around the standard day and temperature gradients to be expected at the cruise altitudes in the operational latitudes. The significance was expressed as the effect of temperature variations and gradients on vehicle performance and a coordinating body (see Attachment II) was established to incorporate these effects in mission planning. Recognition of these effects on performance is not new and was in fact the subject of a Development Branch memorandum in 1960.) Approved For Rose 2004/11/29 : CIA-RDP7113003991 600120007-4 0 SECRET 2 Approved For Release 2004/11/29 : CIA-RDP71B00399R000600120007-4 r, I indicated his biggest problem as ARC-50 erratic operation. Four other problems were listed as: SIP/Type I Calf'sera-Physical Interference EWS - Ant;;~:nfza/Wiring Instrument Reliability Schedule Effectiveness The ARC-50 and EWS antenna/wiring are covered in Part II? S:?/Type I camera interference occurred once and is now in hand. Instrument reliability which has resulted in several false indications such as inadequate oil pressure, inadequate oil quantity, and a firewarning to mention a few is under attack by Lockheed. Scheduling effectiveness while not affecting a sortie once airborne has resulted in numerous cancellations prior to flight for various maintenance reasons. The various contractors and the Detachment must work toward better system reliability, better maintenance/inspection procedures, and better coordination between groups. _. 5. A runc.own.on results of thirteen Detachment flights since acceptance after the debug mod program on BLACK SHIELD aircraft 126, 127,. and 128 subs,'tantiated the ARC-50 and instrument reliability problems covered in paragraph 4. (Also reflected but not designated as such were several problems associated with procedural inadequacy.) The larger pre- modification basic vehicle problems which in the past have prevented sustained flights at Mach 3 such as repetative inlet shock expulsions were noted by their absence. (It is felt that improvement in these major basic problem areas has now put more focus on a different set'of equipment and instrument problems as described above and also tends to surface procedural problems heretofore obscured.) 6. Modifications proposed by the Detachment were discussed. Applicable decisions made by.General Ledford are indicated on Attachment I1:. 7. I Iwas asked by Dr. Wheelon how he reconciles his opening statement of having an operational capability today 25X 25X Approved For Rose 2004/11/29: CIA-RDP71B00399A600120007-4 ASD/OSA w its his apparent lack of confidence in the ARC-50 reliability/ a she-, rendezvous situation over water. The answer while obscure seemed to center around improving the ARC-50 and providing either surface or airborne tanker TACAN capability for a backup. The latter is reflected as a'n action item in Attachment II. S. Kelly Johnson recounted actions taken to'. improve maintenance/inspection activities such as the add'i'tion 'of electrical supervisors and inspectors, and to improve component and instrument reliability by improved failure/malfunction feedback to the project. He made the plea for no more elec- trical changes to the aircraft. 9. Follow.on BLACK SHIELD aircraft 125, 130, 131,,and 132 are on schedule in the modification program. Scheduling is indicated in Attachment III. 10. The three camera contractors reported generally satis- factory results to date with ho major problems anticipated. 25X 25 25 3 Approved For Release 2004/11/29 : CIA-RDP71B00399R000600120007-4 25X1 Approved For Release 2004/11/29 : CIA-RDP71B00399R000600120007-4 Approved For Release 2004/11/29 : CIA-RDP71B00399R000600120007-4 Approved For R se 2004/11/29 : CIA-RDP71B00399410600120007-4 2. Installation of a TACAN system in selected KC-135 nke s lam.., mac? rovi e ..~xoth :nothod of rendezvous. Arrange- rm. nts are being r.-,tempted via General Geary's office to provide this capability in the tankers; commencement and compie tion dates will be determined, in the immediate future. 3. Effectiveness' of Ir/SSB system in BLACK SHIELD articles at the lower frequencies has not been determined.. Night time operations normally require that lower frequencies be utilized; therefore, this evaluation must be accomplished if night missions are envisioned during SLACK SHIELD. C&FE OSA 25X 25 25X 5 Approved For Release 2004/11/29 : CIA-RDP71B00399R000600120007-4 Approved For A se 2004/11/29: CIA-RDP71130039900600120007-4 25 OXC-9357-65 Part III - Propulsion Items 1. A chart supported presentation. was given by Pratt-& Whitney. The status of the current ten designated BLACJ( SHIELD engines was revipwed wit list- ing of all updated fixes and modifications. also 25 presented the previously requested list by serial numbers of ten engines to be selected for BLACK SHIELD deployment. The planned designation and delivery of ten engines by 15 December, however, has been revised per the list of action items attached hereto. I I made a specific point of 25 indicating that with an average number of "Y" engines in overhaul and _ngine shop; and ten engines assigned to BLACK SIT , all iem ,ining engine? Would ill craft installation requirements with no available spares. 2. Of the additional items discussed, the following significant facts are noted: a. Of three cases of reported nozzle fluctuation in aircraft 126, one has been isolated to fuel system contamination, one to the main fuel control now under investigation, and one could not be confirmed on ground run or four additional flights with the same engine. b. Reduction gearbox vibration recently experienced with engine 213 in aircraft 126 is under investigation and appears so far to be associated with the combination of gearbox, shafting, and gearbox mounting rather than the gearbox itself. c. Flight test results to evaluate number 3 bearing compartment distress fixes indicates correction of wind- milling oil consumption. Evaluation of the increased clearance fix to eliminate rotating to stationary parts thermal interference after rapid vehicle descent has been reported as complete and satisfactory (subsequent to the meeting) on 13 October. The other fix also proven satis- factory in flight tests, involves a bleed orifice in the engine breather pressurizing valve which prevents pressure 25X SECRET Approved For Release 2004/11/29 : CPA-RDP71B00399R000600120007-4 Approved For R?se 2004/11/29: CIA-RDP71B00399 600120007-4 E RET reversals across the number 3 seal during engine wind- milling operation. The heretofore imposed restriction on engine windmilling (impeding single engine aircraft performance) will be lifted with the incorporation of these two engineering changes. Both changes are now being incorporated in new and overhauled engines and are being incorporated in field engines as rapidly as the engines become available tor is rework. Engines already incorporating these changes are in- dicated in Attachment III "Urgent Changes." 3. The following two additional non-agenda items were also, covered: a. 34K engine status and results of efforts to date to establish proper bypass bleed shcedule to improve surge margin in the Mach 2 area. b.''An additional chart reviewed the service prob- lems and solutions being investigated on development engines which indicates that a total of 233 items are being investigated on nine development engines which represents 99 different designs or investigations. 4. Copies of all significant P&W charts specifically related to BLACK SHIELD are attached hereto. The development time schedule for the auto trimmer is also included. Copies of all other P&W charts are available in D/TECH/OSA. ASD/OSA 7 Approved For Release 2004/11/29 : CIA-RDP71B00399R000600120007-4 Approved For Rse 2004/11/29: CIA-RDP71B00399#0600120007-4 0 ASD/OSA Distribution: Cy 1,2,3 - ASD/OSA - D/TECH/OSA 5 - D/OSA 6 - D/1 A/OSA- 7 - OXC/OSA 8 - MD/OSA 9 - PS/OSA 10 - C&1 E/OSA 11 - CD/OSA --2 - chrono 13 - RD/OS. I( 14 October 1965) 25X 25X Approved For Release 2004/11/29 : CIA-RDP71B00399R000600120007-4