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December 12, 2016
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July 12, 2002
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February 23, 1965
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e 200,11i9A(2#04ffirDP71B00508R080400090020-6 THE DEPUTY SECRETARY OF DEFENSE WASHINGTON, D. C. 20301 OSD HAS NO OBJECTION TO DECLASSIFICATION AND RELEASE. Honorable John A. McCone .Director of Central Intelligence Washington, D.C. Dear John: 2 3 FEB1965 Your letter of February 5, 1965 refers to the Congressional hearings for the NRC budget in FY 1966. Modifications to the pro- cedure followed last year are, of course, possible. As you know, la.st year Charlie Hitch and Harold Brown presented the budget to Congressional committees and Dr. McMillan did not participate in the presentation. Since the presentation and substantiation of this budget is the responsibility of the executive agent, we had planned to follow the same procedure this year. We planned to ask Brown and Hitch to do the presenting and the supporting again and to keep the DNRO in the background to reduce the number of detailed questions that could be asked. 2X1 The modification of last year's procedure to include members of the CIA in these discussions may well be useful. Presence of members of your organization could be helpful in responding to any questions which may arise relative to the financial management, accounting and contracting On the other hand, we should be careful lest, by modifying our procedure, we encourage pro- tracted hearings in the area of appropriations. As you correctly stated, separate generalized discussions were held with you, Senator Russell, and elements of the Department of Defense; it might well be that continuation of this procedure would be better. We should separately examine the clearance situation for such OSD and NRO projects as the SR-71, YF-12A, J-58 engine and 417 weather satellite. reviOws) I believe that these items will be subjected to a careful examination ( by broader elements of the committee than heretofore. For this completed . ' reason, information regarding clearances of members of these com- mittees is essential for, DOD witnesses to properly plan their answers. Please let us have such information as soon as is convenient. EXiLMC FROM AnTOMATIC REfiPADJK, POP Dig 5;700 10 Dr!? 0 I 25X1 Approved Fo r Release 2002/08/20 : CIA-RDP71EGG&G&RGGOI-GGVJGG20-i?, Pag3 of 0,4 Pages, Cop3r_j__ of_ 6, _.Copies Approved Fo 25X1 Approved For Relea sfe 2002/08/20 p71600508R0Q400090020-6 It seems to me that your suggestion of adding CIA personnel to the DOD presentation of the NRP to the Congress so as to empha- size the joint character of the program is a healthy one. I would suggest that, together with information regarding clearance of the elements of Congress, you will let us know who will represent CIA when Mr. Hitch and Dr. Brown will be called by the Appropriation Committees. It may well be that, if this new procedure is employed, we will also ask Dr. McMillan to be present; your opinion on this whole issue will be greatly appreciated. Sincerely, r Release 2002/08/20 : CIA-RDP71B 30508R000100090020-6 25X1 Approved For ReIhtie 2002/08/20 plA-RDP711300508R0619160090020-6 lionorable Cyrus R. iresco puty Secretary el asiOnS41 IDIOM. D. C. I Cy 25X1 25X1 5 February 1965 Lift, 25X1 From a communication which CIA Ma received from Stewart roquiseting advice &boat ootarity measures appro- for Coogressional hearings en the National reconnaissance budget. I gather that L. Idchdillan is plenniag the oubotastiatioa of s budget 'before the Congress. s view of our joint interest is the anal Reconasisoance Program. it seems to ma that represontaw of the Doren*, Department and CIA should jeintly present this St to the Congressional committees concerned. Last year Moto a general discuasioa of TIOCOMMItseance and other ooasitivo pro- grams with Sinister Russell, in which &Pr. Fitch and others re pr* ttng the Defense Deportment and / and inombsrs of the CIA staff cipatod. This year I lurpo that We concept of a joint presentation so* of the recsusaissanito program can be eatondoti to all oas of the 'object with the Congress. Before any such presoatatios it will bo ascessary of course to &grooviest an what the budget for the National Roconsaiosaurce gram actually is. I saw this budget for the first time only recently while I have sot yet had** opportunity to discuss It with yeti. 2 believe that the budget reflects a synths, of issues on which we bees net yet reached agreement. 25k1 25X1 20(1 25X1 This is if co se a ieatter on which I no 25X1 Approved For Release 2002/08/20 : CIA-RliP71B00508R000100 Approved For Rel 2002/08/20: CIA-RDP71B00508ROtirr00090020-6 25X1 iporsooftsibi. tied above for int hie i Dit, of If re* ? with the desirability of a joint prosetstatios, I will w. Lyman B. Yitkpatrick. Csoesitive Director -Comptroller of CIA who is **spooking* for arraselagtb. prosostation this CIA to Coograss, to discuss with Dw. awroastosnsats approptiato for boarbsgs ea the KAP. 1 shoold oleo appreciate an real:lathy for aa forty discassioa at the NRO lead t. JABrosen2/6/65) Distribution: ',POO it 1 Addressee 0 31 D/N1PE if I E xDi r -Cornptro r - tflDDIS&T 14 e 1 - OGC i4 71 - OGC / fl/Security #71 - 1 ZA. DDC1 661011111v?ly, '.(Signod)! ',TORN reCCIET Jobs A. Meanie Diritortor Approved For Release 2002/08/20: CIA-RDP71B00508R000100090020-6 25X1 25X1