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December 14, 2016
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September 11, 2000
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May 10, 1968
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Approved For Release 2002/10/17: CIA-RDP71 B00529R000100070034-0 DDS T-19'01-68 10 ~ay 1968 25X1A Deputy Director for Science and Technology nj i]CT ". hoc Requirements Panel 1. The meetings that we've had so far have been suite beneficial and revenlinn. If nothing else, they have revealed that there is a lack of cu.munication between the substantive Offices, the collectors, anc the RLDers. 'r` c require :_ent: problem, as everyone knows, has been with us for a long time a?r initially l c' xas a general air of pessimism in the group that there could ever be ,volution. Various members of the group referred to previous stunios, previous groups and existing staffs that are supposed to be working on the requirements problem but somehow never seem to help at the working 1ev el . The freedam of discussion which took place at these meetings, while not very productive in establishing requirements during the first several meetings, showed that not only researchers and developers had trouble obtain- ing up-to-date and valid requirements but that the collectors, (OSA, OSP, OEL), and the substantive Offices, (OSI and FNSAC), had difficulty establishing valid requirements and that lines of communication between the Offices were not working. 3. After much discussion, it was agreed that there is a definite need for establishing a standing requirements group within the DD/SIT which would meet regularly and close the requirements loop between the various Offices of the Directorate, i.e., the substantive Offices would establish certain requirements and pass them to the collectors who, in torn, would examine their operational assets and if they found they did not have the means for satis- yinE the requirements would then turn to the researcher: and developers for says of meeting the requirements. In the course of development, the RIDers would coordinate with the collectors and, if need be, check back with them to the substantive Offices who originated the requirements. )1. I woul,i like to suggest that the present membership of the ad hoc group be transfci~ed to a standing committee and that it be chaired by %:r. This committee should periodically review all outstanding; rcquirem_ents, consider new requirements, and make recommendation: to you on all those they feel necessary and worthwhile. 25X1A Comptroller Directorate of Science and Technology -Ap.px9ved For Release 2Q02/10/17; : CIA-RDP71 B00529R000100070034-0