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December 16, 2016
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November 15, 2004
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October 7, 1965
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Approved For Rase B00399 0600120008-3 AGENDA 7 October 1965 BLACK SHIELD Meeting 1. Lockheed: a. Aircraft 126, 127,'128 flight and maintenance problem experience since Debug Mod including corrective actions. b. Proposed actions to reduce number of false indicator readings aad.warning lights including ECP status of Airesearch oi,1 pressure transmitter. c. Recent organizational/procedural steps taken or contemplated to strengthen BLACK .SHIELD maintenance/ inspection. d. Aircraft 125, 130, 131 Debug Mod status and schedules. e. Aircraft 121, 122, 129 Flight Test status/progress since programs outlined at 2 September meeting. f. Status LAC portion of EGT Error Gage and fully automatic trim. g Experience and problems related to standby a7ttitude inaicator horizon reference. h. Spares Support - Currelt actions to alleviate critical parts shortage as associated with article 127. 9. Pratt ana Whitney: a. List by serial'?numbers engines designated for BLACK SHIELD deployment. b. Updating of all BLACK SHIELD status charts including urgent and desired changes. c. Engine vibration problems on engine 213 in left side article 126 after flight 87. d. Nozzle fluctuation problems experienced on engines numbers 247, 224, 213 in left side, article 126. SECRET Approved For Release 2004/11/29 : CIA-RDP71600399R000600120008-3 25X1 3. Approved For ROase 2004/11/29: CIA-RDP7113003991,0600120008-3 SRET C. Progress of tests in article 122 to investigate number. 3 bearing compartment oil seal leakage problem. f. Ground stall problems cn engine number 307 in article 129. g. Progress of flight test program on strain gaged first stage compressor rotor in article 121. h. Status of fully instrumented inlet cases to investigate installed compressor face distortions. i. Developments statusof auto trimmer. a. Aircraft 126, 127, 128 Detachment flight experience and sortie effectiveness summary including primary flight and maintenance problem areas. b. Action contemplated to strengthen contractors/ Detachment communications concerning pre-flight briefings and procedures. ? , c. Status of progress toward completion of BLACK SHIELD Test and Validation Plan. 4. Camera Contractors: PE, EK, Hycon Test Results. 5. Minneapolis-Honeywell: Aircraft 132 Test Results. SECRET 9 Approved For Release 2004/11/29 : CIA-RDP71600399R000600120008-3 25X1 Approved For Rase 2004/11/29 : CIA-RDP71600399A600120008-3 SECRET OXC-9357-65 DECISIONS AND ACTIONS ?/ Mission n1anni6 coordination will take olace between . for incorporation of weather effects. / 3. Ejection seat and canopy safety pin stowage modification (SB 946) will be incorporated in all BLACK SHIELD aircraft asap. 4. Boom Interphone modification will not be made to aircraft 126, '127, 128 prior to deployment. It will be made to aircraft 125, 130, 131, 132 prior to their deployment. 5. Battery switch modification (SAM 67) will be made to all BLACK SHIELD aircraft on anlaircraft available basis. 6. Headquarters Materiel Division will provide four self contained standby attitude indicator units for Detachment evaluation. 7. Pratt & Whitney agrees to provide six (zero time) BLACK SHIELD engines by 15 December 1965, two more by 1 January 1966, arid two additional by 1 February 1966. 8. Headquarters Field Activities will coordinate with General Geary for installation of TACAN capability in the tankers. SECRET Approved For Release 2004/11/29 : CIA-RDP71600399R000600120008-3 25X 25 25 _Approved For Release 20041I29: CIA-R_QF'71B00_399R0_00600120008-3_ _ laakskiald Emqke Maims eifelas 110. ifere507A, 213 2.29 22.7 24-8 2. /-/: 205 2/4- 224- 233 ?/26 Z., /27L 127R-_? 728 -12.8/2Vt SPARE spRRE- SPARE -TEST N Pi 14