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December 16, 2016
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November 15, 2004
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September 1, 1965
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Approved For ease 2004/11/29: CIA-RDP71B0039?006001200 F_Ir1 0 OXC-9207-65 Copy~_of / 3 MEMORANDUM FOR THE RECORD SUBJECT : BLACK SHIELD Technical Meeting 2 September 1965. This report constitutes: Part I - General Aircraft It Part II - Propulsion Items Attachment I - Agenda Attachment II - Decisions and Actio Attachment III - Significant Charts Part I - General Aircraft Items: 1. Copies of Lockheed charts used for the tion are available in D/TECH. 2. All effort continues to be concentrated on the three primary BLACK SHIELD aircraft, 126, 127 and 128. Numerous pilot "squawks" were reported after the post-mod flights of aircra .. 126 and 127 thus preventing these aircraft from being turned over to the Detachment. Aircraft 128 is still in functional checkout after modification and appeared to have wiring problems. The modification schedule for the follow-on BLACK SHIELD aircraft has slipped compared to the original BLACK SHIELD plan. A copy of the modified schedule is presented in Attachment III. 3. The BLACK SHIELD schedule has slipped three weeks; one week due to delays in the de-bug mod program and two weeks due to the new tank sealant soaking procedure requiring two hours at Mach 2.8 and one hour at Mach 3.0 prior to flying at Mach 3.1. GROUP 1 Exc1v0,.d from automatic dw.;r;rading and declcssiPic~tinn A v r lease 2004/11/29 : CIA-RDP71B00399R000600120014-6 . `~ Approved For ease 2004/11/29: CIA-RDP71B00399100600120014-6 4. Evidence of past performance indicates that the tank sealant, when cured gradually in.accordance with the procedure noted above, will withstand the sustained high temperatures. The tank sealant of the SR-71 which went directly to Mach 3.0 - 3.2 experienced considerable bubbling. 5. LAC presented the range factor results from the recent Continental flight. The question was raised concerning the reason for the large variation in power lever angles and for the non-optimum variation of gross weight vs. altitude exhibited on this flight. LAC's response was that these variations were necessary to establish the optimum power setting and flight profile. It should be noted that D/TECH and P&W both took exception to the LAC response and noted that their previous independent calculations based on past vehicle performance resulted in power settings and a profile very close to that resulting from the Continental data. 6. The proposed Super Continental flight with aircraft 129 using JJ engines is intended to demonstrate the best possible performance in the event that future plans may include JJ engines. Admittedly this flight will have no direct bearing on BLACK SHIELD. P&W made the observation that, based on uninstalled engine performance, there should be no appreciable difference in range between the YJ and the JJ engines. However, the LAC compilation of aircraft installed flight data for both configurations clearly indicated that the JJ engine configured flights were superior in cruise for some unexplained reasons. D/TECH cautioned that any comparisons made between the performance with YJ engines and JJ engines, if valid, must be made for comparable power settings, speed, altitudes, gross weights, drag, inlet performance i.e., the engine must be the only variable. 7. The Detachment air refueling procedure to be used will depend on the gross weight. The new technique, i.e., one engine in minimum afterburner and adjusting thrust with the other engine below military power, will be used where practical. However, at light gross weight, there is too much thrust even with one engine in minimum afterburner and the other engine at idle thrust. Consequently, the refueling 0 SECRET 2 Approved For Release 2004/11/29 : CIA-RDP71B00399R000600120014-6 25 25 Approved For ease 2004/11/29 : CIA-RDP71 B00391400600120014-6 OXC-9207-65 will initially use military thrust on both engines in accordance with the old technique. When the gross weight is high enough, the aircraft will break away, one engine will be put in afterburner and another hook-up made to complete the refueling. 8. The Honeywell family tests require one more INS mission and four more auto-pilot missions on aircraft 132. Honeywell, Minneapolis, has performed very limited tests with an integrator card designed to alleviate the steering needle and asymmetric bank problem. Three more integrator cards are being made in advance of complete tests. These will be available for the BLACK SHIELD aircraft if the test results are satisfactory. Honeywell will also fabricate and test an auto-trimmer card which represents a different approach to the same problem. This will also be tested in aircraft 132. 25X1 9. The I packages are performing very well in aircraft 122. As noted in Attachment II, details of the tests will be presented at the next BLACK SHIELD meeting. 10. Status reports for Type I and Type IIC payloads are available in D/TECH. Both systems are in a ready status and neither are confronted with any major problems. Three Type IV systems are at the Area and two have been flown. The systems are being updated to be compatible with the SIP. The Type IV system has been flown ten times and has operated at Mach 3.05 and 83,000 feet. SIGNED ASD/OSA 0 SECRET 3 Approved For Release 2004/11/29 : CIA-RDP71B00399R000600120014-6 25 25 25X Approved For ease 2004/11/29 : CIA-RDP71 800399000600120014-6 OXC-9207-65 Part II - Propulsion Items: 1. Continued investigation of number 3 bearing compart- ment distress has revealed two problems with their respective fixes. The first is an interference between stationary and rotating parts induced by excessive vehicle descent rate from hot High Mach to cold environment. This thermally induced interference conditice is being corrected by increasing critical clearances by an additional .090 inches. The second problem is one of excessive oil leakage around number 3 compartment seals induced by abnormal breather to gas path pressure differentials experienced during prolonged periods of "off design" windmilling. The breather pressurizing valve is being modified with an orifice to prevent this pressure differential upset. Test parts representing these fixes are installed in engine 216 for immediate flight confirmation in aircraft 122. A minimum of two flights for the interference fix and five flights for the oil leakage fix is required prior to lifting the current windmill (single engine performance program) restrictions on those engines incorporating the fixes. Parts are being expedited at the factory for field retrofit expected to require four to six days per engine. At this time a delivery schedule has not been defined. 2. Concerning the current nine hour Mach 3 life of YJ burner cans, the first set of J burners approaching 10 hours Mach 3 have been inspected with favorable results. They look better than the YJ burners and because of this (still rather meager evidence) will be expedited for all YJ engine incorpora- tion. Delivery information shown on Attachment III "Urgent Changes". In addition, a flight test program has been coordinated between P&W and LAC to investigate, define, and improve inlet inducing factors involving pressure distortion at the engine face (never before measured) which upsets the velocity profile entering the burners resulting in eccentric burning and flame front impingement on the burner wall. A d:cfinition of this program for aircraft 129 is shown on Attachment III, "Propulsion Test Program'. 3. Engine flight test program priorities coordinated between LAC and P&W were reviewed and defined on Attachment III "Propulsion Test Program". 0 25 25 SECRET Approved For Release 2004/11/29 CIA-RDP71B00399R000600120014-6 Approved For?ease 2004/11/29: CIA-RDP71B0039000600120014-6 0 25 ASD/OSA 4. BLACK SHIELD engine assignments and status were presented and are shown on Attachment III. Other propulsion charts including such items as "desired changes" for engine improvement are not attached but are available in D/TECH. 5. Data from the Continental Silver Javelin (aircraft 129, flight 138) reflecting EGT, rotor speed, and fuel flows indicated YJ engine performance to be where it should be as specified. 0 25 25 SECRET 5 Approved For Release 2004/11/29 : CIA-RDP71B00399R000600120014-6 Approved For Sase 2004/11/ .Cft DP71B0039000600120014-6 AGENDA 2 September 1965 BLACK SHIELD Meeting 0900 - 1230 Hours 25X1 1. Lockheed: a. Debug Mod Program status, actions, problems, flight results, and future Mod scheduling. b. SCOTCH MIST all weather mods results summary. c. Current flight test program priorities and future planning - to include engine requirements per ref. B (Anchor 3164) SILVER JAVELIN flights, and why J engines for next SILVER JAVELIN. 2. Pratt and Whitney: a. Summary definition and corrective action of problems surfaced by continued Florida investigation of number 3 bearing compartment with confirmation required to left windmilling restriction. b. Status of continued investigation of YJ burner can distress problem including recent J burner inspection findings and proposed steps to further define inducing factors and corrective actions. c. Review engine flight test program priorities cited reference message(Anchor 3164).. Include impact on BLACK SHIELD configuration status. a. Steps taken toward "one engine afterburning other engine modulating" refueling technique. b. Any underlying reasons for a/c 132 better flight success during SCOTCH 17 T WARPATH deployment relative to prior and subsequenti Iflight performance. d. Summary - a/c 132 MH family program progress since SCOTCH MIST. 25 Approved For Release 2004/11/2?~WIRDP71 B00399R000600120014-6 Approved For lease 2004/11/2Cq RDP711300399900600120014-6 LIMITED TECHNICAL MEETING 2 September 1965 1300 - 1530 Hours 1. Lockheed: a. Continental SILVER JAVELIN aircraft 129 flight 138 results significance including inlet recoveries and distortions vs. mach number to include upper outboard quadrant, and reasons for non-optimum cruise profiles particularly altitude-weight variations and power setting variations. b. Future planning for inlet vortex generator and spike eccentricity flight test programs. 2. Pratt and Whitney: a. Continental SILVER JAVELIN (aircraft 129 flight 138) engine performance results as flown and corrected. to standard day and relative to specification. a. PE, EK, Hycon Technical Briefings Approved For Release 2004/11/295P71 B00399R000600120014-6 Approved For Sase 2004/11/29 : CIA-RDP71B0039*00600120014-6 0 Attachment II to OXC-9207-65 25 DECISIONS AND ACTIONS A. Modification done to aircraft 135 will be done on a non-interference basis with the BLACK SHIELD aircraft. B. Due to unavailability of LAC instrumentation, aircraft 121 will continue with 34K engine testing until 15 September at which time the aircraft will be instrumented for compressor blade stress testing to begin about 1 Cctober. C. Aircraft 122 flight test will be extended indefinitely beyond its scheduled September date for modification. First in priority of several propulsion items will be confirmation of number 3 bearing compartment fixes. D. Aircraft 129 flight test will be extended indefinitely beyond its scheduled modification to a BLACK SHIELD operational configuration. After the next Silver Javelin, it will concentrate on inlet investigations particularly in the area of engine face distortion. Specially instrumented engine inlet cases for measuring distortion will be flown and investigations conducted on Vortex generators and spike concentricity. 25X1 F. No additional I Ichannels beyond the 20 channels now in use will be ad e to the BLACK SHIELD aircraft. G. There will be no further changes to the three primary BLACK SHIELD aircraft without a coordinated message signed off by Col. Kelly, LAC, P&W and Headquarters. H. LAC will submit to Headquarters a compilation of A-12 sonic boom data. SECRET 25 25X Approved For Release 2004/11/29 : CIA-RDP71B00399R000600120014-6 25X1 25X1 Approved For ease 2004/11/29: CIA-RDP71 B0039*00600120014-6 0 (Decisions and Actions Con't.) I. The 390 INS system, will be installed in aircraft 121 to be used in lieu of the 330 system. No specific tests are to be conducted for the 390 system. J. P&W and LAC will submit a status report on the auto- trimmer at the next BLACK SHIELD meeting. L. Wet weather braking tests without drag chute will be conducted sometime in future at Edwards Air Force Base due to narrow runway. 25 25 Approved For Release 2004/11/29 : CIA-RDP71B00399R000600120014-6 Approved For Release 2004/11/29: CIA-RDP71 B00399R000600120014-6 9 12 19 26 OC flop:", ER V [.,ii F-311 E- R 10 (7 24 31 7 _. 1 \7 FLY OCT1 I v FL\' '!(J. 68 930 14 21 28 125 () fl k L-T ..l 132 Approved For Release 2004/11/29 : CIA-RDP71B00399R000600120014-6 vFV Cyr Z9 Approved For Release 2004/11/29 : CIA-RDP71B00399R000600120014-6 C`~iRPb[A' ~Z ;aL'L MIRPLf=dG`IE 121 _ I. BLADE STRESSES 2. HEAT REJECTION 3,. 24 K ENGINE TESTS(PtIOR TO IT AIRPLANE 122, c- 0m, PA r2 im ,VT Ei 1) SE PT 1 1\! O W SEPT. i-SEPT15 fN0 Y O\, / NOW N OW NOW NOW 2. FULL , t~ ?4 0[-S IL:I (f 3. RELITE ENVELOPE 4. OIL DILU T ION ; CONSUMtP IOM 5. F 0 D SCREENS 6. SLOW TRIMMERS AIRPLANE 129 I. VORTEX GENERATORS 2. CENTERiN& OF SPIKE 3. ENGINE U61 1 ?,ILECI TS1?S 4. SPECIAL FADES FOR BOUNDARY LAYEI? 6UR-",/S CLOSE TO ENG. FACE 5. PRESSUE SON TAIL FLAB 6. A C C E L E ISO ~M',E T oQaFIMUse`280 M'1'f2 SEPT. I' -EST PERIOD OCT 15 - 0 CT k Olaf SEPT I-SEPT 15 t (TI-=IEI~! Pd Er . I ' ~S ) a Approved For Release 2004/11/29: CIA-RDP71B00399RO00600120014-6 Urgent Changes - DATEAUG- 31 1965 PROBLEM CORRECTIVE ACTION ENGINE SERIAL NUMBERS " COMPLETION SCHEDULE 1 2 3 4 5 6 S 9 loll 121311151611151920212121252621?92910313222111516113334404141434445464143465051 525354555451 2ND COMPRESSOR DISK STRENGTHENED DISK i ,. ,... r_,.-..r.,: . ............. . r c;, - -,-.. ,, ,..,. ALL PARTS AVAILABLE GROWTH E/C 153993 , - 1ST STAGE COMPRESSOR A. SHIMMED Ti BLADES A. COMPLETE BLADE ROOT CRACKS E/C -160189 B. 15ASPALOY BLADES B. 30 SETS ON ORDER E/C 160321 2 AUG 3 SEPT 4-5 Serv. B.I. 33 MO/THEREAFTER TT5 FALL-OFF FROSTY CONTROL -" IIII I I !i II II flll III SPARES NOT ASSIGNED E/C 160337 gnrez - - 6 PER MO Pi Lo[ Lot 6 51A `LAIN GEARBOX IDLER A. 1.07E CHECK OR ALL OVERHAUL WILL BEARING FAILURE B. REVISED ASSEMBLY 77 COMPLY PLUS FIELD PROCEDURES AND FIT AS GEAR RETROFIT CLEAR- BOXES AVAILABLE ANCE BEARINGS E/C 172319C E/C 1724.19 Serv. Bul. 220 BURNER CAN DISTRESS J BURNER CANS AND 2 SETS AVAILABLE NOZZLES 2 SETS PER WK ? c/C IBSLc5 + I ' I.2 3 A/B ACTUATOR NLA\I- REDESIGNED LINE I-.. _ 1 I I _ I " COMPLETE FOLD CRACKING E/C 160651 Serv. B.I. 194 I I I I I I I ( , I I I I i( I ( 2ND TURBINE BLADE !-ARDFACE ' t 1. 1 ' 1 1 1 OVERHAUL REOP NOTCH WEAR /C 155600 l TURBINE VANE BOiSING INCREASED COOLING 11 ' t I I t!( I I ( t~ I l COMPLETE VC 159341 Serv. But. 165 I( ( ( ( I CAVITATION EROSION INCREASED PIPE + - I OF HYDRAULIC RETURN DIAMETER ... ,.... 1 -. - -. - ?-- COMPLETE LINE E/C 160753 Serv. Bul. 204 TRANSONIC THRUST J A/B 1 , ! 1 t 1_ SET 5 K ,LLARGIN E/C li9250 1 I 1 1 1 I I I t' STICIQNGA/B RESET ROTARY RESET - I t 1 1 t I :....,..- :, ?. _... " " I ( i' - I t 1 C. ., ., 1 ! ....:,? . I .:.. ALL PARTS AVAIL VALVE E/C 154695 . I I I I I I . I I + ( I + 2ND STAGE IN-l00 REINSPECT WITH SUPER I 1--y I AS ENGINES AVAIL TURBINE BLADE SENSITIVE X-RAY II III II : I1I 11 II - II 1111 II II II I II{ 111I1 C3111 11 N 1111 Il 1111111 II 11111 11 11 II II II?IIII 11III DEFECTS Serv. Bul. 207 H 1 H H W jTRANFROM ENGINE TO ENGINE Pratt &Whitney Aircraft U FLORIOA RESEARCH A1O DEVELOP'.Etir CE.?.1ER As Approved For Release 2004/11/29 : CIA-RDPL1800399R000600120014-6 - 653008 GS 0859 Approved For= Release 2004/11/29 CIA-RDP71 B00399ROOO6OO12OO14-6 Urgent Changes (ConL) DATE U`9 31 196 PROBLEM CORRECTIVE ACTION ENGINE SERIAL NUMBERS COMPL1S77UN J(.HLUULL 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 9 9 101112131415161118192021272425262]28 Z930 31 52 33 35 76 37 39 39 40 41 42 43 44 4S4647 48 49 50 51 52 51 54 55 56 57 OVER TEMP DURING FUEL DERICHMENT 30 SETS AUG AD'S HITS 3 SETS/MO START OCT E/C 172058K Serv. Bul. 259 , A. 3 SETS DEL NBR. 3 BRG CO%1PART- NBR. 3 BRG. A. REV. MENT OIL LEAKAGE COMP. AND RUB E/C 172667 E/C 1605>8 Serv. R.I. 256 B. REOP IN PROCESS - B. VENTED BREATHER PRESS VLV - E/C 172669 Serv. B.I. 258 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 1714 1516 1716 1 1920 j 212) i 2425 i 262] 2829 )0)I 72)) )S)6 )])8 194o 41 a2 a)44 a546 a]a6 595J 5152 535a 55565 ] Pratt & Whitney Ai rcraft < - 653008 GS 0859-1 ? Approved For Release 2004/11/29: CIA-RDPIN B00399ROO0600120014-6 Z2 7 2ec AICIIVC AS1~10111y(, INC PlOr - 22,4f- Approved For. Release 2004111/29 CIA-RDP71800399R000600120014-6 Approved For Release'2004/1-1/29: CIA-RDP71 B00399R00060012001.4-6 ? Approved For Release 2004/11/29 : CIA-RDP71B00399R000600120014-6 611K/31-11 f~-z 10 6IM-11yr- - 00-W~; 7ats, V /f/el C9? /6CC~'~l/~~ ~'G '.`~~ / /,\v ,Q'/p'pI/ 63 \ Q Q `Y V ` h y V? e CV, l~ PEADYSP'E / v V/ v / / YA 224 126R READY SPARE ,y r v' v 20? 127L 127L j/ I 238 127,R READY sPARE ' , v / -I NA / to/ J V t i 2 /2&L 129 L ! 91y. ? T/, d' S 247 ~~~6' 126 L / / ~ L / ? yeT / N 227 SAMC 127R / ~ ~ ~ ,/ / ,- :.- 7 sMP( 128 ;1,~ / / / ve" Vol V, ~P P E A D Y S P A 2 E 1 / / v -5 65 ; -40 APPLICABLE W - WASPAL0Y BLADES BX - ,BEND/X/J //v C~ - ? G~ l~ AFTER ENG/NE MADE AYA/LA8LE 10P ~ .,PZACCMEN7' W/TII ALL FEAMRES P oVI O Approved For Release 2004/11/29: CIA-RDP7~1B00399R00060012001.4-6 Approved For ease 2004/11/29 : CIA-RDP71 B0039CO00600120014-6 II ASD/OSA gp (:) September 1965) Distribution: ASD/OSA D/FA/OSA OXC/OSA D/OSA MD/OSA PS/OSA C&FE/OSA CD/OSA D/TECH/OSA chrono RB/OSA I Approved For Release 2004/11/29 : CIA-RDP71B00399R000600120014-6