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December 9, 2016
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January 8, 2001
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January 10, 1962
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Approved For Release 001 DP71 T007301N00500080127-0 10 January 1962 MEMORANDUM FOR: Chief, FROM : Chief, Publications Staff, ORR 25X1 A SUBJECT : Release of Information as SECRET/NOFORN _ 1. It is requested that your office examine the following paraphrased excerpts from the sources cited to determine whether or not this information may be released as SECRET/NOFORN - 25X1C 25X1X7 in a special report being prepared by the Deploy- ment Working Group of GMAIC. 25X1A2g From: 25X1A2g 25X1A2g 25X1 X6 "Reports in the Arkangelsk-Navolok area indicate that a guided missile site, approached by a rail spur from the town, was under construction about six kilometers northeast of Plesetsk in January 1959. The source indicated that, until 1958, Plesetsk was nothing more than an insignificant railway stop, but in 1958 he noticed a great change; the railway station was greatly expanded, and numerous sidings were con- structed on which one could see many railcars. Some of the cars were loaded with earth-moving equipment. Civilians, probably technical personnel, were brought into the area. Also he had heard rumors of a large isolated area extending for about 40 kilometers northeast of Plesetsk on which an airfield was to be constructed." "An indication as to the timing of facility con- struction was revealed in a memorandum for DIA Invest-Export, Berlin, concerning delivery of cement manufacturing equipment during 1959-61 to the Arkhangelsk-Cement Plant." 25X1A 25X1X7 25X1X6 "The Soviets consider the area as sensitive, as evidenced by their . . . routing of tourists around the area, from Chernovtsy to Vinnitsa via Gorodenka, Chortkov and Ternopol." Approved For Release 2001 fQ r : DP71 T00730R000500080127-0 T?S Approved For Releas.2001/03/Q...C 1T00730600500080127-0 25X1A2g "A source reports that in December 1957 construction work on a launching site for missiles was completed in a forested area adjacent to Brest. According to the source, missiles and a 'special missile unit' moved into the area at the same time. A rail spur connected the site with the Brest railway station. He also reported another launching site which he first located inthe Lyuboml' area (51?141N - 24?02' E) north of Skiby (51014'N - 240071E) and Matseyev (51?13'N - 24?20'E), but later put the location to the south of the latter two towns. Construction in this area was started in 1957 by a "secret" unit of the Carpathian Military District with headquarters in L'vov." 25X1A2g From: "One collateral report refers to an installation about 18 kilometers from the town of Gusev as a missile base. Work on this installation was said to have started during 1958." 25X1A2g From: "Construction of an unusual nature in the Dolina area was reported in mid-1960. The specific site was said to be in the Rakhynsky Forest (about 7 miles NE of Dolina) and the security measures included changing drivers of trucks entering the area with construction materials, so that no "outsiders" entered the site." 25X1A2g "Perhaps the most significant collateral information in the area of the Mukachevo MRBM sites came from two sources who stated that a military construction unit moved into a forest area between Mukachevo and Beregovo in 1956. Construction activity began with the falling of trees, improving roads and erection of living quarters. Equipment and construction materials started arriving in Mukachevo and Beregovo in 1957. One source stated that the activity reached its peak in 1958 and was still con- tinuing at the same pace in the fall of 1959. Inhabitants of the town of GAT as well as those of Beregovo and Mukachevo related the construction to the establishment of a missile launch site. Approved For Release 2001/03/02 : 6A-RDP71T00730R000500080127-0 SECRET NOFU N Approved For Release 001/03 ~ f b! F 471T00730 1"'00500080127-0 25X1 C 2. If this information is approved for release as SECRET/ NOFORN these sources will be deleted before the published report is disseminated. 3. It will be appreciated if this request can be expedited. The data included in the report is to be used in a January 1962 conference. 25X1A9a 16 January 1962 TO: Chief, Publications Staff, ORR 25X1A9a FRO14: based upon the following CS reports Use of the extracts shown above/are approved: 25X1A2g Use of the extracts shown above based upon the following CS reports are denied: 25X1A2g Approved For Release 2001/03/02 CIA-RDP71T0073OR000500080127-0 3